Japan – Quake Tsunami Aftermath Family Salvaged Photos

For those of us who are lovers of old photographs, I would be frantic in Japan trying to scoop up and save any photos I saw. How many peoples histories have been demolished and destroyed?  How many families are gone now but their photos remain telling the stories of their lives?

There was a story on Yahoo.com today

“Survivors look for memories in salvaged photos”

Just a snippet from the article

” Former residents of the tsunami-ravaged area walk slowly along as they scan the columns of images, which are clipped or taped to long pieces of string on the walls of this muddy gymnasium, a motley testament to a town that no longer exists.

More than a month after the powerful tsunami blasted ashore March 11, boxloads of muddy, torn photo albums arrive throughout the day. They are carried in by soldiers working nearby or locals who roam the streets of their flattened neighborhoods, looking for links to their old lives.”

Read the full story at



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