Momus Wedding, Jacobs Photo Shop, Seattle, Wa

These are 8 x 10 photos. Stamped on the bottom right hand corner with “Jacob’s Photo Shop P.I. Bldg Seattle, Wa.

I have not found any info on this photographer other then different photos of his in Washington State Archives

It is a wedding, but in an oriental style building. One picture says the word “Momus” over the doorway.

I have no other info other then these came in the batch of photos from the Stapleton, Baumgartner and Caughell Collection I have.



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18 responses to “Momus Wedding, Jacobs Photo Shop, Seattle, Wa

  1. Could it be some kind of Fraternity house? Momus was a sarcastic Greek God, apparently.

  2. An Oriental building named after a Greek God ! I wonder if it is a cafe for the wedding reception ?

  3. That’s a high society wedding for sure. Seems like it would have a big report in the Seattle newspapers. (Frank A.) Jacobs Photo Shop is first listed in the 1911 through the 1920 Seattle city directory at that address, but is gone in 1921 + 1922 and back at a different address in 1924.

  4. Alan Burnett

    The strange thing is that some of the clothes worn by the women seem to be from an earlier generation than those worn by the men.

  5. Momus was the Greek god of satire so I hardly think the house is named after him. Interesting groups nevertheless.

  6. What great photos — and such a mystery: who? when? where? (we know the “why” — wedding!) It always amazes me that family photos like these eventually get lost…

  7. I wondered who might have heard of Momus, I see Bob did, it was something back in the archives of my mind though I did not retrieve it until I read his comment. Well they are certainly having a grand time…sad that they too are unidentified…

  8. Especially like the second photo. So much to look at and interactions going on.

  9. Fascinating Asian influence in the architecture.

  10. The building and site are quite distinctive — and the wedding group rather large.— how I would love to hear the back story. Photos to ponder upon.

  11. Could Momus be a family name? The owner of the cottage or family of the bride/groom?

  12. Karen S.

    I wonder about that too if perhaps Momus is a family name? I especially enjoy that last photo. These are lovely old photos, what a treasure, and off to Google for the name Momus!

  13. Have you researched when Jacob’s Photo Shop was in business? That might narrow the date range down a little. And the clothing styles.
    Those steps sure are steep.

  14. How tantalising. On the top of a hill, some pine trees, an untamed garden and a slight breeze to catch the bride’s veil and streamers on the bouquet.. In the second photo she seems to have been snubbed by the wedding guests but smiles nevertheless, and someone is watching guard over her from the top of the steps. About 1900?

  15. La Nightingail

    I love old wedding photos like these, therefore I really liked this post!

  16. The sleuths of Sepia Saturday have great comments. Sorry, I don’t know about the photographer, the family, nor the house. I can’t even compare the wedding dress to styles of an era, because brides love to wear everything from mom’s styles or modern styles and keep you guessing.

  17. I was thinking that it could have been the name that the family gave the home…for example Mom and Us joined together. Maybe the kids made the sign?

  18. Intriguing; let us know if you find out more.

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