Osias Koppman Family Photo – Russia, Austria and New York

This photo was also found in Arizona. Measures around 7 x 9″. A section broke off on the way home, the paper is brittle but it had wonderful notes of the people on it.

On the back it reads Charles, Osias Koppman, Becky, Ethel Koppman, Isadore (moving R to Left)

Jacob(Jack), Pesach at age 3 died at age of 4

From genealogy site research on Family search Osias the father has naturalization papers that he arrived in 1891 to the US, they were in New York. Some records say the parents are born in Russia or Austria, the kids are born in Austria. Osias was born in 1858 and his occupation is listed as “Bartender”
Can you see Osias behind the bar? Think he had quite the personality to go with? Hes listed as Ozias in one other record.

His wife Etta or is listed as Ethel.

It would seem this photo was taken before they came to the US since Pesach died and hes not listed in US census records. Jacob is listed in the 1910 census but he is 19 yrs old then. He is the boy at the bottom right and he looks to be young, perhaps 6 or 7? So my guess is this is this was taken in the late 1890’s?

They would later give birth to David 1904 who was born in  NY and this was taken before that.

I wonder what happend to little Pesach? And where the little guy was buried as he is probably somewhere in Austria.

Ive also seen a few records that the families last name could have been listed as Koffman.





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