Lewis, Meadows, Mercer, Waltz Album Pages

Found these Photos a few mos ago with my sister while shopping off Holt Blvd. in Montclair in California.

They were pages from what was once an album and were loose in a basket.

One has a newspaper clipping glued to the top that reads “Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Meadows of Lawton, Oklahoma are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Lewis. They are on their way to California. Mr. Meadows and Mrs. Lewis are brother and sister.”


The photos below the caption say lightly in pencil “Mary Galett” on the female and “Burtie Waltz” on the toddler.

From googling and census records, It could possibly be referring to a Mayhugh M. Meadows.  I have minimal clues to work with, but always like to drop some names out there for those doing research who may come to my blog in search of info on loved ones and see if the dots connect. Mayhugh Mason Meadows is listed in the death index born July 8, 1866 in Ok and Died on Sept 26, 1954 in San Bernardino, Ca (which is the area where these photos were found) Mayhugh was married to a Nellie M. Meadows.

Other photos have the names Ruby Mercer and Shirley Lewis


I also grabbed 2 tin types out of the basket. I love the one of the little girl, the patina and age on it give it such character.


I have no idea if these went with these photos, but you never know since they came in the same basket from the same shop. It makes me sad when photo albums are pulled apart and pictures dropped into baskets. Most forever losing the context they belonged in. I always repeat myself on this. SELL ALBUMS INTACT, pleasssseeee! This is someones family history and there are relatives who would love to get their hands on these items, generations apart still would love to see where they came from, and leaving these albums together is the best way to preserve history. And Ebay is always a great place to sell an intact album. List the names you find, location, etc on all the photos in the listing and title, genealogists are always searching auction sites.

Okay off my soap box.

The last photo says “Averil and Husband”, I particularly love pictures of old houses, looks like a Craftsman Style porch. I love finding homes with addresses on the photo and matching them to current day homes and comparing how they look. Now with Google maps you can often see a photo of a home anywhere in the US an virtual drive through the streets.

Here is Averil and her hubby.


Until next time!


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17 responses to “Lewis, Meadows, Mercer, Waltz Album Pages

  1. i very much like tintype photos — seems like a special kind of richness added to the photo. BTW , the young girl reminded me of a photo that I have of my grandmother at about that age — a bit of a pouty look.

  2. It’s good advice about selling albums intact. Even when they are intact and of families we don’t know, it is sometimes so difficult to match faces – I long for a really reliable facial recognition programme

  3. gluepot

    Good luck with finding a family for Mr Meadows. I like that rusting tintype too.

  4. Well pooh — I didn’t mean to leave my reply as a response to Gluepot.

  5. Good advice about the albums but thank goodness you’ve rescued the individuals and shared them with us here. God bless Averil and her hubby!

  6. Love your work. Good luck.

    Hope that we hear about any future successes.

  7. Karen S.

    I just adore that last little girl, what an expression she has. It would be interesting to follow her life.

  8. Reading all these posts makes me want to go out and find second hand shops with photo albums and postcards…but really I have more than enough of my own….it’s addictive stuff this…

  9. I’ve seen many photos I would love to have but the full album cost has been prohibitive. I wouldn’t have wanted to split them either. You have found a series of likeable photos in that box.

  10. That little girl doesn’t look like a happy camper. She looks like she would be a terror to deal with. She would rule with an iron fist.

  11. The little girl has a weird look of maturity that makes her look almost like an adult of dwarf stature.

    This week I made a gift for my parent’s 62nd wedding anniversary by scanning some old photo albums that came from their parents, my grandparents. I added the various names and dates that had been written down and enlarged and improved the images. Hidden behind one photo mount was a small torn photo the size of a postage stamp. We believe it is a rare image of one of my great great grandfathers, circa 1870 !

    So yeah, old photo albums and family groups should stay together. You never know what you might find.

    • Mrs Marvel

      We have a similar photo in our family – there is only one known photo of Aunt Emma, my GGma’s sister who was a hellion at the time when it wasn’t acceptable. No one knows what ever happened to her either. She drove an ambulance in France during WW1 and that’s about all we know. What a treat for you to have found your relative’s hidden image!

  12. Well done you for rescuing these great photos etc.

  13. Mrs Marvel

    A perfect illustration of your “soapbox speech” happened to me a couple years ago. I had blogged an entire photo album when a family member was found. As we spoke on the phone, she came to realize that a cousin had gone through the belongings of an elderly aunt and taken the album. We touched base again after I returned the album to her, and came to find out many items had been stolen and sold, forever lost to the family. Sometimes people are jerks to their own family. But, if that album had been broken apart, the family might never have been found.

  14. Those orphan photos always bother me, too. If I find singles that have names and dates, I usually try to locate relatives (through Ancestry, mostly), contact them, and send the photos back “home” for free…costs me a couple of dollars, but the reward of reuniting photos with family is enormous!

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