John S. Peffer Residence, Battle Creek, Iowa

Hello All,

So much going on in real life that the time to work on photo blogs like I truly want to is scarce. So I just havent had time to work on themes although I would love too! I also got 2 packages in the mail! My mother met someone online doing family history research who had some old photos she didnt know what to do with and sent them all to me! 2 packages chock full of old photos! She just gave them to me! I opened them up and my allergies were really set off, to the point I almost felt sick that night, so I dont want to handle them again yet. Need to air them out and wipe them down really good, and there are some fabulous large photos in this batch, so I cant wait to get a blog up about them and the info the woman gave me to start with so we do have a starting point and names to go along with them but dont know who these people are but we do know who had them in their possession. So look for that in the near future.

This is a photo I got out of an Arizona Antique store, its a large one, close to 8 x 10. It is also quite faded. I have always loved old home photos. And Ive written down what was contained on the back. Havent done a lot of detective work on this or came up with very little when I worked on it awhile ago. But hopefully it will attract a relative somewhere!

Back of Photo reads “Battle Creek, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. John S. Peffer residence. Edwin F. Peffer, Dog Sport” (hard to see, Dog is on far right next to guy with horse carriage)

In the 1900 Census there is a John S Peffer who is listed as a widow. Not sure if this is the right one but putting up the info hoping to connect the puzzle pieces. Children are named

Edwin F. Peffer

Mary E. Peffer



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18 responses to “John S. Peffer Residence, Battle Creek, Iowa

  1. What a wonderful gift to receive all those old photos! Looking forward to seeing them posted, and hopefully learning the rest of their stories! Best wishes on your allergies and being able to handle those “gifts” without further reactions.

  2. There is a John S. Peffer at the local cemetery (born Aug. 13, 1848,
    d. Nov. 30, 1916), but his wife was named Mary Jane (1849-1900) and they had a son named Alfred.

  3. I would so love to receive a package of family photos, with notes yet. Great! Sorry about the allergies though. Hope you can figure out a way to overcome them and look at the photos soon.

  4. If someone is going to give away their old photos, I’m glad they went to someone who cares. Good luck with the allergy problem — what a misery.

  5. Ah a corner house. Oh to know the story of what went on inside.

    I have a few shots of houses with barren trees in the front and used to think, “Oh, I wish they’d taken it when the leaves were on the tree.” Then I think about it and realize they did me a favor because the tree would have blocked out the details of the house.

  6. It sounds as though you will have a lot of work and fun working through those photos. Apart from the one you’ve shown I would like to know how Battle Creek got its name.

  7. I’d never thought of old photos setting off allergies; poor you. Exciting though to receive a parcel full of ‘new’ old pictures!

  8. Don’t worry about the themes (or the lack of them) Just keep those wonderful old images coming along with your always informative descriptions.

  9. It’s nice to know that this photo will be preserved and enjoyed, now that you’ve scanned and shared it. It’s a wonderful picture of a gorgeous home.Thanks for posting!

  10. Lucky you to receive two boxes of old photos! (Unlucky you to have allergies to them.) I hope you’ll be able to reunite some of them with descendants of the people in the photos.

  11. angie wallace

    I live in Battle Creek , Ia. I’m a transplant from Nebraska but have always been interested in this small old town. The house looks very familiar. I will definatley be looking at the old homes more closely now and maybe send an updated pic of this one..thanks for sharing

    • Thanks Angie, let me know if you turn anything up. I wonder if this place is still there.

    • Dixie Brueck

      Angie, this is house just south of The Inn, and owned by Mike and Anna Reitz. It was built in 1874, before the rr came through in 1877. It looks quite different now, with new siding, windows, roof and a double car garage on the west side.

  12. Dixie Brueck

    I am on the History Committee for the Battle Creek, Iowa 150th celebration which will take place July 2-5, 2015. We are taking photos of all the houses in Battle Creek built before 1915, thus “Century Homes”. This house is currently the oldest house in BC according to the Ida County Auditor, built in 1874. It is now owned by Mike and Anna Reitz and has been updated with new windows, siding, and roof, with a double car garage in the back of the house. It will be the first house featured, with a short history of past owners, in the Ida County Courier for the weekly feature of “Century Homes and Farms in and around Battle Creek. I can email you a current photo of the home, as well as the historical information if you would like. I would love to see this old photo restored to it’s original grandeur!!

    • Dixie, I would love to see a current photo of the home and any historical info. I can add it to the blog, and if the owners have any interest in the photo feel free to have them email me too. savethetoys @ gmail dot com. Thanks!

      • Anna Reitz

        Hi Sharon,
        I am Anna, owner of the Battle Creek, Iowa house Dixie sent info of. I just wanted to tell you how cool it is to see an old picture of our home! I have it on my work computer set as the background and I have been showing it off! I tell people a little about the house, then I have some fun and tell them that the couple pictured is buried in my back yard. The reactions are priceless, but I cannot tell a lie for long, because my facial expressions or outbursts of laughter are a dead giveaway. My husband and I are interested in the price of the original photo. Our email address is Thank you!

  13. Anna Reitz

    As current owner of the house pictured above, I would like to say how much my husband and I enjoyed seeing the photo of what our house looked like in earlier times! I have showed coworkers this picture and have told them a few things about our house. I have also had a little fun, telling them that the couple pictured are buried in our back yard. But, my facial expression and laughter is usually a dead give away that I am not being truthful. All in fun, though, and a few have actually believed me at first!
    We are interested in the price of this photo. Please email us at Thank you! Anna

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