Ignac Kubala – Yoakum, Texas

Short and Sweet this week. My husband lost his grandmother a few months ago and we are busy driving about 3 hours round trip to clean out her home. Which is its own historical family discovery of sorts. Hoping to do some family posts at some point.

Anyways, this if off topic, I do have another post with store fronts I did not too long ago that can be found here.


And for this weeks post.

Found in Lancaster, Ca antique shop

2 Cabinet Card Photos

One is a wedding Photo, and the other is a solo portrait of the bride at a another time. Has the name “Ignac Kubala” written on one of them. There is an Ignac and Josephine Kubala listed in Lavaca, Texas in the 1920 Census.

Photographer on her photo is Montgomery, Yoakum, Texas



UPDATE  Jan 2, 2013: I was contacted by a relative and these photos are going to James who also attached a nice letter about his relatives to add to the blog

December 23, 2012

 The wedding photo is of my maternal grandparents, Ignac (Ignatius) and Josephine (nee Maly) Kubala who were married in 1902 in Yoakum (Lavaca County), Texas. The photo of the woman sitting alone is of my grandmother, however the date of that photo is not known.


Interestingly, the English translation of the Czech word “maly” is “small” and Josephine, from what I’ve been told, was a small woman, only about five feet tall, whereas Ignac stood over six feet.


Both Ignac Kubala and Josephine Maly were born in Moravia, Czechoslovakia; Josephine in 1866 and Ignac in 1867. Ignac passed away February 4, 1921 at the relatively young age of 53 and Josephine died September 10, 1942 at the age of 76. They had four children in the following order: John, Joseph, Mary (my mother) and Ignatius. All four of their children are now deceased.


Ignatius, their youngest son, nicknamed “Live Oak”, played professional baseball and their two eldest grandsons (my Uncle John’s sons), Johnny and Raymond, were outstanding football players at West (Texas) High School and at Texas A&M University. In fact, Raymond (Ray) Kubala went on to play professionally for the Denver Broncos (1964-1967).


Needless to say I’m quite thrilled to find the photos of my maternal grandparents, whom I never had the privilege to meet, since I wasn’t born until 1948.




James A. Dewees

Only child of Mary Josephine Kubala-Dewees (1910-1995)

& Adron B. Dewees (1916-1975)



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13 responses to “Ignac Kubala – Yoakum, Texas

  1. Both of these photos are very good, she looks to be a very determined woman. Love the collection of photos in the link you gave.
    Cleaning out your husband’s grandmother’s house will be hard but will have it’s good moments too when you find treasures.

  2. They are both fabulous photographs. However in both cases you almost want to strip the subjects of their clothes (in the nicest possible way) and find the real people underneath.

    • Jo

      Lovely pics – I get the impression that the bride is very small (not sure why I think that). Neither of them are giving much away with the facial expressions! Jo

  3. Two fine photos. They look determined to succeed in that first one. She must be warm in that dress in the second.

  4. Fine photos, but as usual, the subjects often look rather sombre. I had a horrible feeling the second one was a mourning dress. I hope not as she doesn’t look much older.

  5. Lynda Menth

    What a lovely bouquet she’s holding…plus the flowers holding her veil. Perhaps a couple of means..for the time.
    Wonderful photo, as always.

  6. Very interesting detailing in the bodice of her dress – the asymmetry is arresting. I wonder what it is on her left side near her waist.

  7. A tiny bride. Engulfed by the chair.

  8. Great photos. The chair is interesting too with its florid carved extravagance. Perhaps it was a local craftsman who made it. Lots of German influence in Texas.

  9. James A. Dewees

    The bride and groom in the photo are my maternal grandparents, Ignac (ignatius) and Josephine Maly Kubala, from Yoakum, Texas; also my birthplace. The woman alone is my grandmother. I would love to have the photos. Who might I contact?

  10. La Nightingail

    Whenever I see old photographs of women wearing those high-necked dresses or blouses, it makes me choke a little. I can’t stand to have anything near my neck, let alone on it. That said, I can’t help but admire the dark dress Josephine is wearing in the second photo. I wish she had been standing so we might see the full gown. It looks very elegant,

  11. Wow, what an amazing chair that was!

  12. gluepot

    NIce to see they found their way back to a descendant.

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