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Baby and Funeral Book – Humphries and Whitcher

While out thrifting and picking with my big sister for furniture and goodies in California, she found me this Baby Book and Funeral Book tucked away in the large book section of this shop.


The Baby book is still in its original box which is coming apart but protected it for all these years along with all the little cards/mementos many mothers keep. This card is my favorite! It has a cute little Kewpie Doll attached on the front. It says inside “This Good Luck keepsake on this card is laden with the wishes That baby will always have and keep good friends, good health and riches” on the back it says its from Sister Ruth Aug 8, 1939


The most touching thing is the envelope of her sons hair. You never know when some Male Hair sample for DNA may come in handy eh? Its labeled “Norman’s Curls 16 mos old”


This was Norman Charles Humphries Baby Book. Born August 8, 1938 in Pomona, California.

Pictures tucked inside, the baby photo says “Norman Humphries 1 yr old August 8, 1939 Birthday Suit” I am not sure if the other picture is him also but it was tucked inside the baby book and says “1952” on the back so Im assuming its one of his school pictures as he got older.


Norman’s parents were Arthur Emerson Humphries and Helen Emily(Whitcher)Humphries

What was even more special, were 2 older photographs tucked inside this baby book. They belong to Norman’s Mother Helen and were taken back when she was a girl with her family in Burke, Vermont. The baby book is perfect for family tree info and the pictures tucked inside just puts the puzzle together so much easier. The back of this photo reads

“My home and father and mother in West Burke, Vermont. I may be 5 or 6 years old. Helen Whitcher Humphries” Helen was born in Canada around 1893 and died April 16, 1985 in Los Angeles, Ca

Helen’s parents were Samuel Sumner Whitcher and Bertha Agusta Whitcher Vosburgh (as listed in the baby book) on internet sites she is listed as Bertha George. Born in Canada on July 1876.


I always wonder when I find pictures like this…. Does anyone have these pictures or copies? I love to look and see if they are inputed on family trees on the internet, are their websites about this family? Are their photographs uploaded? Is there an obituary that will tell me about who these people were that I held in my hands? Is their a findagrave written on them? So far I have turned up empty handed with much info other then some family tree info inputed or census data. But not much beyond that.

This picture is even better! Its labeled “My birthplace taken in 1925 West Burke, Vermont” Since no names are listed Im going to guess this is a family photo and Helen is the younger teen looking girl near the front, and most likely her parents and grandparents? Who knows how many generations are in this photo!


I love little details like the newspaper clippings glued into the baby book announcement the birth of their baby, often times they listed the persons address in the older days along with any announcement about them. So for Baby Norman Charles Humphries it says the family address is “665 S. Park Ave” since everything is listed as Pomona, Im going to assume that is where this is. I went on zillow and google maps and found there is a house standing there still that is dated 1910. The house looks pretty run down. I imagine she looked much more loved and cared for back in 1938 when the baby was born. I was glancing back at the baby picture of Norman and I bet he is standing in front of this very house as you can see the siding edges through the bushes. Here is how the house looks today, sorry shes not very pretty.


Now lets get focused here. The Baby Book was Charles Norman Humphries baby book. I havent been able to find much on him, is he still alive?

And then the funeral book, it was his fathers. “In memory of Arthur Emerson Humphries born August 9, 1890 in Ontario, Canada. Passed away in Pomona, Ca on April 21 1967. Buried at  Bellevue Cemetery in Ontario, Ca. I cannot find much on the internet about Arthur, but did find a webpage on Arthur’s Father, Charles Price Humphries which gives a little personal background history on this family and their life. Interesting how he was in Ontario Canada and later ended up in the Ontario, California.

“One of the best known citizens of the Ontario community is Charles Price Humphries. His friends know him as a man of ample prosperity, with a long record of success as a fruit rancher. A few know that when he came to California many years ago he possessed practically no capital beyond his individual enterprise and energy.

He was born February 12, 1865, at Strathroy, Ontario, Canada, son of Samuel and Caroline (Bowen) Humphries. His maternal grandfather, Arthur William Bowen, was a major in the English Army, and for his services the English Government gave him extended concessions in and near Hamilton, Ontario. Charles Price Humphries was reared and educated in Strathroy, and at the age of sixteen became a clerk in a mercantile store at Wyoming, Ontario. A few years later he came to California and at San Jose during 1884-85 worked on a ranch to learn the fruit growing business. Subsequently he was at San Mateo and for two years had charge of the famous trotting stallion, Guy Wilkes, which held the Pacific Coast trotting record for a number of years, until it was taken away by another celebrated horse, Stamboul. Mr. Humphries was not inclined to follow racing as a permanent business, and finally, with perhaps a hundred dollars in capital, he started in a small way the growing of deciduous fruit, going to Cucamonga in January, 1887, and purchasing five acres of land at two hundred dollars an acre. In March, 1894, he moved to Ontario, where he has had his home for over a quarter of a century and where from the first he engaged in the deciduous fruit business on an extensive scale. Mr. Humphries now has thirty-seven acres planted to peaches and apricots. He was among the first to make a commercial success of deciduous fruits in the Ontario district, and he was the very first man of that section to market direct the product of his orchard. For his first peaches he received six dollars a ton and eight dollars a ton for his apricots. The crop of 1920 he sold at a hundred dollars a ton for the peaches and ninety dollars for the apricots.

