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Ignac Kubala – Yoakum, Texas

Short and Sweet this week. My husband lost his grandmother a few months ago and we are busy driving about 3 hours round trip to clean out her home. Which is its own historical family discovery of sorts. Hoping to do some family posts at some point.

Anyways, this if off topic, I do have another post with store fronts I did not too long ago that can be found here.

And for this weeks post.

Found in Lancaster, Ca antique shop

2 Cabinet Card Photos

One is a wedding Photo, and the other is a solo portrait of the bride at a another time. Has the name “Ignac Kubala” written on one of them. There is an Ignac and Josephine Kubala listed in Lavaca, Texas in the 1920 Census.

Photographer on her photo is Montgomery, Yoakum, Texas



UPDATE  Jan 2, 2013: I was contacted by a relative and these photos are going to James who also attached a nice letter about his relatives to add to the blog

December 23, 2012

 The wedding photo is of my maternal grandparents, Ignac (Ignatius) and Josephine (nee Maly) Kubala who were married in 1902 in Yoakum (Lavaca County), Texas. The photo of the woman sitting alone is of my grandmother, however the date of that photo is not known.


Interestingly, the English translation of the Czech word “maly” is “small” and Josephine, from what I’ve been told, was a small woman, only about five feet tall, whereas Ignac stood over six feet.


Both Ignac Kubala and Josephine Maly were born in Moravia, Czechoslovakia; Josephine in 1866 and Ignac in 1867. Ignac passed away February 4, 1921 at the relatively young age of 53 and Josephine died September 10, 1942 at the age of 76. They had four children in the following order: John, Joseph, Mary (my mother) and Ignatius. All four of their children are now deceased.


Ignatius, their youngest son, nicknamed “Live Oak”, played professional baseball and their two eldest grandsons (my Uncle John’s sons), Johnny and Raymond, were outstanding football players at West (Texas) High School and at Texas A&M University. In fact, Raymond (Ray) Kubala went on to play professionally for the Denver Broncos (1964-1967).


Needless to say I’m quite thrilled to find the photos of my maternal grandparents, whom I never had the privilege to meet, since I wasn’t born until 1948.




James A. Dewees

Only child of Mary Josephine Kubala-Dewees (1910-1995)

& Adron B. Dewees (1916-1975)


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Stirling and Lerche – Farmington, Iowa Photo

Found this photo in Phoenix, Az

Came out of a great booth full of all kinds of old photos which are in some of my other posts. Found several of old homes, with notes on the back of the photos, this was one of them, its fading but still has some life to it, and once again this is someones history complete with their home in the photo. I do wonder if this is the back side of the house? But it has a walkway and gate, but just makes me wonder whats around the other side as it looks like a wide columned porch.

Says on the back
“Me on the outskirts of Farmington
On the steps Uncle Will and Aunt Matt Lerche and Hazel. Aunt Matt and Mamma were sisters.
Grandma and Grandpa Stirlings home in Farmington, Iowa” Remember to click on the photo to get more of a closeup.

On Family Search Site I have found this in the 1910 Census in Farmington, Van Buren, Iowa

William Lerche  born in Germany 1860

Martha E. Lerche maiden name Stirling (also listed as Mattie) born in New Hampshire 1864

Hazel J. Lerche Muntz -daughter born in Farmington, Iowa July 11, 1892- Died Dec. 18, 1988  in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa (married Robert G. Muntz)

I have done some research on the internet and their is a website with Farmington, Iowa history, some great old photos and a book from the late 1800s with house photos and named who lived in them all. I was excited to see on one site there is a “Stirling Home” still standing and lived in, but when I look it doesnt appear to match this home, so I wonder how many Stirlings there were at the time this was taken and if they were related to Ma and Pa and sister Martha from this photo? There are records of a Stirling Woolen Mill, which provided jobs for the area, all year long.

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Ferree Family – Kansas

Just recently found this family photo at the Antelope Valley Swap Meet. I got it along with a photo album from an older gentleman. He said hes been doing the Rose Bowl Flea Market since the 60s and his wife wants him to quit and how he had a heart attack, but hes still doing it. He said how much he LOVED Old Photos, he just cant help it, he just LOVES them. He had quite the collection to sift through, some fantastic photos but a lot were blank, and I like to work with names and information. So I found this family. So he would be happy to know someone else is enjoying his photos and they are living on.

Meet the Ferree Family. On the photo written in pencil it says “Uncle Jno Ferree, Dea, Jay, Clara, Bill and Aunt Mary” . Photographer looks like L. Kayner and no state was listed. So without a state to start with searching family search census records its harder to narrow down. Also on the back someone wrote “John W. Ferree Family” . Working with first names like John and Mary and searching doesnt help narrow down ones search! Plus I didnt know if this was in the US or not. No luck with John and Mary, So I worked my way down all the kids names. No luck with the boys Jay, Dea or Bill. And girls often married and lost their name soon, but I was in luck with a few “Clara Ferree” names in the census records. And BINGO! Here is what I found.

