MIRIAM ELDRIDGE – North Dakota Album Pages

No theme this week, just some more album pages I have worked on. Happy 100 Sepia Saturday to Everyone! I did write my “100” entry 2 weeks ago and it is the Tait and Lingenfelter Album entry which you can go back a little to view.

From Antelope Valley, Ca Swap Meet
Found some pages from an album someone once made. Had to dig through the trunk and find what items went together. We have our swap meet twice a year here, I went back just recently in October and the same vendor was there with the trunk of photos and I went through it again and found more photos from this family after seeing locations, photographers and writing on backs, but they wanted around $8-$10 per photo. So I had to pass as I dont normally spend that much on one individual photo unless the content just really screams at me something special.

Remember to click on any images for a larger view.
Says “Johnny and Doris” on the back, part is torn off as it was once glued on the black paper, it looks like the last name may say “Griswold” but the first letter is missing or any others. Taken at “Osborn Studio, Dickinson, N.D.”

This one reads “Johnny 1908” Cabinet Card Photo from “Currie, Dickinson, N.D.”

These ones says “Homer” and then “The two Dorothy’s – Dorothy Meadows and Our Dorothy”

On the backside of this page there is this photo

It reads “Taken when Homer was studying Photography. The top two he calls “firelight pictures” and he was making tests with a new lens. The lower right was taken in 1914″. Sadly this page was cut off and I just have a small portion of the red firelight photo.

Now we get to the fun ones! Well I enjoyed this one album page that is almost fully intact front and back. It says “When I was a little girl. Upper Left Dorothy and I”

At left – Dorothy and I in front of the old farm house, south of Mott, North Dakota. 1916

Last page reads

Top Photo

My fifth Birthday September 3, 1915 (all the children are numbered so you can place who is who)

1. Caroline Rockwell

2. Laveta Acklin

3. Genevieve McCain

4. Fern Acklin

5. Ruthy Boyd

6. Glenna Mae Acklin

7. Ramona Iverson

8. Miriam Eldridge

9. Sibil Iverson

10. Dorothy Rockwell

I love the photo on the left that says “Me, with my Christmas favorites, 1915”

As I am writing this blog I have finally figured out who wrote these pages! Miriam! As I can peel back some of the photo of the girl with her dolls and see it says “Miriam” on the back in old ink script. And Miriam is in the party photo listed as “Miriam Eldridge”

The other photo says “Seventh Birthday, 1917. Eileen Ducansen, Edna Chin and Ruth Boyd in Back. Lucy Hastings, me, ?, Glenna Acklin, Cera Bintz, ?, in front.”

Photos at bottom right are “Miriam with her cupid doll”

and “Take with a little friend on a wintery North Dakota Day”

Census info found on the net.

Marion Edelle Griswold 3 Sept 1910 North Dakota to 30 Jan 1981 Sacramento CA. …..don’t know husbands name.
Mother Olive maiden name is Lank 13 Sept 1868-1 Sept 1946 SD CA
Father James E.  5 dec 1870-1954 SD CA
Homer Russell Eldridge Jan 28, 1895- Oct 14 1995 Placer CA
Percy Hawthorne Eldridge (twin) Jan 28, 2895-Aug 6 1987  SD CA
Harold Eldridge May 1897-
Dorothy Mary Eldridge Kingsley  10 Sept 1899-12 Aug 1992 Sacramento CA


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18 responses to “MIRIAM ELDRIDGE – North Dakota Album Pages

  1. Wonderful that you were able to work out who the album owner was. She certainly was meticulous in naming everyone else and putting place names in, so deserves credit.

  2. I LOVE Homer with his big smile. So nice to see people smiling in old photos. They become personable.

    Some wonderful shots in this group!

  3. Nancy

    What special photos. I especially liked the one of the two little girls all dressed up in their coats and muffs.
    Yes, $8 is way too much for the old photos. Highway robbery!
    Nancy Javier

  4. Great photos and a lesson to us all – name the people in your photos.

  5. Jo

    Lovely photos and well done, Miriam, for keeping such good notes of who’s who and adding dates. Love the Christmas favourites pic! Jo

  6. They are great photographs and the very stuff of Sepia Saturday. What is more, there is enough detail in there to keep me returning and exploring for the next 100 weeks. To have such detail and information is the dream of so many old image lovers. Thanks for your continuing support of Sepia Saturday.

