Hilda Baker Scrapbook – Mississippi

Found this item in Phoenix, Az at Sweet Salvage in 2014

Scrapbook from the 1930s belonging to Hilda Baker of D’ Lo Mississippi. Her parents were John and Eulah Baker. Hilda was born around 1920. She appeared to put most of the items in this book during 1934 to 1936. It appears her mother, Mary Eulah (Jones) Baker died in 1935 due to complications from surgery.


She resided in D’Lo, Simpson, Mississippi.

Has so many cute little mementos attached inside. Some are missing but many are still intact. Small items attached to a memory with details of many of the memories.

Click on the images to enlarge


Page with cards in their original envelopes attached to open and pull them out. Says “Remember my birthday Feb 29, 1936. I had a surprise party and got about 31 presents in all. $8.35 in money.”


Items inside such as…

Wood Ice Cream Spoon – Helen and I ate some ice cream on the front porch Aug 12, 1934

Cotton – Helen and I hid from somebody in the cotton patch, Guess who?


Piece of thin rope – Remember the ride on the wagon with Helen

Tassle from Daddys Fez

Dentyne, Fairfield and Wrigley’s Gum Wrappers

Christmas Cards

Party Invitations

Lock of Hair – belonging to her little brother Charles Keith Baker when he was 7

Report Cards

Movie star pictures, drawings, letters, etc

I know as a teenager I started a similar scrapbook, not as detailed. But same idea. Im sure she treasured this book and its memories, and it appears Helen was a part of so many of her adventures. I wonder if they remained friends for life?


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6 responses to “Hilda Baker Scrapbook – Mississippi

  1. An interesting peek into a teenagers life in the 1930s. I didn’t have a scrapbook like that, but I have a memory box that is a large cookie tin.

  2. La Nightingail

    I don’t have a scrapbook either, but do have an old cigar box filled with trinkets of this and that from days long gone by – including ‘dog tags’ I had to wear on a chain around my neck in the early ’50s during the Cold War/Atomic Bomb/”Duck & Cover” scare; various Dance Cards from high school proms; ribbons won for different things; the tassel from my high school graduation cap; a pair of castanets none of us ‘Gaucho’ pom-pom girls ever learned how to play; the script from the first play I was ever in; & so much more. I haven’t looked in there in quite a while. I think I’d better take a peek soon! 🙂

  3. Oh WOW! How wonderful and insightful. I would be extremely glad to have this if Hilda was my ancestor!

  4. Little Nell

    The wonderful 3D scrap world of Hilda Baker. Those things we normally throw away have become tangible memory joggers.

  5. It is always fun to look at an old scrapbook even if I don’t know the person who created it. I know in times past that girls of that age (12-14-16) often created scrapbooks but I don’t think many of them survived. Thanks for sharing this one.

  6. Alan Burnett

    That is a wonderful find, I am sure you will have many happy hours exploring it. When I first saw the title I was reminded of a certain Hilda Baker who was a famous comedienne in Britain in the 1950s and 60s – but worry not, it is not the same person.

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