1900 Census KANSAS

Husband – John W. Ferree – Born 1860
Wife- Mary Ferree- Born 1894
Son – Jesse J. Born 1886 (Jay in the photo)
Son – Ernest D. – Born 1888 (Dea in photo)
Daughter – Clara – Born 1890
Son – William F. – (Bill or Billy in Photo)Born 1898 Died Nov 1944 Portland, Oregon. He married Nannie Mae Reyburn on 06 Jun 1909 in Pleasant Hill, California. Occupation – Salesman/Plasterer (1930 Census info)

Upon further searching of the Net, the son Ernest whos middle initial is D. and most likely the one named “Dea” has this written about him on the net and in a book.

History of Pomona Valley, California

“Standing at the head of the contracting business in plastering, Ernest D. Ferree has occupied a prominent position in the business world of Pomona, Cal., since 1914. He makes a specialty of exterior work and furnishes estimates at any time and place.

He is a native of Garland, Kans., where he was born July 2, 1888. Reared and educated in his native state, he learned his trade under the tutelage of his father, a plastering contractor at Pittsburg, Kans., where the son worked at the plastering business for his parent and farmed for himself for three years in that section. In 1911 he came to Pomona, Cal., and was employed at his trade with G. W. Clark, later, in 1914, becoming a contractor for himself. He formed a partnership with A. F. McMullen under the firm name of Ferree and McMullen. When Mr. Ferree entered the war the firm was dissolved, July, 1918. He was attached to the Thirteenth Division, U.S.A., of the Machine Gun Battalion, stationed six months at American Lake, Washington, and discharged before seeing active service in France. He returned to Pomona and resumed his old trade of plastering contractor. He has done all the large contracts in the Valley in recent years, and had the contract for the Pomona Greek Theater at Ganesha Park, the Home Telephone Company’s building at Pomona, the new girls’ dormitory at La Verne College, the Arcadia City Hall, the First National Bank building at Puente, the precooling plant of the San Dimas Orange Growers Association, the precooling plant of the Indian Hill Citrus Association, North Pomona, and the school house at Whittier. The interior of Holmes Hall, Pomona College, at Claremont, is his work, and also the Opera garage, the Clark Brothers’ garage, the White garage, and the Heubsch garage, at Pomona. He has also done the work on many of the fine homes in Pomona and vicinity.

On March 7, 1907, at Garland, Kans., he married Miss Marie Claypool, a native of Kansas, born July 24, 1888, and they are the parents of a son named Walter Jennings. Fraternally, Mr. Ferree is associated with the Yeoman, and is a member of the Pomona Lodge of Loyal Order of Moose and the Knights of Pythias. ”

To see this link with the information click below

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MIRIAM ELDRIDGE – North Dakota Album Pages

No theme this week, just some more album pages I have worked on. Happy 100 Sepia Saturday to Everyone! I did write my “100” entry 2 weeks ago and it is the Tait and Lingenfelter Album entry which you can go back a little to view.

From Antelope Valley, Ca Swap Meet
Found some pages from an album someone once made. Had to dig through the trunk and find what items went together. We have our swap meet twice a year here, I went back just recently in October and the same vendor was there with the trunk of photos and I went through it again and found more photos from this family after seeing locations, photographers and writing on backs, but they wanted around $8-$10 per photo. So I had to pass as I dont normally spend that much on one individual photo unless the content just really screams at me something special.

Remember to click on any images for a larger view.
Says “Johnny and Doris” on the back, part is torn off as it was once glued on the black paper, it looks like the last name may say “Griswold” but the first letter is missing or any others. Taken at “Osborn Studio, Dickinson, N.D.”

This one reads “Johnny 1908” Cabinet Card Photo from “Currie, Dickinson, N.D.”

These ones says “Homer” and then “The two Dorothy’s – Dorothy Meadows and Our Dorothy”

On the backside of this page there is this photo

It reads “Taken when Homer was studying Photography. The top two he calls “firelight pictures” and he was making tests with a new lens. The lower right was taken in 1914″. Sadly this page was cut off and I just have a small portion of the red firelight photo.

Now we get to the fun ones! Well I enjoyed this one album page that is almost fully intact front and back. It says “When I was a little girl. Upper Left Dorothy and I”

At left – Dorothy and I in front of the old farm house, south of Mott, North Dakota. 1916

Last page reads

Top Photo

My fifth Birthday September 3, 1915 (all the children are numbered so you can place who is who)

1. Caroline Rockwell

2. Laveta Acklin

3. Genevieve McCain

4. Fern Acklin

5. Ruthy Boyd

6. Glenna Mae Acklin

7. Ramona Iverson

8. Miriam Eldridge

9. Sibil Iverson

10. Dorothy Rockwell

I love the photo on the left that says “Me, with my Christmas favorites, 1915”

As I am writing this blog I have finally figured out who wrote these pages! Miriam! As I can peel back some of the photo of the girl with her dolls and see it says “Miriam” on the back in old ink script. And Miriam is in the party photo listed as “Miriam Eldridge”

The other photo says “Seventh Birthday, 1917. Eileen Ducansen, Edna Chin and Ruth Boyd in Back. Lucy Hastings, me, ?, Glenna Acklin, Cera Bintz, ?, in front.”

