Tin Types – Rachel Cyrus Dorris

These 3 photos were purchased online in February 2011. They came from Renfrew, Pa and I was told they were from an Estate Sale and the seller didnt think they all went together, that they were randomly placed together, but since I got them all together Ill keep them together just in case they did come from the same family.

The photo of the couple did have a note someone attached to the back that reads “Aunt Rachel Cyrus and Grandpa D” This is a tin type

From Internet research this may be Rachel Cyrus who married Columbus Dorris, but Im not positive,  from looking at a website her features to resemble Lucy Drury Dorris who married Josiah Dorris.  Rachel and Columbus married in Linn, Oregon on Oct. 25, 1864. They came to California.  Rachel lived in Modoc County. There is quite a bit of info on the internet on the Dorris family, so any help to match this photo would be greatly appreciated!

Here are the other two photos. One is of an old car in a mini frame and there are people in the car but its hard to show them as its faint, the other is a man in a suit and a child standing next to him, its a mini photo postcard.


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  1. Sarah Sutton

    go to my facebook page Eagleville Saloon, I am working on the Dorris history and a lot of their relatives are in discussion on my page.

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