Nemecek Family Group Portrait – Chicago, Illinois

Photo found at Pasadena Swap Meet 2011.

No info or names on this unknown group of people. Interesting there are 2 men, one is the husband and perhaps a brother to the woman? Would a husband sit or stand? But his arm moves towards the back of the man’s  chair.  3 Children.

Photographer is Nemecek, 1439 W. 18th Street, Chicago, Illinois.

From net research the photographer’s name may be Francis D. Nemecek. There is a photo posted on the net of the actual building where the studio once was, please check it out! What a gorgeous studio to work in, says his spot was the skylit studio in the photo.

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5 responses to “Nemecek Family Group Portrait – Chicago, Illinois

  1. Hi!! I have a portrait of a couple from this studio. It looks to be 1920-1930 era.

  2. Michael J Drnec

    I have a photo of my grandmother taken at Nemecek Studios, the address on the photo was 589 w 18th street Chicago. The picture is probably around 1910

  3. Gina H

    I have a photo taken by Nemecek @ 1439 w. 18th st. It’s a photo of a group of men that has the writing: Beer, Ale & Brewery Coopers, Coopers International Union Local #94. Chicago, ILLs. It is old and creased but very cool. I can’t find much info on it though.

  4. Frantisek "Frank" Bily, Prague, Czech Republic

    I have found a photo of my Granny’s mum taken by Nemecek at aprx. 1907. Address is 602 West 18th Street.
    Does Nemecek Photography still exists? I have heard very nice story of this photo and I took the focus to fill and end up this story more than century later.
    Greetings from Prague, Czech Republic
    Frank Bily

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