Army – Andy Chavarin Photo Album – Sepia Saturday

This album came out of a shop in Littlerock, Ca – January 2011
(This is a repeat post for Sepia Saturday as Im out of town with my laptop but still wanted something to post, so this one has a automobile theme, can anyone name the cars in the photos?)

This weeks Sepia Saturday post, I am just low on time to prepare something and I have some old race track photos I would have loved to have posted but no time to do so. So I found this blog I wrote earlier appropriate with the soldier posing against an old car to go with this weeks blog theme. See . Almost looks like he has a snow cone or something, great candid shot on the back bumper and the railroad x behind and old Auto sign, his tie flapping in the wind.

I actually found the pages to this album on one visit and I went back a few weeks later and found the Album Cover  I believe that went to it as its military themed and the same size as the pages I found.

I believe the subject of this album is Andy Chavarin. A lot of photos of him in Uniform, is this Army uniform? looks like California in some of the photos. No info, names or dates on the photos. At the end of the album there are newer photos which is where I matched the name Andy Chavarin in later years.  Most of these are Golf Team Photos as it appears he was a member of MAGA Mexican American Golf Association.

I really love this photo, its all perfectly staged looks like a military bunk house pic? , and Deanna Durbin looks to be the actress in the framed photo.

Identifying info taken from photos

1. 8×10 photo of a truck labeled “Chavarin’s Trucking” also advertised on the side of the truck is “Elster’s since 1920 Home Appliances, Commercial Refrigerators”. Photo studio named on the bottom is Graphic Studio Los Angeles, Ca

2. Maga Golf photo (Maga is Mexican American Golf Association. (History on Maga taken from -Mexican Americans, as late as 1962, were not readily accepted in public and private golf organization, nor could they readily obtain access to golf courses for tournament play. Something had to be done to change this condition. From the Riverside, Ca Maga Website – The Association was originally founded by the late Nash Fernandez in Central California. In the early 1960’s, Nick Negrete, in turn carried the message to Orange County, where the nucleus of the Southern section was formed. )

3. Tijuana B. Cal Mexico 1972 Photo of Golfers

4. MAGA Riverside – Orange Counties Tourney Massacre Canyon Inn April 20, 1969. Golf Players named are Emelio Garcia, Ray Garcia, Sonny Rio Gante ?, Andy Chavarin and Joe Villareal

5. Maga LA County Chapter First Golf Tournament



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16 responses to “Army – Andy Chavarin Photo Album – Sepia Saturday

  1. Karen S.

    Absolutely right on target with Alan’s theme, and it’s very cool how you start out with this handsome man and the next click he’s eating a snack while trying to fit on the bumper…very cool photos all of them. Nice SS again! Thanks!

  2. My favorite is the one of him sitting on the bumper and eating with his tie flapping.

  3. QMM

    I favor the one on the back bumper too. If it was hot there and probably was the ice cream was a real treat. Great post this week.

  4. Wonderful photos. Good looking man in a relaxed pose – I especially like the snow cone one.

  5. Doctor FTSE

    Great series of pictures. He certainly looks to be enjoying the icecream cone.

  6. Another perfect match to the theme : and such a rich flow of information. The kind of post that is both a joy to look at and a joy to read as well.

  7. I love the second of him eating his ice with another in the other hand, but the shot of him on the bunk is great too, posed or not.

  8. What a great post which matches the theme perfectly. I had a discussion with someone recently – they would allow my Deanna Durbin answer as a singer in a quiz.

  9. That bunkhouse picture is so wonderful…the lighting, the pipe, the girl pictures. I love all of them, but this one is really outstanding.

  10. Love the grill on that last photo. It looks like a mustache.

  11. All the photos are great but I especially like the last one and the angle it was taken.

  12. Nancy

    Was he eating two snow cones or was the second one for the photographer?
    Nice photos. Isn’t it great that the word “auto” is in the photos? So perfect for this week’s theme.
    Nancy Javier
    Ladies of the grove

  13. Looking back at my original comment it would seem that I am repeating the theme too much! But this post is well worth repeating. I actually recognised one of the photos and said to myself – I have seen that before.

  14. I still think he was a dashing gent – with a rather gorgeous smile!

  15. Nice repost.
    It’s on theme, in the traditional sense,
    and a bit of life from the man’s point of view.

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