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Myrtle E. Chase – Cooperstown, NY Photo

Cabinet Card photo found in Antique Store in Chandler, Az

Photographer Felfer, Cooperstown, N.Y.

On back of photo in black cursive it says Fannie “A Merry Christmas” Myrtle E. Chase 3 1/2 yrs old.”


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The Photo Palace School Bus


Saw this online and thought Id pass it along to all the Photo Lovers here, check out what these guys have a goal to do! Pretty cool! Video at the bottom

A mobile studio and darkroom – a showcase for the art of Film Photography.

Mission Statement:

To travel across the United States and beyond, documenting the people and landscape and educating public about Analog Photography in order to support Film as a form of Artistic Expression.

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Faye’s Dress

My husbands Grandmother passed away this past year. She was 94 yrs old.

My husband and I were last to go through her house before the rest was cleaned out, donated or items went into the trash.

I found the usual nic nacks or trinkets, a lot was gone already, but still a lot was left to be sifted through.

I was excited when we got into the garage and there was a closet in there, once I opened it I gasped.

Full of clothing!

Vintage Clothing!

Fabulous Stuff!

This is only a TINY sampling of a few items

I only wish I could fit into most of it! Much of it is going to the local Vintage Clothing Store where I live and do business, or on ebay to find new homes. Some of it I have had professionally cleaned. 2 dresses bit the dust at the cleaners when I went back to get them. Sighhh

Faye had some beautiful dresses, either she or her daughters wore.

Right now we are doing family history research on my husband’s side, piecing family tree’s together. So I have a small amount of old photos my husband got from his Mother of his Grandma.

So I was excited to see one of the actual dresses I dug out of the garage in one of the photographs, Faye came to California from Texas in the 1950s, so this is most likely in the 1950s. Faye and her second husband

And here at home in my living room is Faye’s Dress. Granted this is not as flashy and flirty as so many others I have of hers. But its special to me as its showcased in a photograph. I could not fit it on my other dress form because the chest is too big to pull the dress over, its a small size with a side zipper. But still in good condition! I wonder what the occasion was in the photo.

It looks as if Faye had these items in the garage set out for Yard Sales as many had price tags on them, she had $10 on this one. But it stayed there in the garage, safely tucked away for me to come rescue them all one day and give them new life, homes, and stories to share with others.

Thank you Faye, and by the way, I sure Love that Grandson of yours :)

Our last Christmas with Faye in 2010


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51 Birch Street

Found a Documentary on Hulu and thought many others who love Family History, Old photos, Old Diaries/Journals, and what truly lies beneath a family that is unknown, may enjoy, this is heartwarming, sad, insightful, touching, so many emotions. I think its what I always want to dig at even when I find old photos unrelated to me, I want more, more stories, to hear about these people, or to imagine.

51 Birch Street spans 60 years and 3 generations, and weaves together hundreds of faded snapshots, 8mm home movies and two decades of verité footage.

If you are able to watch, feel free to comment here with your thoughts, I found myself wanting to find someone to get mad at or blame at the beginning, but then….

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J.L. Miller House Ottawa, Kansas Postcard Photo


I really wanted to comb through my albums and find some tree photos but time was sparce this week and so I had to go with something else I had already worked on and not put up yet. I feel left out if I dont post on Sepia Sat!

I love old photos of houses, I always wonder if the home is still standing. Was it saved? Preserved, torn down? What became of it?

I love to look for old photos of my hometown, compare ones still standing, or what used to be.

Is this some photo relatives never knew about and could look back into time, a time they never knew and see the old home of relatives?
I am particularly attached to old homes due to my experience with both my Grandparents old homes, I was able to see them both, one is still standing, but is gradually withering away, but amazing its still there from the late 1800s. But my other Grandmas home fell into the ground, My mom said the house was already 100 yrs old when her parents got it when she was a kid, so it was certainly old, and fell into the ground full of stuff. Me and my sister joke that its an archaelogical dig, but really Im not kidding when I say that. Family still reside on the property beside what fell in the ground.

Im working on a blog about my family and the old homes, it will be a detailed treat once Im done!

So for now you get to see this photo Postcard. This one came out of Cambria, California, some antique shop. It says it is the “J.L. Miller House, Ottawa, Kansas”

Have done some minor research on the family search site, several Miller families come up in the area in census records but no exact initials to match. I did a google search and their is one post on ancestry of someone with photos from 1915 of a J.L. Miller Birthday Party in the same town.

It looks like 2 small children are up near the house.

Enjoy the Miller home, with some scattered trees in the scene, and is that a water tower in the back?


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Space and Lancaster, Ca – Sepia Saturday

I wasnt sure what to post this week, I dont have anything old or sepia in my collection to go with the theme, but still wanted to do the theme because the Space Shuttle and things of that nature are big where I am from. So this post veers a little off from my usual posts on this blog.