Through many years of determined work and accumulating interests Mr. Humphries is now comfortably prosperous, and has an income sufficient for his needs from his bonds of the Edison Electric Company and other companies and the rental of property he owns in Los Angeles and Glendale. While his extensive fruit orchards are a business that he could play with provided his inclinations ran to radical experiments. For several years he was a director in the Cucamonga Water Company. Mr. Humphries is a republican, is a past noble grand of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and past chief patriarch of the Encampment, and jwas secretary and in 1919 was president of the Pioneer Society of Ontario. He is a member of the Methodist Church. His fruit ranch is a mile east of Ontario.

At San Bernardino November 23, 1887, Mr. Humphries married Mary Richards, daughter of George and Lydia (Powell) Richards. Mr. and Mrs. Humphries have three children: Leland Richard married Olive M. Wilcox, and they have two children, Billie and Donald Wilbur; Arthur Emerson married Helen Whitcher, and their two children are Arthur Wilbur and Ruth. The only daughter, Grace Winifred, is a teacher in the schools of Honolulu. Mrs. Humphries’ father, a native of England, came to Canada at the age of four years with his parents, and was educated in Canada. Later he was interested in the oil business at Petrolia, Ontario, Canada. Both her parents are now deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Humphries visited their daughter in the Hawaiian Islands in the winter of 1920 and 1921, and while there he took an active interest in the working of the oldest Lodge of Odd Fellows west of the Rocky Mountains. An American ship captain established this lodge in 1847. Its charter called for the establishment of a lodge in Oregon. The captain of the vessel sailed out of his course, and while in the Hawaiian Islands gathered enough members from his crew to establish a lodge under the charter.”

Info from

Hope you have enjoyed learning about the Humphries and Whitchers as much as I have and I hope to learn more!


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Photo Album – Frank Simmons, Everett Moffitt, Follett and Glutter

This is the most expensive Photo Album I have purchased, found it in Ventura, Ca. It is also in the best condition of any album I do have.

Cabinet Card Photo says “Frank Simmons” on the back.

This one says “Benny and I at the Operetta”

Cabinet Card Photo of Woman says “Everett Moffit” on the back. Photographer Gayford, Rock Island (Illinois)

Cabinet Card “Deblanau Glutter” Ada, Ohio, Child in Sled. Photographer “Gilbert’s Art Studio” on North Main St, M.V. Gilbert Proprietor and A.W. Glutter, Manager and Operator, Est in 1865.

Found info on Internet of the M.V. Gilbert Proprietor

“M. V. GILBERT, photo artist. Ada, was born January 6, 1844, in Mahoning County, Ohio. His grandparents, Samuel and Nancy (Fowler) Gilbert, on his father’s side, were natives of New Jersey; those on his mother’s side, Peter and Elizabeth (Glass) were natives of Maryland. They lived to an advanced age, and his great-grandfather lived to be one hundred and seven years old. Moved with his parents, in 1850, and settled in Allen County, two miles south of Maysville, and afterward moved into Maysville. His education was very incomplete, as he attended school only two months in the winter, and had in a about one year of schooling. But after his marriage, he took lessons in reading, writing. and some lessons in music, and soon became more proficient. He has acquired quite a taste for literature and is now subscriber to the Encyclopedia Britannica. In 1861, Mr. Gilbert enlisted in the Fifty-fourth Ohio Volunteers (Second Regiment of the Zouaves), at Camp Dennison. He was in the Corinth campaign, and then proceeded to Memphis, and finally reached Chattanooga. He was in the whole campaign of Atlanta, and was discharged in 1864, after a service of three years and twenty days. On his return home, he learned photography, at Lima, of his cousin, Thomas Dalzell, and set up a gallery in Ada in 1865. On April 25, 1860, Mr. Gilbert was united in marriage with Mary Elizabeth Groty. They have eight children, four of whom are living, two boys and two girls. Mr. Gilbert owns the residence on Main street, where he lives, and also the two photograph galleries.”


