Glenn Ranch – Lytle Creek, Ca, Camp Weber and a Scrap

Sepia Sat Post – Off topic this week, but always old photos and clues behind them are to be found here!

Found these photos in Temecula, Ca. They all were found in same spot and were sold by one person so they may have been from the same collection.

I love this one, it says “Frosty and Bill after a scrap” on the back. Does scrap mean food or a fight? Frosty has quite the big hat on and she looks like a tough woman with some attitude, with her arm draped behind the chair, her hand looks perfect to hold a shot glass but it looks empty? Bill looks like he just lets Frosty do her thing and looks away, probably rolling his eyes. I have no idea what the thing next to them on the table is.

Next we have a really neat long shot. It says “Camp Weber” on the sign nailed to the tree.


I found this info on the net when I googled “Camp Weber”…….. “This trail provided another connection with the Cattle Canyon Trail and was used by people who liked to hike and stay over night at a number of camps, such as “Follows” and “Webers”, which offered food and accommodations. These camps were located in the upper reaches of the east fork of the San Gabriel Canyon.”
This photo is unmarked but it looks like these 2 ladies are willing to work and get dirty.

Last photo is a great group shot and a larger photo. Says stamped on back “ This view was taken at the beautiful mountain resort Glenn Ranch, Lytle Creek Canyon by Halladay and Pierce”. My big sis has stayed at Lytle Creek camp grounds so I knew this was in California. In handwriting it says “Anna Getz, July 14, 1908. The Christian Endeavor People a Merry Bunch of Fourteen”

You can click the images for closer view, I like how it says a “merry” bunch yet they are all so serious faced. I think the most MERRY looking of the group is Lady #1 seated on the right, she shows a tad of a smile on her face.

First clue to this photo is “Christian Endeavor People” when I google this there is some mention that it could be some of the foundation of the AA Alcoholics Anonymous Movement.

I looked up Glenn Ranch and found this info

Yeah a little family jealousy and murder makes for a great resort eh?
“A Traveler’s Paradise – On the right side of the road is Mountain Lakes, a present day resort. This membership only RV Park has a set of trout ponds, swimming pools and arcades. Mountain Lakes Resort has a long history in Lytle Creek with vacationers traveling to the ranch for over 150 years. Silas Glenn was the original owner. In 1865, his family planted orchards of apples, raised livestock and entertained traveling families with dances, camping and fishing. Many railroad travelers would make the stop at the Keenwood Station and take a horse and buggy over to the early day resort as a reprieve from their travels.

Silas Glenn turned over his ranch in the Cajon Pass area to his son-in-law, James Applewhite instead of his own sons, and the Glenn brothers were worried that he would also deed the resort to Applewhite. One night the two sons called Applewhite out over the matter, but Applewhite had the upper hand. Both sons were shot and killed. Forty years later, the bullet holes could still be seen in the front door. ”

In 1903, J.R. Lane, who had taken over the management of the Glenn Ranch when Applewhite died two years earlier, requested an easier road be built. By July of that year, the “new” Applewhite Road was built.

Over the next decade or so, the Applewhite Road saw frequent use as families from as far away as Los Angeles, hoping to escape from the intense summer heat, came to stay at the mountain retreat for two weeks and sometimes for a month at a time. Vacationers often arrived with their suitcases and trunks, hammocks to hang underneath the shady trees and fishing gear.

By the 1920s, however, the old stage route fell into disuse as the vastly improved Lytle Creek Road transported rail passengers from Rialto up to the ever-popular Glenn Ranch. Today, Applewhite Road is a seldom-used Forest Service road.”




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34 responses to “Glenn Ranch – Lytle Creek, Ca, Camp Weber and a Scrap

  1. The Camp Weber shot and the two ladies, one in a working overall are the two photos that drew my attention. You must have enjoyed researching the background for this post.

  2. You don’t know what happened after the photo was taken, but I agree, they don’t look like a merry bunch at all. The Applewhite Rd. is still shown at Google Maps BTW.

  3. Very nice detective work on terrific period photos. Will similar photos from today generate the same appeal?

  4. Tattered and Lost

    Could there be a better name for that woman than Frosty? It’s such a perfect caption for that shot. Wonderful!

  5. What a wealth of information you managed to unearth through your research. I have to agree that Frosty was aptly named, and that they probably had a falling-out just before the picture was taken. As for Christian Endeavour; that’s something I used to hear about when I was growing up in England. I had friends who would tell me they were attending it, and I think it was a sort of Christian youth club, with Bible classes and activities. I haven’t heard of it again until now.

  6. Those are great photographs. I share your love of following the threads of information that hang from all such old photographs. Each one is a mystery begging for a solution to be found.

  7. That’s a nice group of photos. I enjoyed the Glenn Ranch story.

  8. How funny that someone felt it necessary to memorialize Frosty and Bill’s disagreement (as it surely must have been) by noting it on the back of the photo! Must have been a doozy of a row! You have a great collection here. Thanks for sharing them, and all the background information, with us.

