Boston Photo Album Higgins and French – Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday Post. Since I was away all week in Arizona I wasnt home to access all my photos there, I was in Arizona in that Crazy Huge Dust Storm, never seen anything like that before here in California.

Im not doing anything on the Union Station theme but am putting this one up since it has men in uniform like the men in the Sepia Saturday Post. This is another of my whole photo album finds.

This album was an Online Purchase out of Bernardston, MA. Purchased January 2011

Cover reads “Photographs Souvenir of Boston”

Has a tiny newspaper clipping on first page that reads

“Warren I. Higgins, 22 Lancaster Street, Worcester, manager: Marion J. French, 165 Green Street. Secretary.”

There is no other writing in this album and the photos are glued in tightly so you cant check the backs.

From research on the internet – Warren I. Higgins died at age 95 in 2006. Mr. Higgins of Shrewsbury was a retired executive vice president of a steel company. Longtime member of the Old Car Club and severed several yrs as the 58 yr old club’s president. Mr. Huggins had a love for old cars and a collection that was auctioned off by Skinner Auctions.

His wife Marion F. Higgins died at age 97 on October 11, 2007.  She was born the daughter of Lydia and Wilfred French.

I do not see any mention of any children at all in her obituary, just a sister Hazel S. Fink and nieces and nephews. I am not sure if these albums were a part of the Higgins Family as all I have to go on is the newspaper clipping glued on the front page. Any Identification help would be fantastic!



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6 responses to “Boston Photo Album Higgins and French – Sepia Saturday

  1. great pics, interesting read

  2. Maybe they didn’t have children, which might explain why the album is wandering about unaccompanied. It’s still sad though. They certainly lived long lives, both of them!

  3. What a wonderful find that album was. And how lucky it was that it fell into the hands of someone who would take such care to research and share the images within it.

  4. Karen S.

    Excellent post, and the first couple have you posted them before? They both look like I’ve seen them before, but in a different photo maybe? Thanks!

  5. Karen, I have had this post up for awhile but not as a Sepia Sat post, other then that, this is there first visit to my blog 🙂

  6. I agree with Alan. It would be very sad if this album had just disappeared into oblivion. Good luck with the detective work.

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