Dolls and Toys Photos – Sepia Saturday

This weeks Sepia Saturday Theme is Dolls.

Im going to start off with Little Miss Miriam Eldridge dated 1915, she was part of a previous blog I did that you can see here

Many of you saw that previous blog and I wanted to report that as a result of the blog I posted, this was the second album/photos to have family member contact me and for the items to be reunited. It is no longer with me. 🙂

This next photo came out of the Antelope Valley Swap Meet last year.  It only had photographer info stamped on the back that reads “Rogers Photo Dallas” so Texas here. Love all the toys laid out, stuffed animals, dolls, train and blocks. Click on it for a much larger version and then you can see a lot of the toys much closer.

Here I am, had to be around 1979 or so. I remember the doll, she had brown curly hair and when you squeezed her she made a wheezy doll sound. Though she wasnt really one of my favorites.

I am a toy and collectible seller, a picker. But toys are my main area. So enjoy some photos of toy Dolls Ive sold or am currently selling.



Composition Doll

Composition Doll – I still have this one, I found her at a Thrift Shop in a bin of stuffed animals, just tossed in. Typically they put stuff like this up front in the cases at the register, her face is not cracked at all and she so easily could have been damaged in that bin. I dont know much info about her so any help is welcome.

1964 Deluxe Reading Beauty Parlor Doll. This baby is up for sale and can be found on my website

Topper “DAWN” Doll from my website

I hope you all have a wonderful week and until next time!


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15 responses to “Dolls and Toys Photos – Sepia Saturday

  1. Wow, Sylvester and Tweety!

    Love the shot of the little girl and man. Makes me think of my dad and me playing with my train set. Good times. Good times.

  2. Good to see a teddy in the first picture. Topper Dawn looks like a modern bimbo – if I’m allowed to say that!

  3. Oh Betsy Wetsy! I loved that doll.

  4. The little girl in the first photo looks so happy, as you do with your armful of dolls. The one of the girl building a block tower with her dad(or uncle I guess it could be) with all those dolls tossed willy nilly behind her has so many potential stories.

  5. Lots of nice dolls. I was glad to see the Sylvestor doll – my son had one of those when he was little and I always like that one.

  6. I love the first photo. The girl looks so alive that it doesn’t seem like it was taken so long ago. The second photo seems really odd to me.

    • Just a note on the second photo, the vendor selling it sold oodles of old photos and letters and there were several of this photo in different sizes, my guess is it was made for some promo or something because there were several copies of it. Like it was staged for something.

  7. I love the second photo, staged or not…and the doll you found in the bin is fabulous. What a face!

  8. That second photo is my favourite; I could spend ages studying it, and I agree there’s a story to be told. The first photo is also lovely; the little girl looks very proud of her dolls and the expression is much more modern than we would expect from that era. All the dolls you feature are interesting, especially the one with the ‘funny face’. I have to say congratulations to you for both reuniting photos albums with their original owners (how rewarding that must be) and for saving that thrift shop dolly. I am enjoying everyone’s post on this theme and wish they could all be put together in a book – Alan? Perhaps not, that may be pushing my luck.

  9. Jo

    Love the Rogers Dallas photo – but there’s snow outside and they have the windows open 🙂 JO

  10. Oh my gosh, what a selection you have given us today! You look so happy. I am fascinated by Roger’s photo; love all the details.

    Kathy M.

  11. That Miriam Eldridge photo is priceless! Such satisfaction in her smile… love it!

  12. The proud expression on the girl’s face in the first photo is fabulous. She reminds me of a proud mama with a newborn.

  13. A great post! The first photo has that special snapshot quality. Is she smiling at her Papa?

  14. Dolls galore – and some splendid old shots as well.

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