Coast Guard and General Cable – Sepia Saturday

I looked all over what I had for this weeks theme on Sepia Saturday, could not really find any women at work, factories, just a few pics of a plane or a man in a pilots uniform. So I just pulled out a few pics with Large equipment or machinery to follow the theme photo of the week.

These photos came out of a great batch I got from an Auction, I have been working on an entry to showcase everything (2 albums and a stack of photos!) but its a work in progress. So here you will get a little glimpse into “Ernie’s” albums.

Ernie was in the Coast Guard, so I am not sure if these are all Coast Guard pics, some of them show General Cable Company also or if the two worked together?

The album shows what looks like them going places to install power poles, the wood posts that run your electrical lines.
So Enjoy the fellas on the Power Pole!

The General Cable Company Vehicle

The fellas on the shoreline… looks like they are grating? Im not sure?

And this guy….what are those things?

Great shot of the guys  after what looks like a long day in the sun hard at work

Ive acquired many new photos so please check back here often and visit the other entries, my main emphasis is finding photos with identifying info on them and trying to see who they were and where they came from using genealogy research and internet detective work.



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10 responses to “Coast Guard and General Cable – Sepia Saturday

  1. I shall have to check out what ‘grating’ is. Those things look like storage reels of some sort; it may even be copper wire on them.

  2. grating is sorta like raking the surface, it could be like a shovel type to scoop also lots of pictures of this thing along the sea water. Yes I was thinking the wire was on them or perhaps the electrical wire, but also some other pics show like a crane thing and ropes to lift the telephone pole wires up.

  3. Tattered and Lost

    This reminds me of the famous old Life magazine shot of “how many college students can you fit in a phone booth?” How many hunky fellas can you hang off a pole?

  4. gluepot

    That first image is quite a pose, isn’t it. The third one looks to me like a small bulldozer, but what it’s doing in the waves, I have no idea – perhaps collecting clams.

  5. Mrs Marvel

    These are really great photos! I’m glad that someone like you has found them and can keep them alive for our appreciation.

  6. I like the pose on the pole. I have seen a similar pose before.

  7. Yes, the guys on the pole – they almost look like an acrobatic team in the circus!

  8. Just goes to show you – don’t overlook Goodwill when it comes to old photos. These are such a great find.

  9. Great find! Occupational snapshots of military work, especially navy are unusual. The photos taken by military photographers are not as lively as those by amateurs like these, All the little clues like vehicles, machinery, uniforms, etc. help date other photos.

  10. If there’s a pole,
    someone is bound to climb it,
    and we have the proof here!!
    Great ensemble of pictures,
    but I am mostly fascinated by the last ones,
    because of the guys’ boots!!

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