Photo of 2 kids, Benny and I at the Operetta, Cleveland, Ohio

Other photos in

Rock Island, Quincy, Illinois

Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Clinton, What Cheer

Seattle, Wash Territory

Cornelia F. Follett, 2-19-1865, Providence, R.I. CDV Photo, Woman

Edith Clifton Follett, 2-19-1965 CDV photo, child

Cornelia (born 1833) is the daughter of Leander M. Ware born in 1803 in Mass and Frances C. Ware born and died 3-30-1883, in 1880 Census he is living in Providence, R.I. with Cornelia and her daughter Edit Clifton Follett, born 1861 (last name can also be spelled Follette)

Photo of store, “E.M. Johnson & Son Boots and Shoes” “J. Hanson Dry Goods and Gents Furnishings” address 7000

Found on the net

C. Authur — son of R. and E. M. Johnson, died 2 Oct. 1892 aged 1 yr. 1 mo. 28 ds.

Ord, Nebraska

Kansas City, Mo

W Lodzi, Nowy Rynek No. 6


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Stapleton, Baumgartner, McNary and Rodgers – Oregon

These photos came out of the a large batch that I am doing entry by entry and breaking up into last names, piecing together the puzzle along the way.

1901 Ada Stapleton Baumgartner and Josephine Baumgartner(very faded photo)

Roy Stapleton, Salem, Oregon Cabinet Card 1890

Roy Stapleton Photo 1908

Roy Stapleton Portrait, Albany, Oregon 1938

Arthur Stapleton, Salem, Oregon Cabinet Card. Died in Childhood of Diptheria Feb 10, 1886 (little boy seated in first cabinet card above, second is Roy 1890)

I believe all these photos are connected to the collection with Caughell/Caughill photos in another blog you can see here

From internet research Ada Stapleton married Joseph Baumgartner and had a daughter Lenta B. who married John R. Caughell.

This photo reads on back “Blanche Albert Rodgers and Ada Stapleton Baumgartner”

This is a fun one outside on a Hammock. Reads on the back “July 29, 1891 Salem, Oregon. Left to Right – Jessie Breyman McNary, has the name Margaret Rodgers crossed out and a ? instead, Blanche Albert Rodgers”

This photo says on back “Blanche Albert Rodgers, taken at 210 Center St.”

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Lewis, Meadows, Mercer, Waltz Album Pages

Found these Photos a few mos ago with my sister while shopping off Holt Blvd. in Montclair in California.

They were pages from what was once an album and were loose in a basket.

One has a newspaper clipping glued to the top that reads “Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Meadows of Lawton, Oklahoma are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Lewis. They are on their way to California. Mr. Meadows and Mrs. Lewis are brother and sister.”


The photos below the caption say lightly in pencil “Mary Galett” on the female and “Burtie Waltz” on the toddler.

From googling and census records, It could possibly be referring to a Mayhugh M. Meadows.  I have minimal clues to work with, but always like to drop some names out there for those doing research who may come to my blog in search of info on loved ones and see if the dots connect. Mayhugh Mason Meadows is listed in the death index born July 8, 1866 in Ok and Died on Sept 26, 1954 in San Bernardino, Ca (which is the area where these photos were found) Mayhugh was married to a Nellie M. Meadows.

Other photos have the names Ruby Mercer and Shirley Lewis


I also grabbed 2 tin types out of the basket. I love the one of the little girl, the patina and age on it give it such character.


I have no idea if these went with these photos, but you never know since they came in the same basket from the same shop. It makes me sad when photo albums are pulled apart and pictures dropped into baskets. Most forever losing the context they belonged in. I always repeat myself on this. SELL ALBUMS INTACT, pleasssseeee! This is someones family history and there are relatives who would love to get their hands on these items, generations apart still would love to see where they came from, and leaving these albums together is the best way to preserve history. And Ebay is always a great place to sell an intact album. List the names you find, location, etc on all the photos in the listing and title, genealogists are always searching auction sites.

Okay off my soap box.

The last photo says “Averil and Husband”, I particularly love pictures of old houses, looks like a Craftsman Style porch. I love finding homes with addresses on the photo and matching them to current day homes and comparing how they look. Now with Google maps you can often see a photo of a home anywhere in the US an virtual drive through the streets.

Here is Averil and her hubby.


Until next time!


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Cayton and Carmack Album – Sweet Springs, Mo

Found this Album in Phoenix, Az last month.


Tucked inside the front page are some dried flowers. Makes you wonder who saved them and why and how long ago. Not sure how long they will hold up.


Cabinet Card, CDV pictures and a tin type are still within the album.

Some of the photos inside are labeled with the following names. There are many others without identifcation.

Mrs. Cayton’s and Frank Carmack’s Mother Caroline Berry Carmack

Jacob A. Cayton


Bessie Cayton. Sweet Springs, Mo (photo of older girl in white below)

Mrs. J.A. Cayton, Sweet Springs, Mo , 1 South Park Street

Sallie Carmack

Charlotte C. Carmack, Sweet Springs, Mo (photo of little girl below) (Looking at census records there is a Charlotte in 1910, parents listed are Thomas H. Carmack and Anna E. Carmack. Siblings Albert and William F. Carmack.)


