My Ladye’s At Home Booke Photo Album

This item came from an auction in Portland, Oregon.

So do you think this is from outside the US? Perhaps someone can chime in with a proposed year or place for this album from the spelling of “My Ladye’s “At Home” Booke” to the style of dress.

When searching the net I did find a copy of this particular book, minus the photos in great shape, says Circa 1900 California, not sure if that is accurate info as there is nothing to note that on the album.

This one is more of a mystery for me to work with, it is full of oodles of “Tiny” photos. And no writing in the actual album.

Only one photo of two women reading a letter, that was loose has some minor writing on the back that reads…. ”  Nellie-Grace” but still not much to work with. Sighhhh

Enjoy some pages from the album


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14 responses to “My Ladye’s At Home Booke Photo Album

  1. Some lovely photos here. But the muscles in the bottom picture would have made me look puny when I was in my prime. I wonder just how he built them up.

  2. Wow – all those pics and no id. Sad.

  3. What a lovely look into someones life. tis British! “My Ladye Nevells Booke.”

  4. That made a cute little photo album, but it looks like it really was more for people to write their name. I know about visiting cards, but now I wonder if it was common to leave a small photo of oneself.

  5. An at-home was something of a tea party by invitation – you were letting certain other ladies know that you were ‘at home’ to them if they wanted to call. I wonder if this is designed to be a guest book, or maybe a diary of at-home visits the owner made? Anyway, it looks like the owner used it as a photo album instead, which makes it doubly impressive. Great find!

  6. Jo

    This is a great find! The hats and hairdos are tremendous. Look forward to seeing more of The Booke. Jo

  7. Oh, my, what a treasure. I wonder who made it. Had to smile at the muscle man on the last page. Was it a wish book of sorts?

    Happy Sepia Saturday,
    Kathy M.

  8. I would say the photos are Edwardian, meaning after 1900. The styles of clothing and hair are more 1905-1910 to me. Some of the photos look like the photo booth strips that have been cut apart. Nice find! I would have been bidding against you had I been there. 🙂

  9. A real treasure house of images. I like the idea of it being “a tea party by invitation” – that makes it a bit like Sepia Saturday I suppose.

  10. Great find! Definitely has me curious as to the origin.

  11. Very attractive. Mary Green seems to have the answer. The original use was an appointments diary probably.

  12. It’s amazing what you can find at an auction. What lovely hairstyles and those hats! I agree with Mrs. Marvel, looks Edwardian to me. Enjoy your treasure!

  13. Jean

    I have the “same” book. It is my greatgrandmother’s (I am 62). She had friends write in hers. Most wrote little poems then signed their names. The dates are January and February 1902. She lived in Dayton, a very tiny “town” (no post office) just south of Chico, CA.

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