Elbert Wright, Annie and Sadie – Holstein, Iowa

Just found this Photo in Scottsdale, Az in a box at the Antique Trove. I love this store! If you are into old photos, stamps, postcards, paper, you name it, they are the most organized place Ive seen with oodles of boxes, postcards are in order and by states and themes, and they have chairs to sit in so you can sit and spend time combing through things.

This photo had info on the back but is horribly faded and I can just see it fading away to nothing. So I had to bring it home, I adjusted the color with photoshop so we can make them out better. Im posting the original first.

Here we have Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Wright and Annie and Sadie

Photographer is Muma in Holstein, Iowa



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3 responses to “Elbert Wright, Annie and Sadie – Holstein, Iowa

  1. which photoshop version do you have? in CS%, with the “fill” tool, you could have fixed the torn part and other blemishes. and i would have played with the gamma and contrast. a small percentage of details could have been lost, but you would have gained in light and effect. but it is comforting to know it is now in the hands of someone who cares. that’s good!!

    • Hey Ticklebear, Im such a slow poke on learning all the ins and outs of photoshop, I have 6.0. Anyone else is welcome to have a go at it to play with the photo to make it better. I just know how to adjust a few things but I get impatient, ha

  2. aubrey

    I remember finding a store in New Mexico which was a cornucopia of ephemera – the dry weather kept the paper from soiling and spotting, and I found some lovely things.

    How old do you think Sadie (oldest girl) is? Do you think she was old enough to wear her mother’s clothes? The skirt seems a little short; perhaps she has a few years to wait.

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