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Vintage and Antique Photo Albums with Photographs inside.

Charles, Jennie and Myrtle Knight and Orr, Lucy and Rozabelle

Photo found at Pasadena Swap Meet 2011. Backside reads “Jennie, Char & Myrtle Knight”

Photo taken by J.E. Orr, Walnut Sts, Rocky Ford, Colorado ( There are 2 women below with the last name ORR  that I found in the same box as this photo)

From Census info I have found the following that may possibly match up

Charles S. Knight born 1885 Iowa

Jennie E. Knight born 1890 Kansas

Myrtle Knight born 1910 in Colorado


The younger woman says “Lucy Orr” and in pencil it says its given to  an Aunt but I cant make out that name other than it ends in Y.

From 1910 census info there was a Lucy Orr born around 1893 in Kansas. Her parents were James and Sarah Orr of Indiana. There was also a brother Clyde Orr. Lucy’s father may be the photographer, J.E. Orr

My mother did some further research and she may have married and is listed as Lucy Ellen Dunlap or Lucy O. Dunlap and died in Alameda, Ca around March 27, 1992

The other woman says ” Rozabelle Orr Constantine”

She is listed in the 1900 census as “Rozabells Orr” living in Rocky Ford, Otero, Colorado.  She could also be listed as

RUTH LUCY ROSABELLE ORR, b. November 16, 1879, Ohio; d. October 19, 1949, Los Angeles, California.  from this site, which gives some great info on the Orr and Scircle family history.

Please note some information and dates are conflicting, so may not be accurate, I just provide what clues I can to help narrow down the search.

Born Nov. 16, 1881 in Kansas

Died Oct. 1949

Her parents were Matthew E. Orr and Elizabeth J. Orr, maiden name Scircle from Indiana

Siblings are Addie M. born March 1873 and Dorsey born May 1884

Haven’t figured the connection yet as relatives for these 2 ladies, and perhaps with some more digging we can find out who in the Orr family had the photo studio. I’m also wondering if the Knights were related or if these were just photos from the studio jumbled together where I found them.

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Kennell Family – Rochester, New York Photos – Sepia Saturday

Sepia saturday post, I broke 2 wrist bones last sat and had surgery tues, so I had a plate and pins put in and now am housebound healing, but still managing to do this one handed, not too shabby eh?

Bought this batch online, ad said

“Offered is a lot of 14 antique photos from an estate” and they were shipped to me from Bloomfield, NY in May 2011

The listing said the photos had writing on them but when they arrived I was sad to see only one photo had writing that said “Sons of Aunt Jennie Uncle Eddie – Earl and Warren”

I was so sad not a last name, state or photographer listed. Didnt know how far I could go trying to trace these people.
But a challenge is always good right? Since the photos that are labeled by a photographer have Rochester, New York, the seller said they came out of an estate, and were shipped to me from New York, I had a starting point! Yay!

So we have these two boys featured in our photo with the clues to trace, I hopped on a family search site, typed in NY and the first names of parents to find any listed in old census records, first names of spouses was just enough to find me a few matches, then if you can find that, you next search through the household listed in the census.

It didnt take too long to find a match!

Edward M. Kennell and his wife Jennie Kennell are in the 1910 census living in Gates, Monroe, NY and have the following children, EARL L.(a match), Warren (another match), Florence, Edna, Norman and the mother in law Margaret Spruce. So now I have 2 names from the family line to work with.

It appears Edward the father of these boys died in January of 1915.  They resided at Brooks Ave, Gates

other photos in this group

2. We also have this cute little girl in the white dress

photographer J.W. Taylor 55 Clinton Ave. S Rochester,NY.

3. Solo portrait of the woman, scuffed up a little, perhaps the mother of the boy and girl in the following photo(similar facial features). Both of those photos were taken at the same studio “Smith-Curry Central Art Studio, Rochester, NY”

2 Cabinet Cards.

4. Man with mustache. Photographer R.H. Furman, 62 State St., Rochester, NY

5. Child. Says “Miller’s Old Stand” under the photo and photographer Welch, 96 state st., Rochester, NY

6. Blurred photo. Group of about 6 gentleman in suits and hats, building and old car in background.

7. There are 5 photos of the same child, no studio listed, 3 had holes punched and were tied together at one time to probably hang on the wall. The little girl doesnt look to happy to pose in any of the shots and in one she is without the coat and hood.

