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Minna and Eugene Mercier – Lowell, Mass

Cabinet Card Photo found in Chandler, Az Antique Shop

Photographer Fontaine, 475 Merrimack St. , Lowell, Mass”

Back of photo says “Minna and Eugene Mercier”


There was a Melina “Mina” Mercier in Lowell, Mass

Fortin Otto age 24 to Melina Mercier age 23 Oct 08 1904 listed on the net under “Marriage Intentions”

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Elbert Wright, Annie and Sadie – Holstein, Iowa

Just found this Photo in Scottsdale, Az in a box at the Antique Trove. I love this store! If you are into old photos, stamps, postcards, paper, you name it, they are the most organized place Ive seen with oodles of boxes, postcards are in order and by states and themes, and they have chairs to sit in so you can sit and spend time combing through things.

This photo had info on the back but is horribly faded and I can just see it fading away to nothing. So I had to bring it home, I adjusted the color with photoshop so we can make them out better. Im posting the original first.

Here we have Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Wright and Annie and Sadie

Photographer is Muma in Holstein, Iowa


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Kennell Family – Rochester, New York Photos – Sepia Saturday

Sepia saturday post, I broke 2 wrist bones last sat and had surgery tues, so I had a plate and pins put in and now am housebound healing, but still managing to do this one handed, not too shabby eh?

Bought this batch online, ad said

“Offered is a lot of 14 antique photos from an estate” and they were shipped to me from Bloomfield, NY in May 2011

The listing said the photos had writing on them but when they arrived I was sad to see only one photo had writing that said “Sons of Aunt Jennie Uncle Eddie – Earl and Warren”

I was so sad not a last name, state or photographer listed. Didnt know how far I could go trying to trace these people.
But a challenge is always good right? Since the photos that are labeled by a photographer have Rochester, New York, the seller said they came out of an estate, and were shipped to me from New York, I had a starting point! Yay!

So we have these two boys featured in our photo with the clues to trace, I hopped on a family search site, typed in NY and the first names of parents to find any listed in old census records, first names of spouses was just enough to find me a few matches, then if you can find that, you next search through the household listed in the census.

It didnt take too long to find a match!

Edward M. Kennell and his wife Jennie Kennell are in the 1910 census living in Gates, Monroe, NY and have the following children, EARL L.(a match), Warren (another match), Florence, Edna, Norman and the mother in law Margaret Spruce. So now I have 2 names from the family line to work with.

It appears Edward the father of these boys died in January of 1915.  They resided at Brooks Ave, Gates

other photos in this group

2. We also have this cute little girl in the white dress

photographer J.W. Taylor 55 Clinton Ave. S Rochester,NY.

3. Solo portrait of the woman, scuffed up a little, perhaps the mother of the boy and girl in the following photo(similar facial features). Both of those photos were taken at the same studio “Smith-Curry Central Art Studio, Rochester, NY”

2 Cabinet Cards.

4. Man with mustache. Photographer R.H. Furman, 62 State St., Rochester, NY

5. Child. Says “Miller’s Old Stand” under the photo and photographer Welch, 96 state st., Rochester, NY

6. Blurred photo. Group of about 6 gentleman in suits and hats, building and old car in background.

7. There are 5 photos of the same child, no studio listed, 3 had holes punched and were tied together at one time to probably hang on the wall. The little girl doesnt look to happy to pose in any of the shots and in one she is without the coat and hood.

8. Woman in sleeve folder taken by Moser Studio, rochester, NY

9. Postcard photo of 2 girls in white dresses


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Stella Ford, Peabody, Kansas Cabinet Card Photo – Sepia Sat

Bringing up a post I did a few months ago for this weeks Sepia Saturday. Since this weeks theme is a photo of a young girl, I thought Id let you all meet Young Stella with her beautiful long hair. I posted this on my blog and later got a response of someone who found my blog while googling stella and they also had a different photo of her.

From all research and census records with what I could come up with I didnt see Stella ever married or with children. She was living with her parents in her late 40s. Such a pretty girl but would have been considered a Spinster eh?

Cabinet Card Photo of a young girl. Says in pencil on back of photo says “Stella Ford”

Photographer H.F. Smith Photo Artist, Peabody, Kansas

From Genealogy research there is a family listed in the 1880 census

Parents Seldon and Mary Ford (Warner) who lived in Peabody, Marion, Kansas

They had a child
Stella Mae Ford born in 1873 in Illinois

Brother Frank Warner Ford born in 1876 in Illinois

(1930s info Frank married Mira / Myra Dodge, and had a child Stoddard Irving Ford born 1909, Pomona, Ca)

Brother Harry Ford born in 1884 in Illinois

The family ended up coming to Pomona, California in 1885

Census records 1920 show her living in Pomona, Ca, Ward 4, La County. 44-47 yrs old and living with her parents.

Please follow and read this link with further info on this family

“In 1885 Mr. Ford came to Pomona and bought twenty acres south of the town, which he planted to deciduous fruits and grapes; but in time he sold the ranch and bought an orange grove of fifteen acres, at the corner of East Holt Street and Central Avenue, and this property he still owns. There he grows both Navel and Valencia oranges, and such has been his good luck as the result of experience and application to the study of the problems involved, that the ten acres has at times produced 8,000 boxes. Through his output, in fact, Mr. Ford has come to be known as one of the successful orange growers of today.

At Odell, Ill., on December 4, 1871, Mr. Ford was married to Mary L. Warner, by whom he has had three children. Besides a daughter, Stella M., there is a son, Frank W., who is manager of the Claremont Citrus Association, and another son, Harry G., who is in charge of his father’s extensive ranch.”

Read all of this and more at

UPDATE: Another photo of Stella has been added. It appears 2 of us have found photos of her, this CDV came out of a shop in Rosamond, Ca and the buyer googled Stella and found my blog. Enjoy!


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