McCollum Family – Tenn

These were purchased July 2012 in an Antique Shop in Phoenix, Az. This store has oodles of photos and postcards all over the place at reasonable prices. So my guess is many more of the photos went to this same family but I grabbed a couple with the best writing on the back to identify them. Meet the McCollum Family.

Backside reads

Ike McCollum

Nanie McCollum

Left to Right

Edgar, Bertha, Flossie, Anie, Emmie,

In front of Ike on Nanies Lap Aultie

Single Photos

1. Ike says on back “Mrs. Onie Mullins Grandfather”

2. John McCollum brother of Isaac McCollum , photo is out of Texas

Marriage records search turns up

September 16, 1889 Isaac S. McCollum married Nancy “Nannie” McCartney in Gibson County, Tenn

Also have this info from another site

After Mary came Nancy Caroline (Nan) McCartney.  Nan was born on December 7, 1873, in Gibson County, Tennessee.  Isaac C. McCollum began courting Nan and the two purchased a marriage license on September 16, 1889, from the Courthouse at Trenton, Tennessee.  The two were married on September 17, 1889 by J. W. Crowford, Minister of the Gospel.  Nan and Ike’s children were: Bertha Etta McCollum, Edgar Luther McCollum, Onie Bell McCollum, Altie Leona McCollum, Flossie Lillian McCollum, Emmie Irene McCollum, and Lona Mae McCollum.



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8 responses to “McCollum Family – Tenn

  1. You’ve obviously found a goldmine in that shop.Guess you will be going back quite soon. Fine photos.

  2. Karen S.

    I am fascinated with shops that hold such treasures!

  3. They don’t look particularly happy in that first photo, but I suppose it was frowned upon to smile and look happy in formal photographs in those days.

  4. All good but granddad in a chair is wonderfully iconic. The house or shack behind him has board and batten siding, a very old rural technique of using wide lumber that made for a very drafty house in winter.

  5. Abandoned photos always make me a bit sad, so I’m glad people like you buy them up and present us with a bit of their history.

  6. You did great on finding all the info that you did about them. I wonder what they would think, to know that their pictures were sold in a shop and that they then would end up on the internet?

    Kathy M.

  7. Love the old fellow in front of the window. Interesting that he is centered within the window frame, but then not centered in the photo.

  8. Cindy Stribling

    The little girl, Flossie, in the group photo was my grandmother. She grew up to marry Jefferson, J.D., Walker Sr.

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