Charles, Jennie and Myrtle Knight and Orr, Lucy and Rozabelle

Photo found at Pasadena Swap Meet 2011. Backside reads “Jennie, Char & Myrtle Knight”

Photo taken by J.E. Orr, Walnut Sts, Rocky Ford, Colorado ( There are 2 women below with the last name ORR  that I found in the same box as this photo)

From Census info I have found the following that may possibly match up

Charles S. Knight born 1885 Iowa

Jennie E. Knight born 1890 Kansas

Myrtle Knight born 1910 in Colorado


The younger woman says “Lucy Orr” and in pencil it says its given to  an Aunt but I cant make out that name other than it ends in Y.

From 1910 census info there was a Lucy Orr born around 1893 in Kansas. Her parents were James and Sarah Orr of Indiana. There was also a brother Clyde Orr. Lucy’s father may be the photographer, J.E. Orr

My mother did some further research and she may have married and is listed as Lucy Ellen Dunlap or Lucy O. Dunlap and died in Alameda, Ca around March 27, 1992

The other woman says ” Rozabelle Orr Constantine”

She is listed in the 1900 census as “Rozabells Orr” living in Rocky Ford, Otero, Colorado.  She could also be listed as

RUTH LUCY ROSABELLE ORR, b. November 16, 1879, Ohio; d. October 19, 1949, Los Angeles, California.  from this site, which gives some great info on the Orr and Scircle family history.

Please note some information and dates are conflicting, so may not be accurate, I just provide what clues I can to help narrow down the search.

Born Nov. 16, 1881 in Kansas

Died Oct. 1949

Her parents were Matthew E. Orr and Elizabeth J. Orr, maiden name Scircle from Indiana

Siblings are Addie M. born March 1873 and Dorsey born May 1884

Haven’t figured the connection yet as relatives for these 2 ladies, and perhaps with some more digging we can find out who in the Orr family had the photo studio. I’m also wondering if the Knights were related or if these were just photos from the studio jumbled together where I found them.


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  1. Nice work. Research on women can be 10x harder then men. With today’s new traditions of spouses with different names, or sometimes combined names, the research in 100 years will be even more challenging.

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