Alphonse Reandeau and Jackson Children

Photo of Alphonse Reandeau and wife Julia Bertrand.


Parents to Eva Grace Reandeau
Alphonse Reandeau
Born in Jefferson Union South Dakota Aug 25 1872
He died in Washington , Sept 17, 1959
He married Julia Elizabeth Bertrand
She was born 1870 in Jeferson Union SD
Died Mar 1931 in SD
They were married 1889 in Oklahoma

Alphonse’s father was Lezeimer Reandeau and his mother was Mary Petroy

Frank Elroy and Marinda Alma (Sheldon) Jackson

Corda E Jackson Townsley (1895 – 1976)
Vera Lavon Jackson Blunt (1900 – 1995)
Carrol Elroy Jackson (1901 – 1973)

More photos in this batch contain the family names Johndrow, Johndrow, Bedford, Sadie Foster and John Poole, Edmond and Edgar Chausse, Emma, Ben and Bob Remillard.


Photo of the little boy with a violin on the back reads “Lois Gray, his mother was Florence Johndrow and she was the daughter of Isrel Johndrow. She divorces Gray and her aunt and uncle Mose Bedfords adopted him when he was a small child. He died when he was about 21 yrs old. So he was Lois Bedford when he died”

Some of the notes on the photos says “from the estate of Lillie Mildred Jackson Johndrow” and  one says “Identified by M. Virginia Welty”



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13 responses to “Alphonse Reandeau and Jackson Children

  1. The children are charming.

  2. Even though one isn’t related to the people in the photos, the photos are much more interesting when there are some names attached.

  3. We have many families here named “Riendeau,” a French surname — I wonder if it’s pronounced the same? Love the violin boy!

  4. Someone wrote notes like my grandmother on the back of photos!

  5. Thanks for sharing these old family photos.

  6. Interesting photos. However the boy does not have a real violin, the shape is too crude and the bow too short, so it is a photographer’s studio prop. The pose is not typical of child violinists, but more like an imitation of fiddler from a country band. The message on the back must be one of the more complicated notes on family history.

  7. jofeath

    The baby looks to be sitting on someone who is hidden under the drape, but where could their head be?

  8. That middle photo of the children is wonderful – there expressions seem almost modern although quite clearly they were not.

  9. La Nightingail

    The children in the second photo are really cute. Looks like the older one is holding carefully to the baby, but someone else might be kneeling down behind the baby to keep a better hold?

  10. Amazing how similar round headed blond babies are. I have photos that resemble that baby and I’m sure are no way related. Perhaps other types of babies also resemble each other.

  11. C Reandeau

    I am a descendent of Alphonse & Julia. I would like to buy that photo from you to add to my family keepings. Please contact me.

    • Hi Clarice, when I dig this out of my photo collection Ill let you know the cost, I try to keep info of what I paid for each item with them, I’m traveling a lot this summer so if you don’t hear back from me within in a month just send me a reminder. thanks!

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