  9. Karen S.

    Too bad about the sons, but what a great story! Sometimes truth is stranger and more interesting than some fiction! In the first photo could it be some sort of nut cracker on the table? Also, such great photos all around! Thanks!

  10. aubrey

    Whether ‘scrap’ referred to a meal or a fight, Bill and Frosty – at the time the photo was taken – look utterly content with each other.

    What wonderful stories these photos tell us!

  11. A Great Bit Of Rescue Work!

  12. Nadine Ezra

    Nadine E.
    March 11, 1012
    I came across four photo postcards of Glen Ranch in my grandmother’s collection and decided to research the ranch on the internet finding your site. These cards are not dated but appear to be 1900 to 1920. If you are interested, I would be happy to E-Mail you copies.

    • Hi Nadine, sure you can email me copies

    • Jim Jones

      My mother’s second husband Jack Shepard was the manager of Glenn Ranch in the mid-forties and she was hostess. I would love to have copies of the postcards.
      Jim J

      • Sandy Jones Birkland

        Hello Jim Jones, My mom and Dad met at Glenn Ranch. We have several photos and postcards of our Dad at Glen Ranch back in the mid-to late 30’s. One photo is of a Molly Jones. Yes, there are many of us Jones’s out there, but could she be your Mom?
        Contact me if you are interested in receiving some copies of the photographs,


    • Genny McKinney

      My relative, John R. Lane (mentioned above) was Mgr at Glenn Ranch May 1901-1904. Would like to have copies of Nadine’s postcards as they might be when John and Lucy Lane were there.
      Thanks – G. McKinney

  13. Charles M. Keller

    Charles Keller
    July 3, 2012

    I found this site while researching my great-grandmother Sarah Evelyn Glenn. She moved with her family from Texas to California in 1860 and they purchased the Lytle Creek Ranch in 1865. She married my great-grandfather James Madison Keller and lived in Colorado, New Mexico and California,

    Is anyone familiar with a book on San Bernardion history by Virginia Harshman? I would be intersted in seeing a copy,

    • Page Williams

      Mrs Harshmans book has a lot of wrong information concerning the Glenn and Applewhite shoot out along with incorrect names under the photos. I didn’t like the book at all.

  14. A fascinating post. . I love seeing old photographs of ordinary people in rural areas , as they tell such a story that might otherwise not come to light.

  15. OK ignore my last comment, as I see you intended to link back. Sorry about that.

  16. For some reason the top photo intrigues me. Do you have any idea of the year? It reminds me of a gold mining camp?

  17. All the photos were intriguing — and the comments seemed to tell many more stories and highlight others. Thanks

  18. I think you were right on theme. Lots of hiking in the camps. Sounds like you have generated a good bit of interaction with this post!

  19. Christian activities like camps, walks, social groups and sporting clubs were often the only way young people could socialise. Your photos are a very interesting record of that.

  20. Mrs Marvel

    Lytle Creek is a lovely area but the creek is prone to flooding when we have our big rainstorms here. It’s always one of the areas where a reporter gets stationed in a downpour to give the blow by blow on Storm Watch 2013 or whatever lol. The area has been subject to forest fires and nearly burned to the ground a few years ago, but was saved fortunately.

  21. What an interesting post and great research too.

  22. Karen S.

    But the making up is so much fun, right. Great post!

  23. Vicky Franks

    My step dads cousin, married the owner of Glenn Ranch back in 1947-48 I got to stay at Glenn Ranch during the summer of 1947. It was a great place to stay. We went horseback riding, swam in the pool, played game and cards in the lodge where there was a huge stone fireplace. On saturday nights the cowboys would sing camp songs in front of the fireplace or we would go on a hayride and sing along the ride.

    either com

    • Mike

      I remember Glen Ranch as.Macarthys Glen Ranch we were there when they were hidding Juan Carlos of Spain—he was about 12 years old

      Mike in Irvine, Ca

  24. Heather

    I remember Glenn ranch in the late 50’s when my aunt Claire and uncle Carl Davider owned it, horseback riding, restaurant and bar,dancing,many fun family week ends.


  25. Donna Collbohm

    In 1947 my grandmother brought my sister and me to Glenn Ranch, we were 4 & 7 . Now in 2016 I am enjoying the RV Resort with my husband. At the ago of 4 I had my first horseback ride. A photo I have from that time has a cowboy named Bill Nicholas standing by the lodge. How fun to relive that time.

  26. Pete Havens

    My mom and dad honeymooned in 1939 at my grandparents forest service cabin in Lytle Creek, which we always called Glenn Ranch. My mom took my brother and I with friends there in 1949 and 1950 for vacations My father and a friend flew into a dirt strip in Victorville in a Luscombe from Concord, CA. . I remember my parents celebrating their wedding anniversary there in 49.

  27. Kevin Fleming

    I have a 1940s matchbook from Glenn Ranch. I wonder when it closed.

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