Fraser Family, Corporal Howard – Photos

I am not good at dating photos by clothing yet so any help is appreciated. I found this family in a box of photos at a  2011 Lancaster,   Ca Flea Market, the guy gave it to me as a freebie because of the top torn off. I was quite happy as it was my favorite in the batch, the woman called out to me. Isnt she gorgeous? Every detail about her is elegant. I love her boots most of all and would have loved to have seen her walking around in them, Im sure she moved with grace. She is also a timeless beauty, her looks could fit in today.

Now the poor man of the family, hmmm what happened to him? Was he torn off on purpose so as to not have to see him anymore?

Or was he just tossed from box to box and handled too many times over the years and tear away only to be misplaced as just a head in another box or blown away in the wind?

The children all perfect yet seriously posed, the older little girl with her bigger feet, which I had as a kid, my brother called mine “skis”.

There is no place listed and it was made as a postcard, in writing on the back it says “Fraser Family” just wish I had a state, would be of a major help. But for now we have lovely Mrs. Fraser with her kids to enjoy looking at.

These other photos came from one booth at the same swap meet, and my guess is they may have all come from the same family, mainly because a few have a modern plastic insert placed in the sleeves to cover the photos for protection and were paper clipped at the sides.

Here we have Corporal Howard

This photo was taken by Worthington Studio, 4744 So State St. , Chicago, Illinois

The graduation picture was taken by Lewiston Studio, 107 1/2  W. Commerce St.,  San Antonio, Texas

This Baby Picture has no markings but wherever it was kept, someone used the sleeve for scribbling notes as there is pencil writing all over it. So this photo was constantly in reach to be seen. It appears names and addresses were jotted on it, not sure that any are of this child. Scribblings I can make out say….


Bob Light

Lynn Meyer of Meyers and O….(cant make out rest) Ki, 6269

Ora and Gladys


Los Angeles, Ca

Lastly we have this young woman standing next to a car on a residential street. Looks like California with the Palm Trees. And is that her hat on the ground? This photo came out of the same box as the first torn family photo.


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9 responses to “Fraser Family, Corporal Howard – Photos

  1. Jo

    Mum is very pretty – and I love her boots too 🙂

  2. I’m with you — I’d have had to HAVE this photo because the woman is so lovely. Head or no head, it’s a handsome family.

  3. Another one of those damaged photos with someone mysteriously torn out, like in Alan’s prompt a few weeks ago. It seems to have been a common occurrence when someone fell out of favour. I agree that Mrs Fraser, and her fashions, are the star of the picture anyway.

  4. These are great photos! When I was scanning my MIL’s old pictures, there were often notes written on the back, like, “I went to the store. Stay home!”

    Great finds,

    Kathy M.

  5. I’ll bet his mother was so proud of the Corporal’s photo.

  6. Karen S.

    Any portion of a photo is great….although you’d love the entire one, but not always the case, A lovely family indeed!

  7. An intriguing group and the first is a real treasure to get for free! My take is on the children’s bows, and the cut of the two suit coats. Seems earlier than 1930s, maybe even early 20s.

  8. It’s so sad to see precious family photos at flea markets or antique shops, isn’t it? Thanks for saving these and posting them.

    Yes, Mrs. Fraser certainly is very beautiful. And I too love those shoes she’s wearing!

  9. Oh, old family photos, what a find! The mother is absolutely beautiful and look at her dress. The sleeves are so lacy I am in love! I’m not sure but I would say 1920’s. So sad the father is cut out.


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