So welcome to Lancaster, Ca also called The Antelope Valley

“Early in its history, Lancaster was little more than a whistle-stop on the Southern Pacific Railroad between San Francisco and Los Angeles….. The settlement grew quickly, however, and by 1890, Lancaster was quite prosperous. The town experienced another small boom at the turn of the 20th century when gold and borax were discovered simultaneously in the mountains around the Antelope Valley. With the advent of the aerospace industry came the groundwork for the modern city growth. In 1933 the United States Army Air Corps began conducting flight and weapons tests at Muroc Army Air Field (now Edwards Air Force Base) and Lancaster has grown steadily since that time. It is home to many employees of Edwards Air Force Base, as well as to employees of Boeing, Lockheed, and Northrop Grumman, all of which have manufacturing facilities at U.S. Air Force Plant 42 which is south of the Lancaster city limits.”

from wikipedia

I live right off Challenger Way, which used to be 10th Street East. Was renamed as it was driven down this stretch of road(Posted on FB by Arawyn Walays in Space Shuttle Group) Discovery stops at Red Lights. Now Challenger Way – 10th Street East at Avenue J in Lancaster, CA From Palmdale Plant 42 through Lancaster to Edwards AFB.

I also grew up playing out at Apollo Park

On July 20th, 1969 Apollo 11 (XI) landed on the moon.  It left Florida on July 16th and was crewed by Commander Neil Alden Armstrong, Command Module Pilot Michael Collins, and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin Eugene “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr..At one point, the capsule was housed at a remote, obscure location called Apollo Park out in Lancaster, CA but they’ve since moved it to  Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey, Ca..  It had been located at Apollo Park for more than 30 years. (from

I used to run around this thing, the park was and still is out in the middle of nowhere, just a small little airport nearby. We would go out there to feed the ducks and ride our bikes. But this no longer sits there like it once did when we were kids, times have changed, and it really didnt seem like a safe place to keep it.
Also it was one of the last parks I remember with the large Rocket Ships for us kids to play on. There used to be one down the street from me at El Dorado Park that was still there in the 1990’s but they screened it in and you could no longer go up into the top. Playground equipment has changed so much these days. I played on items made out of Metal and wood. And had sand on the ground. Pretty much everything has been ripped out, astroturf, foam type things on the ground, plastic play things, nothing to tall, even canopies to block sun(remember hot metal slides!)

But I loved the Rocket Ship! (  Photograph taken on 13 June 2006 by Nathan Beach )

We also had another type of plaything at Jane Reynolds Park in Lancaster, it was another Rocket Ship and it was a Dark Blue and Red Color, but this one was a long dark tube with a ladder, made of metal, you climbed up this tall ladder in the dark with just some minor light shining in from the top and bottom openings and then the slide was a twisted one that wrapped all around the base. I played at that park all the time as a kid, today parents would have sued left and right over that thing and injuries, I cant seem to track down any photos of that type of slide, but it was one of my favorite things at Jane Reynolds Park back in the 70s-80s.

Also one of my first big “Events” in history, that I recall burned in my memory was when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded. Jan 28 1986. I kept a journal in Junior High that I still have, I will let my entry speak about that day, excuse my spelling of course, I was a kid and didnt know all the astronauts or facts by name, it was just my recounting as a kid. I seem to recall sitting by the tv later at home and trying to print the names as I heard them as I noticed my script went from cursive to printing as I tried to jot things down quickly that I was hearing.

The crew we lost that day

Living in the Antelope Valley means we commonly are rattled by Sonic Booms, breaking of the sound barrier, various different planes flying over head, I cant say how cool it is to be standing in your backyard and this things flies over your head. Often flying over for a parade or local event.

Until next time, hope you have enjoyed this weeks post. :)


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Male Family Portrait with Black Eye – Hiawatha, Kansas

This weeks Sepia Saturday post. Please visit the  inspiration for this at


Found this in an antique store, Lancaster, Ca.

Only old photo in the box with a bunch of Paper items. I first noticed it was all males, what happened to the Wife and Mother?

Photographer is Van Doran, Hiawatha, Kansas.

They are quite the handsome bunch, but the two boys in the back look like some tough street smart boys. And if you look closely, Brother on Left has a Shiner, yeah a black eye. His tie is messed up a little and the other brother beside him is sporting a white tie on a white shirt. He totally reminds me of some bully at the end of an alley way demanding your change. Actually when I look at them all, I see where a woman’s touch is missing, shed probably be there straightening all their ties up for this photo as everyone’s seems to a be a little off.

Click on the image 2 times to get a good close up.

Then you have the little guy up front, hes adorable, sorta like he would fit in perfectly for an episode of the Little Rascals.

Dad is handsome, with some natural curl to his hair, cant be easy working and raising 3 boys on your own. At this time divorce wasnt the norm, people were more likely widowed, so did she die? Did he remarry and get help with these boys? Or did those boys scare off potential new mates?

Or perhaps Dad was a harsh disciplinarian and he and the boy had a go at it? Maybe the two boys in the back had a scrap between them? You can fill in your own story. :)

Im sad to say there is no writing on this photo so no names to track, but it was the black eye that compelled me to take this one home.


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