Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Grant

I may have found this photo in Ventura, Ca but Im not sure. I liked it because of the writing on the back, the script and details.

Reads on back

“Miss Dorothy and Mr. Earl Grant” (My guess is it may be addressed to these two and then its signed by the couple featured in the photo, another Grant family)

“This is Us and Our first home. Taken just at noon time on this first day of July under the stars and stripes in this year of our Lord 1909. Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Grant”

Not much for a first home eh? Looks to have a tarp material over it, I just imagined it all dark inside, no windows and dusty!

But hey, its home right!



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7 responses to “Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Grant

  1. wow, that is some artifact of Americana right there. Wonder where they came from.

  2. I just can’t imagine living in a home like that. A wartime prefab is the nearest I got in the late 1950s.

  3. That home isn’t my idea of “Home Sweet Home.” I hope it was only temporary.

  4. While not a particularly luxurious home, it was a huge improvement over the dug-ins people lived in on the plains. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Would be fascinating to know the story behind this.

  6. Jo

    For 1909 it does seem a bit… basic, but I guess they had to build it themselves and were proud enough to have a photo taken to send back home 🙂 Jo

  7. A very interesting photo of what looks like a pioneer home. Construction like this was a kind of pre-fab camp hut that was easy to carry to a remote location. Sears sold things like this. I couldn’t make out the writing over the door. A clue?
    Best wishes for 2012

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