The Whole Bunch – Family Photo Ca

Found this at the AV Flea Market recently. I didnt realize when I bought it that it contained no last names, sighhhh.

So here we have a black and white photo labeled “The Whole Bunch, John, Bes, Harley, Paul and Alice, Grandma and Billy, Grandpa, Janet and David, Mary Jane and Judith”

My guess is this may be a California shot due to the Palm Tree and Bungalow style homes on the block, plus the guy I bought these from did a lot of buying and selling of old photos here in California. Im just terribly sad I dont have any other information to work with. You would be amazed at time what you can find if you have a location and first names of parents, sometimes you can narrow it down and match the childrens names to the parents in census records of a location. Especially when you have a name that isnt as typical but its only the first name. Wish they had put down Grandma and Grandpa’s first names.

But for now, this will be the “Whole Bunch Family”

Residing in my box with other rescued photos now living again on the Internet, hoping to find their way back home to distant or close relatives.


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2 responses to “The Whole Bunch – Family Photo Ca

  1. Love your blog. I just wanted to let you know I posted a reference to your site on my blog for today’s Follow Friday suggestion. (link Regards,
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

    • Thank you! And the photo of Charley and Cora looks beautiful on your blog backdrop! Im still having trouble figuring out how to post on Genea Bloggers photo prompts even though I signed up I cant figure out where to enter the link?

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