  7. I love old photos even when they are not labeled, but when they are it’s so much better. And then you always have the hope that someone will recognize a relative.

  8. This post — or maybe just the photo album pages — makes (make) me feel so sad. I imagine older Miriam so carefully arranging and pasting her childhood photos onto these pages, then sitting at a typewriter typing out all the information in just the right size to fit beside or between the photos. You can see how much care she gave to her work. And now this wonderful album is in the hands of someone who has to search deep to learn about its compiler and owner. It’s like an orphan: it has a home now and is safe, but homesick for its original home. Did Miriam compile this for her own pleasure, or for her children or grandchildren? Certainly she wanted to be remembered. And this post honors her memory. Bless you for taking care of this album and sharing it with us.

  9. gluepot

    Nice to have all those typed captions, and perhaps because of that they will find their way back to a family member in due course. I feel the same way as Nancy about these collections, and am still shocked to hear acquaintances stating in all seriousness that they couldn’t care less about their old family photos.

  10. Hey, I think the name of the town is Mott ND. I have a friend that is from there..I have sent him your link. This album pages are wonderful..especially the birthday party:)

  11. Harvey Hirning

    Yes the town is Mott, ND. I don’t recognize most of the names, but doesn’t mean anything. I have some Iverson friends that grew up south of Mott. The outdoor scenes are typical of that area with very few scrawny trees and fairly short grass.

  12. Kevin Carvell

    The Acklins, Boyds and Chinns were all among the first settlers at Mott, ND.

  13. Thomas Eldridge

    What a surprise to see pictures of my family here. Homer is my father & Percy is his twin brother. Homer did work for a picture studio in Dickinson N Dak It was owned By Doubleday & Meyers. Homer & Percy were born in 1895 in Indiana & had a brother named Harold who died of diptheria on their trip from Indiana to Mott N Dak.-Marion & Dorothy were their sisters. Homer made 14 round trips in the Navy to France & England during WWI On the troop carrier USS Mercury.
    Later he & Percy homesteaded in Southeastern Mont. where I was born in

    • Aaron Eldridge

      Wow that is awesome. My name is Aaron Eldridge. My grandfather was Russell Hawthorne Eldridge (which would be your cousin) who’s father was Percy Hawthorne Eldridge. My Grandfather was a WW2 Vetran and a Ball Turrett gunner on a B-17 crew who was shot down over France in October of 1943 and was a POW till june of 1945.

      This is neat that distant relatives can meet up this way. I bought the physical photos from sharon who posted them here and gave them to my Dad for christmas. needless to say he cried a whole box of kleenex.

      Where abouts do you live? it would be neat if we could arrange to meet sometime. I grew up in San Diego, CA but currently live in Salt Lake city, UT.
      You can also email me directly at aaroneldridge@comcast.net

  14. Kathy Stieg

    Homer & Percy Eldridge homesteaded where we now are in Montana.

    • Tom Eldridge

      My name is Tom Eldridge, Homers son. Just wondering what the country is like & how much it has changed since we moved to CA. in about 1939. Do you live on land that was the actual homestead? My Dad Homer put his homestead up for sale in about 1934 & moved down on what was called Box Elder Road. He built a little service station & store there on land that belonged to a Clarence Johnston. Another Homesteader named Mr Majors bought Dads homestead for $3.50 an acre. He also bought other homesteads in that area including Homer’s brother Percy. If you would like you can email me directly at abchico@yahoo.com

      • Kevin Carvell

        Mr. Eldridge — I’ve just encountered a mention of your family history “The Life and Times of H.R. Eldridge” and am wondering if it might be possible to purchase a copy. I’ve a library of local/regional history in Mott, ND, and would like to add this volume to the collection. Kevin Carvell. My email is: kevin.svihovec@gmail.com

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