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Vintage and Antique Photo Albums with Photographs inside.

Ed and Alden Lake Trip 1920s-30s – Sepia Sat Post

This weeks Sepia Saturday post inspired from

Finding old photos becomes addicting.
I have been back and forth from California to Arizona often,  around Phoenix are oodles of antique shops, vintage stores, thrifts, you name it.
I ventured a little farther using one of those antique store brochures showing numerous stores and maps and ended up at another store, when I first started to browse I thought “Ugh, wrong store” it was very nice, more upscale, really expensive antiques. I wanted to turn around and leave, but I wandered my way around. Came across a few old framed photos that were in the hundreds to purchase, No thanks.

I got to the end of the third row and found a booth with lots of books, paper items, I walked in and off to the side was a box full of photos! It was wedged in a spot hard to get to and no room to really lay them out or look thru them, nowhere to sit so I went one by one stacking them on the books in piles. I made an awful mess too! I dont think these had been looked through in sometime and old photos have crumbling edges or cardboard sleeves and little pieces falling off, leaving a pile around me. After I went through one basket for sometime, I crouched down to find some larger photos, oh no! Sighhh, I love this stuff, I want it all, but the pocket book will not allow. I am heartbroken by so many dispersed lost family photos, and this stack had photos 5×7, 8×10 and larger ones.
Then after I finished that stack, I saw another basket up high, that was it, i went up front to ask if someone could get it down, and also if there was a place I could sit and look through them. They allowed me to use a leather chair in the booth across the way and I just made piles on a trunk next to me.

After that I saw the locked cases, and in it were albums! I loveeeeee LOVEEE Loveeee photo albums complete with the photos still intact. I was so excited, the man brought three over to me, 2 of them were full of postcards(Im sure that excites all the postcard collectors here) but I wanted photos so I put those 2 back in the case, and found a wonderful album I had to have. If I left with only one item this would have been it. I have never seen so many old photos in one booth before in any antique store I have visited, this is the vendors specialty it seems. I could have stayed forever. I picked out photos as usual with info on the backs so I could do detective work, and then whittled my pile down gradually as it was too expensive to get all of them.

So today’s Sepia Saturday post is from the album I found in Phoenix, Az. When I looked at the theme for the week, I immediately knew what I was going to use! A storefront!
As this was in the album I just brought home. This is one of those leather covered, string bound with holes through the center and black paper with pretty white ink captions written on the pages. It seems to be “Ed and Alden’s Trip 1931”

At first the album was full of first names but no last names on the photos of these 2, Until I found a page with “Ma and Pa Lake” in some photos, so I did a search on “Alden Lake” and bingo! I matched up 3 other names of the siblings to others in the photos and Im quite sure a perfect match as to who they all were.

I tried to find a good shot of the two fellows together but most are separate, so as i browsed some more there are some earlier pics of them and some of them 7 plus years older. Please meet “Alden and Ed August 1925 Dirty Friends”

From all that I can gather, Alden and Ed were brothers or Ed is a friend, but Alden did have a brother named Edmund.

From Family Search 1920 Census Records I have found them living in Providence,  Rhode Island

Llewellyn R. Lake – Pa

Harriet E. Lake – Ma

Richard B. Lake – Son

Alden R. Lake – Son

Edmund M. Lake – Son

Milton H. Lake – Son

Photo of Alden, Ma Lake, and Aunt (cant make out other word?) 1932. Love the way this one is posed

This  next photo has the caption “Ed in Montreal 1931”   

I wish I could fully see the sign! But all I can make out is the words SODA, Orangeade? , Shops, maybe someone will recognize what this was and can chime in. Perhaps some Canadians can assist this go around as some of the photos in the album are in Canada along with the USA.

Next photo says “ALDEN in Montreal 1931” and I can make out “THE THREE MUSKETEERS TAVERNE” , Dawes Lachine” and “Broadway Billard Room” on the glass also.  From internet research I can find some info on Dawes Brewery in Montreal but my guess this is probably a location that served their brew? Not the actual spot, since I have found pics online of the actual Brewery. ” The “Dawes”, Lachine’s first industry, was founded in 1811 by Thomas A. Dawes.”

This photo says “Val’s Boston Store 1927-28”  it is “The Great Atlantic & Pacific” also know as the “A&P” which my Mom spotted right away as she remembers these stores, but said they just called them the A&P. Val is family or friend as I see his name on other photos in the album.

