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Simpson College Students – Indianola, Iowa

I wanted to start this blog out to say that some more photos have been reunited with family. This is the third so far that has gone home to a relative since I started this blog.

Please read here to see the message sent from the relative..

Now onto todays blog and photo.

Visited Sweet Salvage in Downtown Phoenix, Az for their Dec sale. Found 2 old photos there that I came home with.

This one is mounted on a thick piece of backing, glued all around it are various college names. The backside has names written, Im assuming graduation year are the dates next to each person.


So this made it hard as no one city/state is named in all of the little names glued all over, so I began to google the names on the back one by one, chosing those with middle initials as to narrow it down faster if possible. As a result I found the website for SIMPSON COLLEGE in Iowa.

From wikipedia ” founded in 1860 named and based on the beliefs of Methodist Minister Matthew Simpson. Simpson is best know as the minister who spoke the last words at Abraham Lincoln’s grave in Springflied, Illionois. His beliefs are passed onto the students and professors of Simpson.”

On the site is a list of students each year from 1870-1930. You have to love the internet! All of us out in the world inputing our memories, information, photos and all for others to share. So many of the names written down on the backside appear on this website and I had a perfect match.(the ones listed for the years 1908 and 1909 do not match up on the website)

I assumed this might be a Fraternity Photo, You have different year students listed. At the top of the writing on the back it does say “KOY 1904-05” .  After reading more on wikipedia I found this on the KOY Fraternity –

“Kappa Theta Psi (KOY) is the oldest local fraternity west of the Mississippi.It was founded in 1902….After the quest for a national re-charter from SAE failed, KOY existed for many years as only a local fraternity. After the chapter was nationally chartered in 1969 as an Upsilon Delta chapter and subsequently was shut down by nationals and by Simpson college, KOY returned to campus in 1979….”

The following names are listed on the back of the photo.

Bruce Bartholomew 05

Roy Worth 06

John Horsley 08

Earl M. Hale 07

Earnest A. Rea 05

Leonard McMahan 05

Duane D. Sawson 09

Worth McClure 07

Fred Melick 07

Roy L. Robbins 09

Whitford H. Shelton 05

Paul A. White 07

Harvey H. Lisle 07

Tom Rogers 08

Ray Truscott 05

Milo Latimer 08

Another note about this college.

George Washington Carver was a former student 🙂

“During 1890 to 1891, Simpson College, located in Indianola, Iowa was endowed by Matt Simpson, a friend of Abraham Lincoln and an advocate of equal rights for all men. Carver, therefore, was accepted and allowed to attend Simpson College where he completed one year. Carver was one of the first African American students to attend Simpson College.”


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