Staley – Indiana

I believe I found these Cabinet Cards in a Phoenix, Az antique shop

1. Great Grandmother Staley in Terra Haute, Indiana

2. Grandfather Staley’s brother Manuel and his wife (no state listed)

3. Grandmother Staley in  Vicennes, Indiana

4. Jessie and Ethel Staley – Terra Haute, Indiana (these are small children)

On the back of one photo it looks addressed to send to

(hard to read what first letters say) Dr. S B Staley, Bricknell, Indiana  (hard to read what first letters say)
When searching the net there is a Free Ebook that contains the Staley family, seems to be the right area and there is a mention of Mr. Staley and one of his son’s being named Manuel. You can read the full story here…



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13 responses to “Staley – Indiana

  1. I especially like the one of the man and the woman. I can hear a whole dialogue taking place. “So, beautiful. Come here often?”

    The post between them if very funny.

  2. I have a Cabinet Card almost exactly the same as your No 3 : similar looking woman, similar dress, similar hairstyle – different continent.

  3. That’s a beautiful picture of the two children.

  4. zimnoch

    I Love Manuel’s Casual Stance…..!

  5. Karen S.

    Great photos, I wonder if the couple just got married- and what ever are they thinking?

  6. Very attractive photos, especially the little girls. A fun challenge for detective work too.

  7. There’s enough information there for someone to identify the family. Imagine, throwing out (selling) such lovely photos.

  8. The lady in the first photo looks just plain wore out. And yes I agree, the couple in the second photo are a scream. She looks like she’s heard it all before.

  9. gluepot

    How about “SB” Staley being “LB” for the Lewellen Byron Staley mentioned in that eBook. You’ll find Manuel Staley senior on Find-a-Grave here, and on the same page a link to his wife Caroline Norton Staley who must be, I think, the “Great Grandmother Staley” in your first photograph.

    I was interested, because the surname is a well known one from South Derbyshire, having many links to my own family, and I know that one branch emigrated to the potteries of Ohio in the mid-19th century, but it turns out this Staley family is from Germany originally.

  10. The family seems to be well-documented, which makes the pictures more meaningful.

  11. If the family photos couldn’t stay with the family, then I’m glad the photos managed to stay together.

  12. I had some ancestors settle – at least for a time- in Vincennes, Indiana. Maybe they were acquainted with the Staleys.

  13. My favourite the lovely photograph of the two little girls – they look so serious.

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