Myrtle E. Chase – Cooperstown, NY Photo

Cabinet Card photo found in Antique Store in Chandler, Az

Photographer Felfer, Cooperstown, N.Y.

On back of photo in black cursive it says Fannie “A Merry Christmas” Myrtle E. Chase 3 1/2 yrs old.”


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3 responses to “Myrtle E. Chase – Cooperstown, NY Photo

  1. Lynda Menth

    Cute little one, but what a sourpuss! For a Christmas greeting it’s too bad she didn’t smile! I’m sure she had a beautiful one. Interesting how so many folks photographed in those days were so dour and unsmiling isn’t it?
    Thanks for sending it though, I’m sure she grew up to be a “heart-breaker”!

  2. I agree, she doesn’t look very happy, does she? I’m afraid I’m in the same boat as she, posterity-wise….the only baby portrait I have of myself is one where I’m bawling my eyes out. Much worse than this. Thanks for posting!

  3. Jo

    Oh crikey, what a grumpy-looking little thing she is! I was a flower girl at my uncle’s wedding when I was 3 or so and after the extensive hairdressing (new experience for me) and the dressing up and the long journey, I was rather less than impressed. The only photos of me were taken as I ran off through the rose beds. I spent the entire meal hiding under a table with my brother while guests tried to entice us out with yucky wedding cake. Tears before bedtime…

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