H.O. Newell Family Yankton, South Dakota Cabinet Card Photos

These photos came out of a Felt Covered Blue Victorian Style Clasp album found in a Lancaster, Ca shop December 2010.

Only one photo has any writing or a name on the back,  H.O. Newell is written in pencil on the backside, it could possibly be a Henry Oscar Newell but from history research records I cant find one in with that name in South Dakota.

It seems these photos are all taken in the South Dakota area as the photography studios are listed on almost all of them.

There is a family group photo and looks like a few single photos of some of those in the family photo.

Photograph Studios listed are

1. H. Bruhn, Yankton S.D. – H.O. Newell is taken at this studio

2. Kirby, Yankton, S.D.

3. Canova Sudio, Yankton, S.D.

4. Orths Studio, Scotland, S.D.

5. Janousek Photo Studios, Yankton, S.D. (Janousek and Bruhn Studios  were in the same building or side by side at one time as shown by a photo on the internet I found of a parade down the city street where you could see the photography studio banner in the background)

6. S. Hikell, Beresford, S.D.

7. Hjorth, Yankton, S.D.



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6 responses to “H.O. Newell Family Yankton, South Dakota Cabinet Card Photos

  1. Lynda Menth

    My Newell family was from South Dakota. Is there a Carlyle Newell in the bunch, perhaps? His daughter, Hazel Newell Menth was my grandmother. After her marriage, Hazel lived in and around Hartford, S.D., but perhaps Carlyle’s family was from the Yankton area. It would be so great if this is my Newell family!

    • Hi there,
      There are no names listed on the photos other then the one at the top labeled H.O Newell, thats the big mystery and the only piece I have to this puzzle. A bunch of photos with only one named. Do you have any old family photos to compare with any of the ones I have? Let me know if you come across anything else or if we can figure out who some of these people are. 🙂 Yes that would be wonderful if they were your relatives! 🙂

      • Lynda Menth

        No…unfortunately, no photos of the family to compare. I think your blog is great! I really love looking at the old family photos I do have (very few), and try and imagine those folks and what their lives were like. So cool you are doing this. The searching and finding part must give you a major rush I’m sure. Thanks for your speedy reply. I live in Cali, and will start looking too when I’m out “thrifting”! Great idea!!

      • Lynda,
        Keep researching, are you working on your family history? Youd be amazed at what you can find on many of the ancesty type sites, some containing photos, or you may link up with some other distant relatives who have photos. If you do get any family info feel free to contact me or send someone my way if needed to compare any photos, the goal is ultimately find out who they are so their history can live on. 🙂 And Cali flea markets are some of the greatest places to find Old Photographs.

      • Lynda Menth

        Yes…I’ve been searching for relatives for about 10 years or more. I’ve reached the proverbial “brick wall” about 5 generations back on my mothers side. I’m searching for my female line so far and it’s made doubly difficult due to name changes from marriage plus not so great records from the 19th century! Cannot afford Ancestry so have to come up with creative ways to do my “sleuthing”! If you happen to run across any photos of Menth (S.D. and Cali), or Knapp & Fetters (Iowa & S.D.) please let me know, okay? It’s so rewarding, but frustrating too! I have several old photos on my P.C. that a long lost cousin sent me of my Grandmother Hazel as a toddler, my G.Grandmother Helen, and her mother Ann, all in one precious photo! Complete with the dress of the time! It’s priceless to me for sure! All those ladies in one sitting…3 generations. Guess I’ll have to start hitting the flea markets and swap meets too! Thanks so much for your input!

  2. Darrel

    I have several old photos of my family from Janousek studio in Yankton, there are all cards as well.

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