Caughell and Grand View Hotel

(UPDATE 2015 – Items have been re united with family that read this blog)

These came out of a large batch of photos. I got these in an online auction. I do not know if they are all related or not.

Ive been sorting through last names on the photos and trying to group the ones with writing on the back together and then comes the detective work.

The album in the batch is very fancy and sits on a stand. And then the stacks of loose photos have all types, my guess from the clothing and pictures, people with more money at the time from the way they are presented. There are 2 last names I have not been able to link up with the people in the album but there is a marriage license and a letter in the envelope. These contain the last names Way and Cage. A Cage married a Way in PA.

So here are some that contain information on them.

John D. Caughell, Grand View Hotel, August 1901. I had to adjust the color some as its very faded. Click the image to view it larger.

Waupaca, Waupaca County, Wisconsin

Each of the people in the photo are numbered over their heads. The photo is fading, but still a great one. Here are the names the best I can make them out on the back to identify each person.

1.Lulu Meith – Pastry Girl

2. Chris Meith – Pastry Cook

3. John D. Caughell – Steward and Chief Clerk

4. Howard Harris – Chef

5. Merlou Wallace – Pan Washer

6. Wm Murray – Watchman

7. Richard Fox – Second Cook

8. Mrs. Fox – Asst Second Cook

E.C Gruer – Mgr.

Colored Service in dining room

When I googled the hotel I found this


Thursday, April 21, 1904

The Grand View Hotel company is a corporation which was recently organized thru the influence of Irving P. Lord, John D. Caughell and Wallace H. Lord, and has purchased the real estate and all personal property and other belongings . The Messrs. Lord and Mr. Caughell, are all well known in this city and community….. it is believed that they can operate the hotel more economically and with greater success than can anybody else.  Mr. Caughell, who has so successfully managed the Grand View Hotel during the past two years, will continue to hold the position of general manager, and as he is a hustler as well as being immensely popular, he will certainly increase the patronage of this popular resort.


Then there are 2 other photos.

One says “November 22, 1935 Otter Rock, Oregon, Beach Home” Other reads “Salem, Oregon. Nove 22, 1931. Maude E. Caughell and dog – Bobbie”

After doing some internet research John Degrove Caughell was born around 1873. He married Maude Eleanor Rowe. There is a photo of Maude Rowe inside the album that is on a cabinet card and says she is 2 yrs and 11 mos old.

Census records said they had a child John Rowe Caughell, who was born April 1, 1904 at the Grandview Hotel.

John died February 18, 1943 in Marion, Oregon

Maude died Jan 4, 1942 in Jackson, Oregon

More pages to come! As I believe I found some names linked together, Stapleton married a Caughill(variations in spelling) so look for an upcoming entry on the Stapletons.



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11 responses to “Caughell and Grand View Hotel

  1. Lynda Menth

    Great shot!! Would the spelling for Lulu and Chris possibly be Menth, rather than Meith? Lots of Menth family in WI. at the time. Keep up the good work…your photos are amazing!! 🙂

  2. That’s quite a staff! I like the sound of a ‘pastry girl’.

  3. I guess I’d qualify as a pan washer.
    Good detective work makes this interesting.

  4. What a fun purchase with lots of surprises. How smart of someone to identify the staff – a nice compliment to them.

  5. Keep up the detective work! I absolutely live it when I find photos with names on them- so exciting. Great post.

  6. Great work! I imagine that it would be very rewarding to reunite a photo with descendants.

  7. A wonderful occupational photo. The addition of names makes it all the more real (and valuable) an historic item.

  8. How cool that I found this!! I live less than a mile away from where the Grandview Hotel once stood – it was on Grandview Road near Waupaca, on Rainbow Lake, which is part of the Chain O’ Lakes. Also, my last name is Rowe – I’ll have to search my family history for Maude.

  9. I’m a local author who published a book on historical sites on the Waupaca Chain O’Lakes, including the Grand View. I did a quick 5-minute restoration on this photo, which I’d be happy to send you. If I could get a better quality (higher rez) scan, I’d do a better restoration. I’d also be very interested in other pix of the old Grand View that may have been in the album you purchased.

  10. Kelly Loughary

    John Degrove Caughell is my great Grandfather! His son John Rowe is my Grandfather! I can not believe I found this site. I own a large photo of the hotel. John Rowe Married Lenta Baumgartner Whos parents were Joel Baumgartner and Ada Stapleton. I would love to hear from you Please relpy.
    By the way the photo of Maude Rowe standing in front of the house at Otter Rock is their summer home on the Oregon Coast. The house is still there.

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