Photo Album – Frank Simmons, Everett Moffitt, Follett and Glutter

This is the most expensive Photo Album I have purchased, found it in Ventura, Ca. It is also in the best condition of any album I do have.

Cabinet Card Photo says “Frank Simmons” on the back.

This one says “Benny and I at the Operetta”

Cabinet Card Photo of Woman says “Everett Moffit” on the back. Photographer Gayford, Rock Island (Illinois)

Cabinet Card “Deblanau Glutter” Ada, Ohio, Child in Sled. Photographer “Gilbert’s Art Studio” on North Main St, M.V. Gilbert Proprietor and A.W. Glutter, Manager and Operator, Est in 1865.

Found info on Internet of the M.V. Gilbert Proprietor

“M. V. GILBERT, photo artist. Ada, was born January 6, 1844, in Mahoning County, Ohio. His grandparents, Samuel and Nancy (Fowler) Gilbert, on his father’s side, were natives of New Jersey; those on his mother’s side, Peter and Elizabeth (Glass) were natives of Maryland. They lived to an advanced age, and his great-grandfather lived to be one hundred and seven years old. Moved with his parents, in 1850, and settled in Allen County, two miles south of Maysville, and afterward moved into Maysville. His education was very incomplete, as he attended school only two months in the winter, and had in a about one year of schooling. But after his marriage, he took lessons in reading, writing. and some lessons in music, and soon became more proficient. He has acquired quite a taste for literature and is now subscriber to the Encyclopedia Britannica. In 1861, Mr. Gilbert enlisted in the Fifty-fourth Ohio Volunteers (Second Regiment of the Zouaves), at Camp Dennison. He was in the Corinth campaign, and then proceeded to Memphis, and finally reached Chattanooga. He was in the whole campaign of Atlanta, and was discharged in 1864, after a service of three years and twenty days. On his return home, he learned photography, at Lima, of his cousin, Thomas Dalzell, and set up a gallery in Ada in 1865. On April 25, 1860, Mr. Gilbert was united in marriage with Mary Elizabeth Groty. They have eight children, four of whom are living, two boys and two girls. Mr. Gilbert owns the residence on Main street, where he lives, and also the two photograph galleries.”


Photo of 2 kids, Benny and I at the Operetta, Cleveland, Ohio

Other photos in

Rock Island, Quincy, Illinois

Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Clinton, What Cheer

Seattle, Wash Territory

Cornelia F. Follett, 2-19-1865, Providence, R.I. CDV Photo, Woman

Edith Clifton Follett, 2-19-1965 CDV photo, child

Cornelia (born 1833) is the daughter of Leander M. Ware born in 1803 in Mass and Frances C. Ware born and died 3-30-1883, in 1880 Census he is living in Providence, R.I. with Cornelia and her daughter Edit Clifton Follett, born 1861 (last name can also be spelled Follette)

Photo of store, “E.M. Johnson & Son Boots and Shoes” “J. Hanson Dry Goods and Gents Furnishings” address 7000

Found on the net

C. Authur — son of R. and E. M. Johnson, died 2 Oct. 1892 aged 1 yr. 1 mo. 28 ds.

Ord, Nebraska

Kansas City, Mo

W Lodzi, Nowy Rynek No. 6



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8 responses to “Photo Album – Frank Simmons, Everett Moffitt, Follett and Glutter

  1. Mr. Simmons has a most impressive mustache! The two young women wear quite beautiful dresses. Wouldn’t it be nice If we could see the colors. Are there any dates in the album?

  2. There are old albums at the local flea market each week, but the prices they want for them are astronomic. I just browse through them and the CDV and CVs they contain. Mr Simmons reminds me of one or two.

  3. What a beautiful collection of cabinet cards. They are always so fun to look at. My great-grandmother had such an album, and her photos always slide out as the openings have come loose over the years.

  4. Karen S.

    Yes, it seems old albums for sale usually are at high prices. These are most lovely photos indeed. Funny how even in the few family albums that I have, many of the photos are missing information, or dates.

  5. Lorraine

    Wow. I’m so jealous.

  6. Those cabinet cards are so lovely; I can see why you splashed out on the album.

  7. aubrey

    Am I reading this incorrectly – are these photos dated 1865? The dresses look a little later.

    And Ventura – did you get this at the flea market (love it there!)? Ventura used to have quite a few good vintage shops but several of the good ones – Nicolby’s, in particular – have closed.

    • Hi Aubrey, I have noted the years of birth or dates of establishments of photography studios named on photos. I dont have the actual year they were taken though.

      I havent been the Ventura Flea Market, just the main street is where I go. Its a big antique mall/collectibles store thats still there, last time I was in I was talking to a gal who sold at another shop down there forever she said but it closed. As did a lot of the shops. There are still 2 down their I frequent and have bought photos from. I also hit up all the thrift shops. Bought some great furniture last time I was there! Ill be that way again in May, cant wait!

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