Michigan Korean War Soldier Photo Album

Found in the Phoenix, Az area at an antique store December November 2010

Here is the Subject of my first album. The first two pages were paper clipped together when I got it and there was a larger photo held in by the clip. After I removed the clip I discovered the page with a drawing of a broken heart and the words “Our Hidden Pasts”. This of course intrigued me even more. Who had this album?  Did a woman keep it as its so nicely done?  So many questions!

The Album showcases Military photos and photos with 2 ladies and having a good time. Also included in this album are some personal effects, a ladies handkerchief, some award ribbons and a ticket stubs.

Here are some of the personal items attached inside the album

1. 5 Ribbons from F.F.A. Future Farmers of America Saline Community Fair (Michigan)

2. “JHS Euphony Choir” Badge (from net research this is Jackson High School Choir of Jackson, Michigan)

3. Ticket from “Hoot n’ Holler Rodeo” Sunday August 2, 1953

4. Birthday Greetings Card signed “From Dick”

There are a series of large 8×10 pictures in this album that look to be taken at some type of event with dancing and a band and some may be from a play, backstage. These are the details I can take from the photos

1. Brown paper covers walls stamped with “Citizen Patriot Jackson, Michigan” (Citizen Patriot is the name of a Newspaper in Jackson, Michigan) and then there are two sheets attached that read “Wright Company St. Lawrence Paper Mills”

2. Another photo has a band on stage with the name “Russ Derby”

3. I believe the man of this album is named “JIM” as written on the back of one photo.

4. Women on some of the photos are Shirley, age 19 picnic in Dallas, Texas in 1953. There is also another photo of Shirley, Alta age 19 and Terry age 20. 1953

5. Car “Green Beauty” 1953


1. August 1953 in front of Barrack 865 – Jim

2. Just before a Patrol – 11/1952 Korea

3. Me and my Truck (Myrtle’s Big Brother)

4. Pleasant Hill and Fami- ? River, all enemy held 11/1952 Korea

5. The dreaded “Hook” where the Black Watch was overun and glorious “Pats” retook 11/1952 Korea

6. Seoul, Korea



This woman takes up most of the album and has many pictures with Jim. Picture below is Jim and Shirley Dallas, Texas

Jim and Shirley Dallas, Texas


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