Dorothy Stackhouse, Bessie T. Benson and William Sacia Farm

Pictures found in a large batch that came with a fancy Gold Upright Album in a Stand. Click on the images for a closer view

Labeled Dorothy Stackhouse Jr. and Junior and her nurse Alberta

Last one has the name Dorothy but dont know if this is the same one, Says Dorothy at seventeen.

These 4 all have the same style writing on the back.

I will transcribe them the best I can.

Top Left Photo  – This is 406 Lake St. I am on my little porch. Have dawn an ? on side of my front door you see here are his front steps. We did mine me and Lewis, we are on a corner, am I not lucky to get a deep lot like this for 15 a month? I think I am”

Bottom Right Photo – This is Uncle William Sacia’s farm, about a mile from grandfathers on same road. I am sorry it doesnt have more of the shade trees. There must be a dozen of the most beautiful trees I ever saw. Uncle William planted them all the house set back 100 ft from street. Its a lovely farm, its where I spent about a summer when 15 yrs old.

Top Right Photo – I look just like a Salvation Army Teacher and Edith says she “Looks as if she had a whiff of something offensive” but its ……? we wanted you to see”.

Bottom Right Photo – This is Grandfathers farm houses, where your father and mother were married about seventy years ago. It is just as grandfather built it. The first house has a log house, after a few years he built a small frame house and before our mother was married, grandfather built his one which in those days was considered a fine home.

So the only clues we have are Uncle William Sacia on the back. I googled the name and did find some similar names, have no idea if they are related but maybe someone doing net searching will come across this blog to see if they link up in anyways, found the following.

Town of Concord, Wisconsin. William Sacia one of the first town officials claimed to be the first pioneer settler in the Town of Concord. His old farmstead is located on Hwy. E adjacent to the Oconomowoc River.


Writing on backside reads

Bessie T. Benson and B.T. giving the crowd the “Once over” Seattle, Wa 1927

Mrs. B.T. Benson. Miss Hensly, ? and Mr Gunther and his car, he comes and takes us for a ride sometimes.

Same crowd with Mrs Bronson on the Right.

There is a Bessie T. Benson listed in the 1930 census in Seattle, Wa. She is listed as a widow, age 63. Born around 1867 in Wisconsin.

New found info possibly linking these two last names together

Betsy’s parents are George Taylor B. England & Eliza Herron .
Eliza’s parents are David Herron & Sarah
In 1850 census of their household is living Sabrina Sacia…b 1776 NY



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5 responses to “Dorothy Stackhouse, Bessie T. Benson and William Sacia Farm

  1. I really admire your blog so have nominated your for an Illuminating Blogger Award.

  2. Intriguing photos and the baby ones are so informal.

  3. The wicker prams are figuring in a lot of posts this week. Alberta looks great fun.

  4. Jenna

    I know exactly who these people are! I am doing research right now on this family – Sarah Ann Sacia was William Wright Sacia’s sister, and my great, great, great grandmother. Bessie T Benson, I believe is Bessie Taylor Benson – a 3rd cousin once removed. Eliza Herron is my 3rd great aunt. Thank you so much for posting – any additional information would be helpful!

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