Wm. D. Carmack

When googling some of the names found this on the internet, contains both names Carmack and Cayton in MO.

Wm. D. CARMACK, P. O., Brownsville. A son of Joseph and Sarah Carmack, was
born July 16, 1821, on a farm in East Tennessee. In 1842, with his parents,
he moved to Missouri, and settled on a farm near Brownsville, Saline
county. He was married October 4, 1849, to Miss Caroline W. Berry, of
Saline county. They have had seven children, only three of whom are now
living: Mrs. Emma Cayton, Joseph Franklin, and Sallie. In 1848 he started a
carding-machine in Brownsville, which he ran about two years, and then sold
out to Asa Pennington, in 1850, and went to California, where he only
remained one year, and then returned to Brownsville. For several years
after his return he engaged in the manufacture of wagons, carriages, etc.
In 1872 he received as partner, Mr. Jacob A. Cayton, and is now the head of
the firm of Carmack, Cayton & Co. The firm have an extensive trade. Is a
member of A. F. & A. M. His wife was born in 1830, and moved to Saline with
her parents in 1837.


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Pink and Hawley, Ireland to Iowa – Sepia Saturday

This weeks Sepia Saturday themes are Library and Sleep. Sleep came to mind as I acquired my first Post Mortem photo in this album and its Sleep at its Ultimate Rest. Photo will be seen later, keep reading.

I found these in a Phoenix, Az antique shop.

The green album looks to be done by Constance Dewilde. Even though her name is nowhere listed nor is she featured, this album has documentation next to all the photos and the writer says in one photo “Naomi is my mother” and that is how we narrowed it down as she was the only child. This looks almost as if it was a type of family tree album working its way down documenting the family, several photos are missing but there are still many left. Here is a brief run down of what was written in the album around the photos.

This album starts with Jane Boyce and Robert Pink living in Donaghadee, Ireland. They married and moved to America, first they lived in Chicago and then on a farm in Kossuth County, Iowa. They had 5 children. John, Jane, “Rob”, Ellen and Elizabeth. (Click on any of the images for a closer view)

Their daughter Jane married Henry Issac Hawley and lived on a farm in Kossuth County Iowa and later moved to Mason City. Henry was a brakeman and conductor for the Milwaukee Railroad. They had a child named Naomi Jane Hawley.(daughter in middle in photo below)

The other album is the Old White One in the Photo and inside the front cover it reads ” Henry Hawley and Jane Pink, December 24, 1896, A Christmas Present”

When I first purchased these I didnt even know they belonged to the same family, so that was even more exciting to discover when I got them home and began to study them.

This one is full of Cabinet Card and some CDV photos in the back. Also one Post Mortem photo.

The fantastic part about this one is that someone went along and wrote in pen detailed information as to almost who is featured in every single photo and their family relation. This is amazing to have for such an old album.

Due to the amount of documentation and names posted, I expect there will be some family contacts arising from this blog, will be curious to see what happens, since we have several family names and lines mentioned in these albums.

All that I can gather is that Constance had these albums, and she died having no children. She was born on February 11, 1927 and passed away on January 22, 2011. Her husband Ralph Height Jr. was an organist and was killed in a car accident in Iowa in 1965 at a young age and there is no info to indicate she remarried. So these may have been in her possession until her death and just ended up being sold or gotten rid of in her estate?

There are also some photos missing but details written on those pages also. People are listed as follows. (I have added a few photos at this time, the album is put up now but I at least got all the names listed here)

1. (Blank Photo slot reads “Andy Boyce – My Mother’s Cousin” and another blank slot reads “John Haisley – Mother’s cousin, Grandmother Pink’s Sister” then a photo on opposing page that reads “Mary Haisley” – Sis of John Haisley

2. Walter Melvin Duckett – Post Mortem Death Photo and also a Funeral Card. Died November 13, 1903, Bluffton, Ohio and in the notes says “Fiance of Sarah Boyce died before they married”

Sara Boyce – Andy’s sister, Chicago, Ill

Nina Billings, Waterloo, Iowa, School Friend of Mothers

Maree Amesbury – John Pink’s Daughter

Sadie Tellier – Will Lewis Daughter

Anna Schneider – Grandpa Pink’s brothers Daughter

Uncle Rob Pink

Author or Arthur ? Patterson – Aunt Sarah Patterson’s Son, Grandma Pink’s nephew

Arthor Patterson 1st Daughter

Lottie, Sadie, and Billie Lewis, Louisa and Will Lewis’s Kids

Sandy Pink – Son of Alec Pink, John Pink, son of Rob Pink

Mary Stiles (Mommies Friend)

Jimmy Boyce (Henry Boyce’s son brother of andy and author Boyce)