8. Woman in sleeve folder taken by Moser Studio, rochester, NY

9. Postcard photo of 2 girls in white dresses


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1920’s Letters – Elizabeth Lubke, Aurora College & Keith

Found these at the Pasadena Swap Meet.

8 Letters from 1925 and 1926
Written by a fellow by the name of Keith, addressed 2679 Menlo Ave. , Los Angeles, Ca

Sent to Miss Elizabeth Lubke, Aurora College, Aurora, Illinois

Since Keith never used a last name I cant track who he was, I can find an Elizabeth Lubke in an Illinois census but not any record of who she married at this point, but somehow Keith’s letters to her wound up in California at a Swap Meet. So it makes me wonder if they ever married.
Keith writes constantly about Elizabeth coming to see him in California, coming to get a teaching job in California, about how much he misses her, about classes and instructors and telling her to come to California for a teaching job, he keeps telling her to find ways to get money to come visit him, yet the fellow cant seem to find a way to get the money himself for this girl he misses so much.

I did google the address where he was staying and its now part of a Historic District and the actual house is pictured on the internet with the history of some people who owned it, Im not sure if this is who lived there when Keith was staying, but he mentions the people he lives with in a letter and them trying to teach him to play bridge. I just imagine him sitting him in a room of this house in the 1920’s writing one of these letters to Elizabeth.

House at 2679 South Menlo Avenue—This two-story residence, built in approximately 1901, is said to be an example of the “Classic Box” design. The 3,314-square-foot home has a generally square-shaped plan and is influenced by the Classical style. The original owner was Florence Scarborough, who was a contralto singer who studied music in Italy and was music director at the B’nai B’rith Temple at 9th and Hope Streets. Her husband, James Scarborough, was a lawyer and special counsel to many Los Angeles corporations.

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Photo Album – Terrell, Fischer, Sweets – Findlay, Ohio

I  just acquired this album along with another one I will be posting soon. This one is probably my favorite, the cover is really neat on it also. I had to carefully remove all the photos one by one to check the backs for any writing, if I cant find any I often pass on purchasing one of these because theres not much I can do without any clues to work with, so I was fortunate enough to find 3 photos in this album with pencil writing on the back.

Next are the photos with the few clues I do have

This one is taken at Little Palace Studio, 611 South Main Street, Findlay, Ohio

On the backside it reads “Mrs. F. Terrell”

The next photo reads on the back “Mrs. D. Fischer” and then sideways on the back of it it says “Lousse or Louise” taken by F.B. Zay Findlay, Ohio. Found some info on the internet that says Frederick Zay worked for a short period in Findlay as a photographer between 1886-1889. Which can also help narrow down the time frame for many of the photos in this album, many which are taken by F.B. Zay.

Some of the photos from this album

This one is the first one in the album

This woman is featured in several photos in this album, she has a distinctive nose and lips and this can be spotted in several photos, included the one that names her as Mrs. F. Terrell. So this may be a photo with her brother?
From Census sites and various exploring there was a Finley or Findlay Terrell (or Terrel) who was living in Findlay, Ohio. He was born May 4, 1870 and his wife was Elizabeth K. Fisher. They were married September 26, 1897. Her parents are from Germany.

Finley’s parents were John Terrell and Matilda Abby. They had children John E. , Findlay, Albert, Vergel and Murinda listed in one census.

Photos that are labeled are all in Ohio with the cities Findlay, Springfield, Cincinatti and North Baltimore

Group shot, German relatives?

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Japan – Quake Tsunami Aftermath Family Salvaged Photos

For those of us who are lovers of old photographs, I would be frantic in Japan trying to scoop up and save any photos I saw. How many peoples histories have been demolished and destroyed?  How many families are gone now but their photos remain telling the stories of their lives?

There was a story on today

“Survivors look for memories in salvaged photos”

Just a snippet from the article

” Former residents of the tsunami-ravaged area walk slowly along as they scan the columns of images, which are clipped or taped to long pieces of string on the walls of this muddy gymnasium, a motley testament to a town that no longer exists.

More than a month after the powerful tsunami blasted ashore March 11, boxloads of muddy, torn photo albums arrive throughout the day. They are carried in by soldiers working nearby or locals who roam the streets of their flattened neighborhoods, looking for links to their old lives.”

