Random Cabinet Card Photos

These are photos that are random and I did not find in an album. They also have very little information

Magill – Troy, N.Y.

1. Older Gentlemen with Beard – Zeph F. Magill Photographer on back and front. River Street, Troy, N.Y. New York

2. Baby Photo – Same info as above and written in pencil on back “3 1/2 months Emma” and on bottom corner it says “Lena”

Townsend’s Studio – Hastings, Neb

1. Side profile of woman. Backside says “Lena” in pencil. Taken at Townsend’s Studio Cor. Lincoln Ave & 3rd St. Hastings, Nebraska.”

Elite Studio – Iowa City, Iowa

1. Backside says “Lizzie” in pencil. Elite Studio, Ground Floor, No. 11 Dubuque Street, Iowa City, Iowa”

Random Gentleman

1. Backside says “Bro Jim” in pencil


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