John Pink age 16

Georgie Grimes (Uncle Dave’s Daughter)

Uncle John Pink

Uncle Jin or Jim Pink (brother of Grandpa Robert Pink)

Mary Ann Cultra (Aunt Mary Morris’s mother and Grandpa Pink’s daughter of his first wife)

Johnny Cultra ( Aunt Mary Morris’s brother, any Mary Ann’s son)

Aunt Lou (Daddy’s Sister and Husband, Charlie Buffhan)

Aunt Lou (Daddy’s Sister)

Uncle John Pink

Daddy’s Fathers Mother Grandma Hawley CDV

Aunt Loo ( Daddy’s Sister) Infant CDV Photo

I believe this is my fathers sister Sarah Pink – Jane

Aunt Lou and Daddy CDV Baby and toddler photo

Grandma Grant and Aunt Lou

Katie Boyce – Andy’s Sister (mini cut out photo)


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My Ladye’s At Home Booke Photo Album

This item came from an auction in Portland, Oregon.

So do you think this is from outside the US? Perhaps someone can chime in with a proposed year or place for this album from the spelling of “My Ladye’s “At Home” Booke” to the style of dress.

When searching the net I did find a copy of this particular book, minus the photos in great shape, says Circa 1900 California, not sure if that is accurate info as there is nothing to note that on the album.

This one is more of a mystery for me to work with, it is full of oodles of “Tiny” photos. And no writing in the actual album.

Only one photo of two women reading a letter, that was loose has some minor writing on the back that reads…. ”  Nellie-Grace” but still not much to work with. Sighhhh

Enjoy some pages from the album


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MIRIAM ELDRIDGE – North Dakota Album Pages

No theme this week, just some more album pages I have worked on. Happy 100 Sepia Saturday to Everyone! I did write my “100” entry 2 weeks ago and it is the Tait and Lingenfelter Album entry which you can go back a little to view.

From Antelope Valley, Ca Swap Meet
Found some pages from an album someone once made. Had to dig through the trunk and find what items went together. We have our swap meet twice a year here, I went back just recently in October and the same vendor was there with the trunk of photos and I went through it again and found more photos from this family after seeing locations, photographers and writing on backs, but they wanted around $8-$10 per photo. So I had to pass as I dont normally spend that much on one individual photo unless the content just really screams at me something special.

Remember to click on any images for a larger view.
Says “Johnny and Doris” on the back, part is torn off as it was once glued on the black paper, it looks like the last name may say “Griswold” but the first letter is missing or any others. Taken at “Osborn Studio, Dickinson, N.D.”

This one reads “Johnny 1908″ Cabinet Card Photo from “Currie, Dickinson, N.D.”

These ones says “Homer” and then “The two Dorothy’s – Dorothy Meadows and Our Dorothy”

On the backside of this page there is this photo

It reads “Taken when Homer was studying Photography. The top two he calls “firelight pictures” and he was making tests with a new lens. The lower right was taken in 1914″. Sadly this page was cut off and I just have a small portion of the red firelight photo.

Now we get to the fun ones! Well I enjoyed this one album page that is almost fully intact front and back. It says “When I was a little girl. Upper Left Dorothy and I”

At left – Dorothy and I in front of the old farm house, south of Mott, North Dakota. 1916

Last page reads

Top Photo

My fifth Birthday September 3, 1915 (all the children are numbered so you can place who is who)

1. Caroline Rockwell

2. Laveta Acklin

3. Genevieve McCain

4. Fern Acklin

5. Ruthy Boyd

6. Glenna Mae Acklin

7. Ramona Iverson

8. Miriam Eldridge

9. Sibil Iverson

10. Dorothy Rockwell

I love the photo on the left that says “Me, with my Christmas favorites, 1915″

As I am writing this blog I have finally figured out who wrote these pages! Miriam! As I can peel back some of the photo of the girl with her dolls and see it says “Miriam” on the back in old ink script. And Miriam is in the party photo listed as “Miriam Eldridge”

The other photo says “Seventh Birthday, 1917. Eileen Ducansen, Edna Chin and Ruth Boyd in Back. Lucy Hastings, me, ?, Glenna Acklin, Cera Bintz, ?, in front.”

Photos at bottom right are “Miriam with her cupid doll”

and “Take with a little friend on a wintery North Dakota Day”

Census info found on the net.

