Dunham Family, Clinton, Mo and Charles Dennen, Ca – Sepia Saturday

This week I have not had time to prepare a theme. All of my albums are boxed up for the time being, so I was only able to play with a few loose ones I just found. (Click on photos to see them close up)

Photographs found in Lancaster, Ca Antique Store

On back it reads “Aunt Janie and Uncle Henry, Rose and Ora Dunham”

Photographer Ellesworth Marks, Clinton, Mo

Here is some info I have found in Census records, after doing much research, there are many variations of this families names in each census so it took some time to compile where they were during each census.

1900 Census

David H. Dunham married to Lizzie J. Daughters Rose L. and Cora E.

1910 Census research brings up the following

Henry D. Dunham Born in Missouri,  residing in Bethlehem, Henry, Mo, age 49

married to Elija J. Dunham born in Iowa, age 48


Rose Lee Dunham age 19

Ora A. Dunham age 18

I did find this Obituary info, not sure if its related, as there is a Male named Ora, but Mrs Ora had a sister named Rose also, and they are listed as being in the same area as the photograph was taken. So Im compiling everything here and hope someone can eventually put any of the clues together or see if both are related.

January 9, 1914
Clinton Register

Had Lived in Clinton About One Year—
Taken to Old Home in Indiana for Burial.

Soon after 12 o’clock Wednesday night, Mrs. Ora DORHAM died at her home, 902 East Washington street, aged 19 years, being sick about five weeks, though she had lung trouble several years.  Her maiden name was Katherine GILHEM, and she was born in Perry county, Ind. Nov. 8, 1894, and was married to Ora DUNHAM July 9, 1912, and they moved to Clinton about a year ago.  The husband and one child, aged one year, survive her.  She is also survived by her father, three sisters and two brothers, only one of whom, Mrs. Rose PRICE, lives in Clinton, the others in Indiana.  The remains were taken to Indiana today for burial at the old home.


This next photo is of a child and says “Charles Dennen” photographer James Studios, Bakersfield, Ca

Found a  birth

Charles H. Dennen born Oct. 11, 1915 in Kern, Ca

Lastly in this batch, Photographer is Logan, 155 San Joaquin St., Stockton, Cal.

On the back says “Floyd and Clara” on the top, then in writing below it says “Mrs. L.A. Dennen” and looks like possibly directions are the rest of the writing that is hard to make out. So I am keeping these together since the Dennen name and California are both listed on the last 2 photos. Perhaps they are related.



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8 responses to “Dunham Family, Clinton, Mo and Charles Dennen, Ca – Sepia Saturday

  1. Wonder why the people in the first photograph seem to be looking in different directions. Actually, I enjoyed a post not about planes!

  2. Don’t worry about themes, just keep on giving us such wonderful old photographs and such interesting explanations.

  3. I do love it when a photograph has information written on the back – great detective work and a thoroughly enjoyable post.

  4. I too was stuck by the poses of the four people. They have such interesting faces though. Your background story about the loss of the young mother is so sad.

  5. This is really interesting. My grandma’s sister was named Ora, and she was the only one I had ever heard of until today, female or male. Great pictures!

    Kathy M.

  6. I’m impressed by the research you did on the photos. No need to apologize for not following the theme.

  7. That first shot is really lovely.

  8. What theme? It’s plain to see that you have done some great research. I wish we had old photos like that.

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