1930’s Actor and Actress Photos

I was out antique store shopping today and came across this stack of large photos. They are fabulous and measure around 11 x 14 each.

They seem to be 1930s actor photos. Some have writing on them and some are signed. The person who these all went to appears to be Kendall Northrop. As they are signed to Kendall, but his full name is written on the back of one photo, woohoo! That makes it easier on me. And I did find a Kendall Northrop listed on Playbill, IMDB websites, hes listed as a male performer from around 1927-1931.

This photo is cute with the man and woman and her silly comedic arm/hand pose. It is signed by both actors and reads

“For Kendall, For my sentiments see paragraph two. From Billy Bradford” (excuse the clarity of my photos as my Scanner is out of reach at the moment so Im having to take pictures on my cell phone)



I can find Billy right here on the internet for some plays he was in from 1927-1929 and “Billie” is listed



“To Ken, Knowing you has helped to make the run of “Billie” a happy memory. Best wishes from Phoebe Wallace”

This is all I have turned up so far for Phoebe, its on the playbill website and shows two plays she was in from 1928 to 1932….



This is another great one with the woman and dog that reads “Heaps of Success to Kendall from Brenda and Bebo” ? I cant make out the photographers name but it does say NY.



There are more photos to go through but not enough time so I will post these ones for now and add more as I get to them.




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6 responses to “1930’s Actor and Actress Photos

  1. Karen S.

    What a lovely find! Nice of you to share with us.

  2. They look beautiful photos – it will be nice to see them when they’re scanned properly too!

  3. The first photo does look like an actor’s promotional photo. Thanks for the link to the Playbillvault.com.That’s a new site for me that looks very useful for tracking down showbiz names. I could not find Kendall on Newspaper.com, my favorite archive, but Phoebe’s name was listed for some other shows in the 1930s. Seems she was a dancer too.

  4. jofeath

    That first photo made me think of Bonnie and Clyde, the famous criminal duo.

  5. I’m always interested in photos of actors and showpeople. I have a couple with autographs, though I didn’t collect them.That’s certainly a strange pose Phoebe is striking, it looks quite awkward.

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