Photo Album – Terrell, Fischer, Sweets – Findlay, Ohio

I  just acquired this album along with another one I will be posting soon. This one is probably my favorite, the cover is really neat on it also. I had to carefully remove all the photos one by one to check the backs for any writing, if I cant find any I often pass on purchasing one of these because theres not much I can do without any clues to work with, so I was fortunate enough to find 3 photos in this album with pencil writing on the back.

Next are the photos with the few clues I do have

This one is taken at Little Palace Studio, 611 South Main Street, Findlay, Ohio

On the backside it reads “Mrs. F. Terrell”

The next photo reads on the back “Mrs. D. Fischer” and then sideways on the back of it it says “Lousse or Louise” taken by F.B. Zay Findlay, Ohio. Found some info on the internet that says Frederick Zay worked for a short period in Findlay as a photographer between 1886-1889. Which can also help narrow down the time frame for many of the photos in this album, many which are taken by F.B. Zay.

Some of the photos from this album

This one is the first one in the album

This woman is featured in several photos in this album, she has a distinctive nose and lips and this can be spotted in several photos, included the one that names her as Mrs. F. Terrell. So this may be a photo with her brother?
From Census sites and various exploring there was a Finley or Findlay Terrell (or Terrel) who was living in Findlay, Ohio. He was born May 4, 1870 and his wife was Elizabeth K. Fisher. They were married September 26, 1897. Her parents are from Germany.

Finley’s parents were John Terrell and Matilda Abby. They had children John E. , Findlay, Albert, Vergel and Murinda listed in one census.

Photos that are labeled are all in Ohio with the cities Findlay, Springfield, Cincinatti and North Baltimore

Group shot, German relatives?


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