Photo Album – Musicians, Actors and Performers

This weeks prompt at Sepia Saturday reminded me of a Photo Album I have so it was time to pull it out. It is the most expensive Photo Album I have purchased, found it in Ventura, Ca. It is also in the best condition of any album I do have. I have not really narrowed down who this album once belonged too, there are some photos with names on them, but no related names so far, and there is a variety of different types of photos. Family photos, and what looks like various performer photos, then some pages of tin types.

For this weeks theme Im featuring Musicians and What looks to be Performers. I will add another blog soon with more details from this album and other information. For those who are knowledgeable on instruments or any details surrounding any photos feel free to chime in, any helpful information is appreciated!

Cabinet Card Photo has the name “Frank Simmons” written on the back in pencil. There is no other info nor a photography studio. Photo is faded looking and you can see its poorly centered with the backdrop they used.

This one is a CDV of a man holding a Trombone? Says “Albee Bros.,Machias, ME”

Arent these 2 kids gorgeous? Written on the back in ink is, “Benny and I at the Operetta”, Photographer – A.D. Burk, Cleveland, Ohio. When looking up Operetta I found this on Wikipedia-

Operettas are usually shorter than operas, and are usually of a light and amusing character. Operettas are often considered less “serious” than operas.

The operetta is a precursor of the modern musical theatre or “musical”. In the early decades of the 20th century, the operetta continued to exist alongside the newer musical, with each influencing the other.

The main difference between the two genres is that most operettas can be described as light operas with acting, whereas most musicals are plays with singing.

At first I thought this may have been some type of military uniform but my mother looked it over and said it looks more like a costume rather then an actual military uniform.

This last photo is my favorite in the entire album! Photographer is “James” Iowa City, Iowa”. What do you suppose he is? Makes me think of a Circus Master, or some Snake Oil Salesman pitching his goodies to a crowd. Everything down to his beard and mustache, his top hat, His Polka Dot Bowtie, is fabulous! I really wish this one had some writing on it, I wonder who he was. Some fun creative writing prompts could come from these.

Other photos in the album with information on them include….

Rock Island, Quincy, Illinois

IOWA – Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Clinton, What Cheer

Seattle, Wash Territory

Cornelia F. Follett, 2-19-1865, Providence, R.I. CDV Photo, Woman

Edith Clifton Follett, 2-19-1965 CDV photo, child

Cornelia (born 1833) is the daughter of Leander M. Ware born in 1803 in Mass and Frances C. Ware born and died 3-30-1883, in 1880 Census he is living in Providence, R.I. with Cornelia and her daughter Edit Clifton Follett, born 1861 (last name can also be spelled Follette)

Photo of store, “E.M. Johnson & Son Boots and Shoes” “J. Hanson Dry Goods and Gents Furnishings” address 7000

Ord, Nebraska

Kansas City, Mo

W Lodzi, Nowy Rynek No. 6


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10 responses to “Photo Album – Musicians, Actors and Performers

  1. Oh, that is indeed a magnificent album. And the next best thing to having it on my bookshelf is having its contents shared via Sepia Saturday..

  2. Very interesting collection! I believe the last photo is a Master of Ceremonies from the circus. His long baton looks like something used to direct animals?

  3. I agree with Mary. He looks very much like a master of cermonies. He reminds me of the MC in the wonderful Baz Lurman film ‘Moulin Rouge’ so perhaps he was linked to Music hall in some way.

  4. I really am getting round to captioning my photos – I’m reminded that it’s necessary to identify the ‘mes’ and ‘Is’ every time i see them mention on blogs like this. A fine photo collection – ‘Benny and I’ is the one that caught my eye.

  5. Lynda Menth

    Fantastic photos…as always! Every single person in them looks so proud, don’t they? I’m sure it was quite the “thing” in those days to have your photograph taken wearing all of your “finery”! What a treat for all of us in successive generations to be able to share in their pride!!

  6. Nice collection. The last one is intriguing. The polka dots seem out of character with the rest of outfit.

  7. I see we share an interest in old photos! It is an addiction..I enjoyed your photos. I love the guy with the polka dot bow tie..and his beaver top hat is wonderful! I am going to add you to my blogroll:)

  8. gluepot

    What a fine collection – from what you describe, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a more modern group by a recent collector, rather than a family album with the photos having a shared provenance. That’s always the danger buying albums and groups of photos – you often don’t know whether they really do belong together.

  9. Mrs Marvel

    I can see why you snatched up this album, had I been there I would have been fighting you for it, ha ha. Fantastic. I wonder if the owner of the album had known all these people as friends. Again, fantastic find and thank you for sharing it with us!!

  10. A splendid mix. The seated man is definitely in a band uniform. The M.W.A. on his cap is Modern Woodmen of America, a popular fraternal society in the midwest. They had brass bands too. The theatrical qualities of the last gent are very funny and just yesterday I acquired his cousin from Cincinnati – beard and tophat but with a violin. Both need a story.

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