Noah Cornelison & Hattie Klier Marriage Certificate 1904

Original 1904 Marriage Certificate found in Littlerock, Ca shop January 2011

Noah L. Cornelison and Hattie R. Klier of Livington, Missouri were united in Holy Matrimony at the home of the bride on April 17, 1904. Signed by Justice of the Peace J. W. Forbes. Witnesses Della Cornelison and initials followed by the name Slock.






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4 responses to “Noah Cornelison & Hattie Klier Marriage Certificate 1904

  1. Scott Cornelison

    My name Is Scott Cornelison. My Father is Maurice Eugene Cornelison, the last of twelve children born to Noah Cornelison and Hattie Klier. My Father is 87 and still living in Valencia, California. I came across your pic of Noah’s and Hattie’s marriage license. What a find. I wonder if it is the original, or just a duplicate. Regardless, I wonder if you would contact me via e-mail about it.

    • Susie WArren

      This is for Scott Cornelison. My name is Susie Warren and I’m married to James Warren, the son of your father’s niece (Patsy Sue Cornelison). We haven’t seen or heard from your dad since Patsy’s (Sue) passing. Since your comment is dated 2011, I am wondering if he is still alive. Also, did you ever get a response from you comment on your grandparents marriage certificate? I would love to know! Please email me at

  2. Susie Warren

    Dear “Savethephotos”,

    I would love to discuss this marriage certificate with you! Do you still have it? Please contact me at Thanks!

    Susie Warren

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