And to close, some fun photos of Ed…

Ed in his room 1932

Love this one below, with the camera man in the mirror and Ed laying on his dresser, had a little fun and it appears these fellows had a little flair for the dramatic, some of the photos appear to be from plays or acting. Hope you have enjoyed just a tiny peek into this album!



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Love and Romance Sepia Style – Sepia Saturday

This weeks Sepia Sat theme is Love and Romance as seen on
We are going to visit “The Colonel” who can be found on some other posts, the beach theme is another featuring pictures from his albums.
Im still pretty new to buying old photos, but have my hands on quite a few Albums, I love finding photo albums with pictures still in them. And many appear to be of military men. I also have 2 albums now that have some level of secrecy it appears to them. And it makes me wonder if this was common in the past, for people to have a past they hid in photo albums, whether it was an affair, or if these are just documenting their life before they settled down and were married.
Women are typically more sentimental to save momentos and journal things in an album, not to say a man wouldnt, but I wonder who put these albums together and then I wonder who kept them all these years? Was it a woman or the man?
Well when it comes to the Colonel, they were with the man and this was told to me along with my purchase.

Welcome to a little Romance with the Colonel……

Says “Miss Miriam Hutchins” on the side and Camp Dick, Dallas, Texas, Dated June 29, 1918

Im not sure what branch of military by his uniform so maybe a reader can chime in. So my guess is this is a pile of Hay or something of that nature because they had fun posing with it as you will see. Miriam looks VERY young from the photos in this album and there are many of her. A cute and pretty little thing. I wonder what every happened between the Colonel and her, well because this album seems to showcase other women the Colonel was with, but Miriam does reappear several times.

Here we have the Colonel again but who is this? Its not dainty little Miriam with her curls. Hmmm appears the Colonel likes to take the ladies to the same spot? The side of the Haystack photo reads “Quit your kidding!” and the second photo his hat is on the ground and he is holding a puppy, rabbit? a small animal of some sort?

Now who do we have here? I do not think this photo is Miriam or the other girl, but maybe one of the girls you can see in the Beach theme post I did a few weeks back. This page in the album is a bunch of small photos that are torn along the edges but still placed in the album. A bunch of tiny torn scraps but this one is the most complete of the bunch.

Was the Colonel a Lady Killer back in the early 1900’s? What I do know is I have all his life possibly premarriage or out fooling around, and then it skips to an album of him as a family man. With the wife and child being the showcase of the last album. And the wife is none of the ladies in these photos.

The albums reak heavily of cigarette smoke, but are in wonderful condition and were kept in a safe place and protected well.

I did do some searching sometime ago for a Miriam Hutchins since her full name is contained in the album and the location of Dallas, Tx in the one photo in the early 1900’s.  I used the Family Search website to obtain census info, there was a Miriam Hutchins in Travis, Texas in 1910 and 1920. She was born around 1903, so if I do the math from the photo if its her, that would make her 15 yrs old in the pictures which looks about right. Her parents were James and Annie Hutchins and she had a younger sister named Anna Belle.

I must close with this photo, a little snippet into my family.

July 1956, Iowa, My Mother and Father. Mom had her dark hair and cat eye glasses, holding a puppy. And Dad, a much slimmer version of the Dad I have always know with his arms around her and laying a kiss on her cheek.

My how times change.

I have never seen my parents like this other then in a photo.

That part of their life when smiles and kisses were on their faces with the thought of one another is long gone.

But its still amazing to see such a photo, it tells a story from long ago. A story I know bits and pieces of.

Photographs often show happy times, or everyone plastering on a fake front for the camera, but often times the stories behind them arent always Rosey.


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Glenn Ranch – Lytle Creek, Ca, Camp Weber and a Scrap

Sepia Sat Post – Off topic this week, but always old photos and clues behind them are to be found here!

Found these photos in Temecula, Ca. They all were found in same spot and were sold by one person so they may have been from the same collection.

I love this one, it says “Frosty and Bill after a scrap” on the back. Does scrap mean food or a fight? Frosty has quite the big hat on and she looks like a tough woman with some attitude, with her arm draped behind the chair, her hand looks perfect to hold a shot glass but it looks empty? Bill looks like he just lets Frosty do her thing and looks away, probably rolling his eyes. I have no idea what the thing next to them on the table is.

Next we have a really neat long shot. It says “Camp Weber” on the sign nailed to the tree.


I found this info on the net when I googled “Camp Weber”…….. “This trail provided another connection with the Cattle Canyon Trail and was used by people who liked to hike and stay over night at a number of camps, such as “Follows” and “Webers”, which offered food and accommodations. These camps were located in the upper reaches of the east fork of the San Gabriel Canyon.”
This photo is unmarked but it looks like these 2 ladies are willing to work and get dirty.

