1920’s Letters – Elizabeth Lubke, Aurora College & Keith

Found these at the Pasadena Swap Meet.

8 Letters from 1925 and 1926
Written by a fellow by the name of Keith, addressed 2679 Menlo Ave. , Los Angeles, Ca

Sent to Miss Elizabeth Lubke, Aurora College, Aurora, Illinois

Since Keith never used a last name I cant track who he was, I can find an Elizabeth Lubke in an Illinois census but not any record of who she married at this point, but somehow Keith’s letters to her wound up in California at a Swap Meet. So it makes me wonder if they ever married.
Keith writes constantly about Elizabeth coming to see him in California, coming to get a teaching job in California, about how much he misses her, about classes and instructors and telling her to come to California for a teaching job, he keeps telling her to find ways to get money to come visit him, yet the fellow cant seem to find a way to get the money himself for this girl he misses so much.

I did google the address where he was staying and its now part of a Historic District and the actual house is pictured on the internet with the history of some people who owned it, Im not sure if this is who lived there when Keith was staying, but he mentions the people he lives with in a letter and them trying to teach him to play bridge. I just imagine him sitting him in a room of this house in the 1920’s writing one of these letters to Elizabeth.

House at 2679 South Menlo Avenue—This two-story residence, built in approximately 1901, is said to be an example of the “Classic Box” design. The 3,314-square-foot home has a generally square-shaped plan and is influenced by the Classical style. The original owner was Florence Scarborough, who was a contralto singer who studied music in Italy and was music director at the B’nai B’rith Temple at 9th and Hope Streets. Her husband, James Scarborough, was a lawyer and special counsel to many Los Angeles corporations.



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  1. Definitely one worth saving.

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