Marion Edelle Griswold 3 Sept 1910 North Dakota to 30 Jan 1981 Sacramento CA. …..don’t know husbands name.
Mother Olive maiden name is Lank 13 Sept 1868-1 Sept 1946 SD CA
Father James E.  5 dec 1870-1954 SD CA
Homer Russell Eldridge Jan 28, 1895- Oct 14 1995 Placer CA
Percy Hawthorne Eldridge (twin) Jan 28, 2895-Aug 6 1987  SD CA
Harold Eldridge May 1897-
Dorothy Mary Eldridge Kingsley  10 Sept 1899-12 Aug 1992 Sacramento CA


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Photo Album – Musicians, Actors and Performers

This weeks prompt at Sepia Saturday reminded me of a Photo Album I have so it was time to pull it out. It is the most expensive Photo Album I have purchased, found it in Ventura, Ca. It is also in the best condition of any album I do have. I have not really narrowed down who this album once belonged too, there are some photos with names on them, but no related names so far, and there is a variety of different types of photos. Family photos, and what looks like various performer photos, then some pages of tin types.

For this weeks theme Im featuring Musicians and What looks to be Performers. I will add another blog soon with more details from this album and other information. For those who are knowledgeable on instruments or any details surrounding any photos feel free to chime in, any helpful information is appreciated!

Cabinet Card Photo has the name “Frank Simmons” written on the back in pencil. There is no other info nor a photography studio. Photo is faded looking and you can see its poorly centered with the backdrop they used.

This one is a CDV of a man holding a Trombone? Says “Albee Bros.,Machias, ME”

Arent these 2 kids gorgeous? Written on the back in ink is, “Benny and I at the Operetta”, Photographer – A.D. Burk, Cleveland, Ohio. When looking up Operetta I found this on Wikipedia-

Operettas are usually shorter than operas, and are usually of a light and amusing character. Operettas are often considered less “serious” than operas.

The operetta is a precursor of the modern musical theatre or “musical”. In the early decades of the 20th century, the operetta continued to exist alongside the newer musical, with each influencing the other.

The main difference between the two genres is that most operettas can be described as light operas with acting, whereas most musicals are plays with singing.

At first I thought this may have been some type of military uniform but my mother looked it over and said it looks more like a costume rather then an actual military uniform.

This last photo is my favorite in the entire album! Photographer is “James” Iowa City, Iowa”. What do you suppose he is? Makes me think of a Circus Master, or some Snake Oil Salesman pitching his goodies to a crowd. Everything down to his beard and mustache, his top hat, His Polka Dot Bowtie, is fabulous! I really wish this one had some writing on it, I wonder who he was. Some fun creative writing prompts could come from these.

Other photos in the album with information on them include….

Rock Island, Quincy, Illinois

IOWA – Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Clinton, What Cheer

Seattle, Wash Territory

Cornelia F. Follett, 2-19-1865, Providence, R.I. CDV Photo, Woman

Edith Clifton Follett, 2-19-1965 CDV photo, child

Cornelia (born 1833) is the daughter of Leander M. Ware born in 1803 in Mass and Frances C. Ware born and died 3-30-1883, in 1880 Census he is living in Providence, R.I. with Cornelia and her daughter Edit Clifton Follett, born 1861 (last name can also be spelled Follette)

Photo of store, “E.M. Johnson & Son Boots and Shoes” “J. Hanson Dry Goods and Gents Furnishings” address 7000

Ord, Nebraska

Kansas City, Mo

W Lodzi, Nowy Rynek No. 6


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Tait and Lingenfelters Photo Album – Sepia Saturday

I tend to work on pictures weekly, and sometimes I get lucky and can go along with a theme of the week, other times once I see the theme at Sepia Saturday I go back into other photos not featured yet but that I know will fit perfectly with the theme. After I did my last weeks entry, I got to work on a photo album, I have several albums, but have yet to do a really good entry showcasing an actual album, well let me take that back, I did some of the fellas trip a few weeks back. So my theme is the 100 Theme, These photos arent exactly 100 yrs old, but they are pretty close! The first photo in the album is dated 1915. I would like you all to meet the Tait and Lingenfelters.

There are no names on the couple at the start of the album, the caption is “July 1915″. My guess is that its John and Florence (Lingenfelter) Tait. The photos following have captions centering around the Tait Children (Barbara and Norma are named) with various grandparents. I love this photo that says “Norma and 7 Grandparents” what an amazing photo to have and to have all of those grandparents together all at one time in one photo is such an amazing piece of family history!

While searching Google for any info on Norma, I surprisingly found an ebay auction that has already ended and sold but it was for Norma’s Baby Book! The seller took many photos and on one of them it shows Norma’s newspaper birth announcement! Here is what it says

“Born July 8, 1916. Norma Kathryn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.Tait, was born at the M.D. Tait home Saturday afternoon. While she dont know it yet, and at this stage of lifes game would no doubt be quite unaffected by it, the little youngster has nine grand-parents and great grand-parents living-being as follows; Ms. M.M. Bondurant, Mrs. M.E. Lingenfelter, Mr. and Mrs J.V. Lingenfelter, Mr. and Mrs. John Tait Sr., Mrs. M.J. Eichler, and Mr. and Mrs. M.D. Tait”

Also listed in the ebay listing are oodles of photos of the Grandparents, Norma, her baby feet imprints, lock of hair, her first party, The Silver Anniversary of her Grandparents, a stitched piece of cloth, her first card, all wonderfully documented and placed in this album that was sold. I did make contact with the woman who purchased it who is trying to find relatives also.

