Ferree Family – Kansas

Just recently found this family photo at the Antelope Valley Swap Meet. I got it along with a photo album from an older gentleman. He said hes been doing the Rose Bowl Flea Market since the 60s and his wife wants him to quit and how he had a heart attack, but hes still doing it. He said how much he LOVED Old Photos, he just cant help it, he just LOVES them. He had quite the collection to sift through, some fantastic photos but a lot were blank, and I like to work with names and information. So I found this family. So he would be happy to know someone else is enjoying his photos and they are living on.

Meet the Ferree Family. On the photo written in pencil it says “Uncle Jno Ferree, Dea, Jay, Clara, Bill and Aunt Mary” . Photographer looks like L. Kayner and no state was listed. So without a state to start with searching family search census records its harder to narrow down. Also on the back someone wrote “John W. Ferree Family” . Working with first names like John and Mary and searching doesnt help narrow down ones search! Plus I didnt know if this was in the US or not. No luck with John and Mary, So I worked my way down all the kids names. No luck with the boys Jay, Dea or Bill. And girls often married and lost their name soon, but I was in luck with a few “Clara Ferree” names in the census records. And BINGO! Here is what I found.

1900 Census KANSAS

Husband – John W. Ferree – Born 1860
Wife- Mary Ferree- Born 1894
Son – Jesse J. Born 1886 (Jay in the photo)
Son – Ernest D. – Born 1888 (Dea in photo)
Daughter – Clara – Born 1890
Son – William F. – (Bill or Billy in Photo)Born 1898 Died Nov 1944 Portland, Oregon. He married Nannie Mae Reyburn on 06 Jun 1909 in Pleasant Hill, California. Occupation – Salesman/Plasterer (1930 Census info)

Upon further searching of the Net, the son Ernest whos middle initial is D. and most likely the one named “Dea” has this written about him on the net and in a book.

History of Pomona Valley, California

“Standing at the head of the contracting business in plastering, Ernest D. Ferree has occupied a prominent position in the business world of Pomona, Cal., since 1914. He makes a specialty of exterior work and furnishes estimates at any time and place.

He is a native of Garland, Kans., where he was born July 2, 1888. Reared and educated in his native state, he learned his trade under the tutelage of his father, a plastering contractor at Pittsburg, Kans., where the son worked at the plastering business for his parent and farmed for himself for three years in that section. In 1911 he came to Pomona, Cal., and was employed at his trade with G. W. Clark, later, in 1914, becoming a contractor for himself. He formed a partnership with A. F. McMullen under the firm name of Ferree and McMullen. When Mr. Ferree entered the war the firm was dissolved, July, 1918. He was attached to the Thirteenth Division, U.S.A., of the Machine Gun Battalion, stationed six months at American Lake, Washington, and discharged before seeing active service in France. He returned to Pomona and resumed his old trade of plastering contractor. He has done all the large contracts in the Valley in recent years, and had the contract for the Pomona Greek Theater at Ganesha Park, the Home Telephone Company’s building at Pomona, the new girls’ dormitory at La Verne College, the Arcadia City Hall, the First National Bank building at Puente, the precooling plant of the San Dimas Orange Growers Association, the precooling plant of the Indian Hill Citrus Association, North Pomona, and the school house at Whittier. The interior of Holmes Hall, Pomona College, at Claremont, is his work, and also the Opera garage, the Clark Brothers’ garage, the White garage, and the Heubsch garage, at Pomona. He has also done the work on many of the fine homes in Pomona and vicinity.

On March 7, 1907, at Garland, Kans., he married Miss Marie Claypool, a native of Kansas, born July 24, 1888, and they are the parents of a son named Walter Jennings. Fraternally, Mr. Ferree is associated with the Yeoman, and is a member of the Pomona Lodge of Loyal Order of Moose and the Knights of Pythias. ”

To see this link with the information click below



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  1. Kevin Eldridge

    Little Miss Miriam Eldridge is my great aunt.
    Kevin Eldridge

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