Photos at bottom right are “Miriam with her cupid doll”

and “Take with a little friend on a wintery North Dakota Day”

Census info found on the net.

Marion Edelle Griswold 3 Sept 1910 North Dakota to 30 Jan 1981 Sacramento CA. …..don’t know husbands name.
Mother Olive maiden name is Lank 13 Sept 1868-1 Sept 1946 SD CA
Father James E.  5 dec 1870-1954 SD CA
Homer Russell Eldridge Jan 28, 1895- Oct 14 1995 Placer CA
Percy Hawthorne Eldridge (twin) Jan 28, 2895-Aug 6 1987  SD CA
Harold Eldridge May 1897-
Dorothy Mary Eldridge Kingsley  10 Sept 1899-12 Aug 1992 Sacramento CA


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51 Birch Street

Found a Documentary on Hulu and thought many others who love Family History, Old photos, Old Diaries/Journals, and what truly lies beneath a family that is unknown, may enjoy, this is heartwarming, sad, insightful, touching, so many emotions. I think its what I always want to dig at even when I find old photos unrelated to me, I want more, more stories, to hear about these people, or to imagine.

51 Birch Street spans 60 years and 3 generations, and weaves together hundreds of faded snapshots, 8mm home movies and two decades of verité footage.

If you are able to watch, feel free to comment here with your thoughts, I found myself wanting to find someone to get mad at or blame at the beginning, but then….

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Photo Album – Musicians, Actors and Performers

This weeks prompt at Sepia Saturday reminded me of a Photo Album I have so it was time to pull it out. It is the most expensive Photo Album I have purchased, found it in Ventura, Ca. It is also in the best condition of any album I do have. I have not really narrowed down who this album once belonged too, there are some photos with names on them, but no related names so far, and there is a variety of different types of photos. Family photos, and what looks like various performer photos, then some pages of tin types.

For this weeks theme Im featuring Musicians and What looks to be Performers. I will add another blog soon with more details from this album and other information. For those who are knowledgeable on instruments or any details surrounding any photos feel free to chime in, any helpful information is appreciated!

Cabinet Card Photo has the name “Frank Simmons” written on the back in pencil. There is no other info nor a photography studio. Photo is faded looking and you can see its poorly centered with the backdrop they used.

This one is a CDV of a man holding a Trombone? Says “Albee Bros.,Machias, ME”

Arent these 2 kids gorgeous? Written on the back in ink is, “Benny and I at the Operetta”, Photographer – A.D. Burk, Cleveland, Ohio. When looking up Operetta I found this on Wikipedia-

Operettas are usually shorter than operas, and are usually of a light and amusing character. Operettas are often considered less “serious” than operas.

The operetta is a precursor of the modern musical theatre or “musical”. In the early decades of the 20th century, the operetta continued to exist alongside the newer musical, with each influencing the other.

The main difference between the two genres is that most operettas can be described as light operas with acting, whereas most musicals are plays with singing.

At first I thought this may have been some type of military uniform but my mother looked it over and said it looks more like a costume rather then an actual military uniform.

This last photo is my favorite in the entire album! Photographer is “James” Iowa City, Iowa”. What do you suppose he is? Makes me think of a Circus Master, or some Snake Oil Salesman pitching his goodies to a crowd. Everything down to his beard and mustache, his top hat, His Polka Dot Bowtie, is fabulous! I really wish this one had some writing on it, I wonder who he was. Some fun creative writing prompts could come from these.

Other photos in the album with information on them include….

Rock Island, Quincy, Illinois

IOWA – Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Clinton, What Cheer

Seattle, Wash Territory

Cornelia F. Follett, 2-19-1865, Providence, R.I. CDV Photo, Woman

Edith Clifton Follett, 2-19-1965 CDV photo, child

Cornelia (born 1833) is the daughter of Leander M. Ware born in 1803 in Mass and Frances C. Ware born and died 3-30-1883, in 1880 Census he is living in Providence, R.I. with Cornelia and her daughter Edit Clifton Follett, born 1861 (last name can also be spelled Follette)

Photo of store, “E.M. Johnson & Son Boots and Shoes” “J. Hanson Dry Goods and Gents Furnishings” address 7000

Ord, Nebraska

Kansas City, Mo

W Lodzi, Nowy Rynek No. 6


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Minna and Eugene Mercier – Lowell, Mass

Cabinet Card Photo found in Chandler, Az Antique Shop

Photographer Fontaine, 475 Merrimack St. , Lowell, Mass”

Back of photo says “Minna and Eugene Mercier”


There was a Melina “Mina” Mercier in Lowell, Mass

Fortin Otto age 24 to Melina Mercier age 23 Oct 08 1904 listed on the net under “Marriage Intentions”

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