From what I can recall, Im trying to find info or Norma’s Obituary, but I believe neither of the girls, Norma or Barbara had children of their own, Barbara had step children. So I know the family line may have come to a halt there, but perhaps the Lingenfelter side is out there with some interest. I would think it was Florence Tait who did all of these albums and took such great detail and kept wonderful momentos with the albums. So its nice to know two of us out there intercepted and saved them.

To take a look at the Baby Book (as long as the ebay link is still valid) you can go here to see..

Now back to the album I have.

There are pages that are bare along the way in the album, either stripped out by family or picked out before I came along, I found this album in an Antique shop in Scottsdale, Az. I also see that Barbara Tait died in Mesa, Az not far from where I found the album. Her obituary…

January 16, 1922 – September 30, 2010
Barbara Tait Schwarzenbach
Mesa, Arizona

Barbara Tait Schwarzenbach passed away peacefully on Thursday, September 30, 2010 at the Joan and Diana Hospice Home in Kingman, Arizona.

Barbara was born January 16, 1922 in Des Moines, Iowa the daughter of Dr. John and Florence (Lingenfelter) Tait.

Barbara attended schools in Des Moines and graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1940 and Drake University in 1944. She was a member of Alpha Xi Delta Sorority, P.E.O. Sisterhood and Daughters of the American Revolution. She taught ART in the Public Schools in Iowa, California and Des Plaines, Illinois for several years.

Barbara married Jean W. Schwarzenbach in June 1971. They enjoyed traveling which included many trips abroad. Later they retired to Leisure World in Mesa, Arizona.

Barbara was preceded in death by her husband, Jean; parents, Dr. John and Florence Tait; sister, Norma Tait and her grandparents.

The album is the usual family photos, neighbor photos, home photos, some travel, Swimming in Spicer, Minn, fishing in Hayward, Wisconsin, Norborne, Missouri Tornado Damage of May 1, 1930, and then a series of empty pages with photos removed, then near the end are 2 larger photos. One labeled “Oct 6, 1929 Vienna Austria” and the other a group on a ship posing on deck looking up at a photographer shooting the photo above them all and that reads “December 21, 1929 Homeward Bound”.

My mother helps me out with all of her research skills and sites she belongs to and found a fabulous newspaper article, and I dont have a copy of it, and it was hard to read online and some of the wording was super faint as it was a scanned image of a 1940s newspaper article. As I read the article I was thrilled! Do you know how exciting it is to read something that is shown in an album you have been working on, it makes the pictures come to life, gives you the context and more back story to these people. So please enjoy the newspaper story, I inserted the 2 photo album photos in the appropriate sections.

Newspaper Ames Daily Tribune, Ames, Iowa November 27,1940

Miss Norma Tait, senior at Iowa State and assistant teacher at Ames High School, discloses among her fondest memories a four month’s stay in Austria during 1929 while her father, Dr. John H. Tait of Des Moines, with taking post-graduate work at the University of Vienna.

Miss Tait with her parents and grandmother sailed from Montreal in July. They landed in Scotland and traveled through Holland, Belgium and Switzerland before arriving in Vienna.
There are several points of interest that stand out in Miss Tait’s memory of Vienna. She was greatly impressed by the kindness and courtesy shown by the Vienese people to the tourist trade. She found a definite lack of deparment stores, there being only two in the whole city, but the great number of small quaint shops made up for that.
Miss Tait said that even then there was much political unrest and very often one had to be cautious of street fights. On patriotic holidays they would not leave their home, and great metal shutters protected the windows of shops and homes.
Beggars Day, a day set aside by the officials once a week to rid the street of them was a sight very strange to her, “The lower classes are a poorly dressed and very stricken people” she continued.
“We had planned to be in New York by Christmas but it was rumored aboard ship that we would be late because of a 15 foot crack in the side of our ship making it necessary to come back by way of a southern route to avoid storms” said Miss Tait.

How scary! I wouldnt want to be aboard a ship with a 15 foot crack! Just glad it didnt turn into a tragic story of a sinking ship with guests on board!

I also want to thank the comments from readers about the Charabanc. When I read your comments I had no idea what that was. I had to go look it up and see it is the vehicle transporting everyone in the Vienna, Austria Photo. From Wikipedia

Before World War I, motor charabancs were used mainly for day trips, as they were not comfortable enough for longer journeys, and were largely replaced by motor buses in the 1920s.

The charabanc of the 1920s tended to last only a few years. It was normal at the time for the body to be built separately to the motor chassis, and a number were fitted in summer only, a second goods body would be fitted in its place in winter to keep the vehicle occupied.

