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Large Antique Framed Wedding and Family Photo

I found these about a month ago at a local swap meet. I was so excited! The family photo is in an old oval frame with beveled glass, hard to photograph without reflecting. I bartered with an old fella over it, came back at end of swap meet and it was still there, he knew nothing about who they were, he knocked off $5 from his price and the family went home with me. I got a lot of compliments on my way to the parking lot carrying them out. No names that Im aware of but the back is glued shut so hard to open it up without damaging them. Photo measures 13″ tall and 19″ across.

I also found this wedding photo with hand tinting. Someone took the time to professionally frame and matte it and it also has the protective glass for light. No names also but the price was super cheap! had to run to my car to put the wedding couple and the family up as my arms were full! This photo measures 19″ tall and 13″ across. Anyone have a guess on dating this one?

I am eager to get all of these hung, but with a broken wrist hanging photos is difficult, and I plan to change all my wall hangings around to showcase these. Someday right?

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Edward N Horst, Catherine Kahler, Gottsch Framed Photo


Found this in a shop in Ventura, California April 2011.

Ornate Antique Frame with Photo inside. Frame is made of wood with the Gold Gilt over it, a little chipping to some of the gilt but overall very good shape! I turned the photo over to find a piece of tape attached at the top that read “Edw Horst and Katerina Kahler Horst – Sadies Parents”

Im always checking framed old photos hanging on walls in shops, even have store clerks opening up the backs to check for writing on the backside of the photos, and up to this point have turned up empty handed everywhere I have gone. So I was so excited to find info on the outside attached to the back of this photo!This appears to be original, it didnt even look like it had been opened on the backside before. Except for the old paper that once covered the back is gone. Frame measures 15 1/2 x 17 1/2″. Photo itself is an 8 x 10.

After getting home and doing some researching on the net it appears this is Edward N. Horst and his wife Catherine Kahler Horst. Sadie was one of their children, so my guess this ended up somewhere down the line in Sadie’s branch of the family. Its been well taken care of and is in good shape for its age.
Edward N. Horst-  born February 28, 1859 in Scott County Iowa.  Died April 27, 1937 in Scott County Iowa.

Catherine Kahler was born December 1865.

They married on Jan 22, 1889 in Scott County, Iowa. This is possibly a wedding photo?

There is a great website on this family line, and you can find info at

I can see the same chair and same background in 2 other photos for the 6th and 7th generations of this family  so the same photographer was utilized.

“Update have been in contact with a relative from the family line and a copy of my photo has been added to their genealogy, take a look ! Fortunately this fellows brother has photos up and you can see the similarities lookswise and the posing of their wedding photos!”

Since my work is done on this , I will be selling this one, in the original frame, you can purchase it at…


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