Read the full story at

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Melvin Kenfield, Lydia Williams & Harriet – New York

I didnt have any scenic photos for New York for this weeks Sepia Saturday, so I have a New York Family picture I found to post this time.

Found this one in an Antique Shop in Temecula, Ca on March 27th, 2011.

Cabinet Card type Photo that says “Lylda Williams, Harriet and Melvin Kenfield

From looking at Census Records Online Ive found the following information

Melvin Adelbert Kenfield. Born August 20th 1847. Residence Ischua, Cattaraugus, New York. Death October 9, 1920

Wife Lydia J. or Ludia Williams of New York. Born October 22, 1850. Died Feb 22, 1923

Daughter Harriet Lydia Kenfield born March 30, 1887 in Franklinville, Cattaraugus, NY. Died September 20, 1958

They had other children not in the photo

Emma Oral Kenfield

John Salmon Kenfield

Lucy Lucetta Kenfield

Harriet married Clarence Oscar MYRICK and had 2 children with him named John Russell MYRICK and Isabel Agnes MYRICK


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Unknown Mother and Children

Found this one in a shop in Lancaster, Ca in 2011


It was professionally framed and mounted, mounted to the point its glued to the backing, sighhh

I was hoping I could check the back of it for info.

Anyone have a guess to what time frame this was from or nationality of these people?


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Bride & Unnamed Photos Portraits – Michigan & New York


Photo says in pencil faint on the back “Do Not Eat of the fruit for it is Poison” the word Fruit is cut off , and appears the photo was torn or cut along that edge. Also looks like it has the word or name “Reo Neet” or Reo Weet” or something similar as its very faint and in pencil and I may not be reading it correctly. Measures around 6 x 11″.

All of these photos were found February 2011 in a shop in Lancaster, Ca

Photo Folder

This one is in a beautiful folder and the photographer reads “Cosmo Studios 206 First Avenue, New York”. Looks like a First Communion Photo

Group of 5 Ladies with the photographer “Westminister Studio,  1237 Westminister Ave. Cor Cardoni Ave. Detroit, Michigan”

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Antique Photo Album – C.M. Carter, Crawford, Collins, Perry, Van Ausdal

Blue Victorian Clasp type photo album falling apart. Was purchased online January 2011 from Broken Arrow, Ok.  I was told it came from an Estate Sale.

Has inscription in front of album that reads ” Vichy, Mo  “

Presented to C.M. Carter by his mother May 28, 1891. Most of the marked photos came from Missouri.

Inscription to C.M. Carter

Photos are Cabinet Cards and Tin Types

There is some writing on a few of the photos that says

1. Mama

2. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford and Dell. Mrs Dell Perry, Mrs. Dell Crawford, Humansville, Missouri

3. Miss Rosie Van Ausdal Collins – Rockford, Wa

Photo studios listed are

1. Murphy- Lewis , Oscelo, MO

2. Briggs – Humansville, MO

3. Pacific Photo Car – Rockford, Wa

4. Morast & Co. Studio in Heckler House, East Side Square, Clinton, MO, Electric Portrait Co.

5. Hubbell – Clinton, Mo

6. W.J. Guild Photographer – Rolla, Mo

One photo is about to fall apart, pieces are just flaking off and I’m afraid to even move it so I don’t think the photo will last so I have made sure to take several photos to at least have it preserved in some form. This is the photo of the man below.

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Tin Types – Rachel Cyrus Dorris

These 3 photos were purchased online in February 2011. They came from Renfrew, Pa and I was told they were from an Estate Sale and the seller didnt think they all went together, that they were randomly placed together, but since I got them all together Ill keep them together just in case they did come from the same family.

The photo of the couple did have a note someone attached to the back that reads “Aunt Rachel Cyrus and Grandpa D” This is a tin type

From Internet research this may be Rachel Cyrus who married Columbus Dorris, but Im not positive,  from looking at a website her features to resemble Lucy Drury Dorris who married Josiah Dorris.  Rachel and Columbus married in Linn, Oregon on Oct. 25, 1864. They came to California.  Rachel lived in Modoc County. There is quite a bit of info on the internet on the Dorris family, so any help to match this photo would be greatly appreciated!

Here are the other two photos. One is of an old car in a mini frame and there are people in the car but its hard to show them as its faint, the other is a man in a suit and a child standing next to him, its a mini photo postcard.

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