Charabancs normally were open, with a large canvas folding hood stowed at the rear in case of rain, like a convertible motor car. If rain started, this had to be pulled into position, a very heavy task, and it was considered honorable for the male members of the touring party to assist in getting it into position. The side windows would be of mica.

The charabanc offered little or no protection to the passengers in the event of an overturning accident, along with a high center of gravity when loaded (and particularly if overloaded), which combined with the popularity of excursions to tourist attractions at coastal villages, etc. approached down steep and winding roads led to a number of unfortunate fatal accidents which contributed to their early demise.

John Tait Obituary
John H. Tait, 77, of 714 Fifty-fourth St. He had practiced in Des Moines for 43 yrs before retiring in 1961, died of a cerebral hemorrhage. He was a past president of the Polk County Medical Society and the Cosmopolitan Club. A horse exhibitor at the Iowa State Fair for 25 yrs, he was a member of that association’s hall of fame.

Florence Tait Obituary

Des Moines Register, Iowa, Oct. 1974

Mr. Florence Lingenfelter Tait, 82, of 714 Fifty-fourth St., the granddaughter of a pioneer central Iowa family. Born in Grant City, Mo. She was the granddaughter of A.C. Bondurant, founder of the town of Bondurant. 2 daughters, Norma Tait of Des Moines, and Mrs. Barbara Schwarzenbach of Park Ridge, Ill. 2 sisters, Mrs. Lela Livingston of Mesa, Az. , and Mrs. Lois Helser of Capistrano Beach, Ca and 2 brothers Fred B. Legenfelter of Rochelle, Ill and Dr. Robert Lingenfelter of Round Roch, Tex.

This photo above had everyones names written on it, and once I checked Census records I had a perfect match…

Lingenfelter in 1900 Grant city, Worth, Missouri Census Records

Father James Valentine
Mother Florence
(her parents- Father: Alexander Conley Bondurant and Mother: Margaret Marilla Brooks)
Daughter Florence E. (who is Florence Tait in first photo of this post)
Son Cleo J.
Son Fred B.
Daughter Lela M.
There is also another son named BEN that is not in the census record

Florence’s Father was Alexander Bondurant, who the town is named after, to get history on the man the town visit this site. I am not sure if both of them are the grandparents in some of the photos but suspect at least Margaret is pictured in the album I have.

There are a couple quotes inside plastic sleeves tucked loosely in the album, one had a quote by N.V. Peale, I slid it out to find a tiny sheet of paper behind it folded in half with pencil writing on it. I transcribed it the best I could, since it was folded for so long the words bled onto the opposite side making it harder to read, I wrote down what parts I could make out as follows…….

“I am not really a person who craves attention. I think speaking out probably would…….

I attain love by being a good daughter to my father and giving love in return. I hug my father and kiss him.


I get support from the Day Hospital by them listening to my problems.


I get acceptance from my family as …. along with what they want me to do and…”

This is my second blog entry to find an old photo of a home and then link it up to a photo of it today. The house below is listed in the album I have

House 747 37th Street, Des Moines, Iowa today on Google Maps, it was built in 1916, I always love finding a home that is still standing and to see with older photos, I just love the old car in the driveway in first snapshot!

There is another home address listed in the ebay auction for Norma’s Baby Book. It says “Our First Real Home, 3312 Highland Ave., Kansas City, Mo” and there are photos of that house front and back in the baby book.

Other identifying information in the album

1. Neighbors children, Franklin and George Sawyer, who are listed in the 1930 Census for Polk, Iowa. Their family is Franklin L. and Martha W. Sawyer. Children are Franklin L., George W. and Edward S.

2. James Lingenfelter – son of Cleo

3. Photo of children – Georgina Munger, Betty Sinclair, Launita Munger and Jane Sinclair

I am by no means done with this album and I want to spend more time on this blog but wanted to get it up in time for Sepia Saturday this week, so please check back if this particular blog interests you as I will be adding more information as I find it.

Photo albums are one of my favorite things to find, and I have a stack of them accumulated now, most of the others are older then this one, 1800s, and very time consuming to work on. One has to be careful just turning the pages on them. I love albums though, they are a story, they are someones life documented, a piece of history, so please please dont ever strip an old photo album apart! Keep it together! And if you have any in your family, PLEASE put notes of those relatives you do know in the album, because if nobody jots any notations, nobody knows who they are looking at for future generations or should these albums end up lost like so many I find. I often wonder if many of these end up in estate sales after someones death with nobody claiming them or finding them and that is how they end up out there lost. Later to be donated to a charity, sold at an estate sale or auction. Fortunately there are many of us nowadays rescuing and collecting them. But I cant imagine how many get stripped apart or tossed in a trash can.


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