Antique Framed Thrift Store Portrait

While browsing a local thrift shop here in Phoenix, Az I came across this photo in the picture and frames section. Not your typical mixed in with more modern wall hangings. I of course new it was an old photo and an old frame. I always pick things like this up and flip them over. This one had writing along the back of the frame in ink marker. Which said the following “Give to Mabel Jaquez, From Mrs Damon Quintana. If living, otherwise Mitzi Harmina, LVQ”



So this of course intrigued me as someone took the time to note who this item should go to. And I wonder if it did?  Then maybe it did and the next person had it and they passed away?

As I was at the cash register buying it the ladies up front commented how it was old. I told them about the writing and they were excited and reading it and told me to please let them know if I end up finding anyone as a result of this photo.

Now the notes on the back do not name who is in the photo, but name the family who had it. So if my research is correct. It said from ” Mrs. Damon Quintana” . Damon and Viola Quintana turn up in the 1940 Census. They also have a child name Mitzi(another name on the photo). I then researched Damon in past census, and found he had a sister named Mabel(another name on the photo) so I believe these are the other names listed. So My guess is this photo may have been the parents or grandparents of Damon or Viola? Viola was born around 1908 in Colorado. They lived in Phoenix, Az it appears till their death which would explain it turning up in the shop here.


Info from the internet

Mary Mabel Jaquez born in Colorado and died in 1996 in San Bernardino, Ca




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