Last photo is a great group shot and a larger photo. Says stamped on back “ This view was taken at the beautiful mountain resort Glenn Ranch, Lytle Creek Canyon by Halladay and Pierce”. My big sis has stayed at Lytle Creek camp grounds so I knew this was in California. In handwriting it says “Anna Getz, July 14, 1908. The Christian Endeavor People a Merry Bunch of Fourteen”

You can click the images for closer view, I like how it says a “merry” bunch yet they are all so serious faced. I think the most MERRY looking of the group is Lady #1 seated on the right, she shows a tad of a smile on her face.

First clue to this photo is “Christian Endeavor People” when I google this there is some mention that it could be some of the foundation of the AA Alcoholics Anonymous Movement.

I looked up Glenn Ranch and found this info

Yeah a little family jealousy and murder makes for a great resort eh?
“A Traveler’s Paradise – On the right side of the road is Mountain Lakes, a present day resort. This membership only RV Park has a set of trout ponds, swimming pools and arcades. Mountain Lakes Resort has a long history in Lytle Creek with vacationers traveling to the ranch for over 150 years. Silas Glenn was the original owner. In 1865, his family planted orchards of apples, raised livestock and entertained traveling families with dances, camping and fishing. Many railroad travelers would make the stop at the Keenwood Station and take a horse and buggy over to the early day resort as a reprieve from their travels.

Silas Glenn turned over his ranch in the Cajon Pass area to his son-in-law, James Applewhite instead of his own sons, and the Glenn brothers were worried that he would also deed the resort to Applewhite. One night the two sons called Applewhite out over the matter, but Applewhite had the upper hand. Both sons were shot and killed. Forty years later, the bullet holes could still be seen in the front door. ”

In 1903, J.R. Lane, who had taken over the management of the Glenn Ranch when Applewhite died two years earlier, requested an easier road be built. By July of that year, the “new” Applewhite Road was built.

Over the next decade or so, the Applewhite Road saw frequent use as families from as far away as Los Angeles, hoping to escape from the intense summer heat, came to stay at the mountain retreat for two weeks and sometimes for a month at a time. Vacationers often arrived with their suitcases and trunks, hammocks to hang underneath the shady trees and fishing gear.

By the 1920s, however, the old stage route fell into disuse as the vastly improved Lytle Creek Road transported rail passengers from Rialto up to the ever-popular Glenn Ranch. Today, Applewhite Road is a seldom-used Forest Service road.”



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Osias Koppman Family Photo – Russia, Austria and New York

This photo was also found in Arizona. Measures around 7 x 9″. A section broke off on the way home, the paper is brittle but it had wonderful notes of the people on it.

On the back it reads Charles, Osias Koppman, Becky, Ethel Koppman, Isadore (moving R to Left)

Jacob(Jack), Pesach at age 3 died at age of 4

From genealogy site research on Family search Osias the father has naturalization papers that he arrived in 1891 to the US, they were in New York. Some records say the parents are born in Russia or Austria, the kids are born in Austria. Osias was born in 1858 and his occupation is listed as “Bartender”
Can you see Osias behind the bar? Think he had quite the personality to go with? Hes listed as Ozias in one other record.

His wife Etta or is listed as Ethel.

It would seem this photo was taken before they came to the US since Pesach died and hes not listed in US census records. Jacob is listed in the 1910 census but he is 19 yrs old then. He is the boy at the bottom right and he looks to be young, perhaps 6 or 7? So my guess is this is this was taken in the late 1890’s?

They would later give birth to David 1904 who was born in  NY and this was taken before that.

I wonder what happend to little Pesach? And where the little guy was buried as he is probably somewhere in Austria.

Ive also seen a few records that the families last name could have been listed as Koffman.




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Coast Guard and General Cable – Sepia Saturday

I looked all over what I had for this weeks theme on Sepia Saturday, could not really find any women at work, factories, just a few pics of a plane or a man in a pilots uniform. So I just pulled out a few pics with Large equipment or machinery to follow the theme photo of the week.

These photos came out of a great batch I got from an Auction, I have been working on an entry to showcase everything (2 albums and a stack of photos!) but its a work in progress. So here you will get a little glimpse into “Ernie’s” albums.

Ernie was in the Coast Guard, so I am not sure if these are all Coast Guard pics, some of them show General Cable Company also or if the two worked together?

The album shows what looks like them going places to install power poles, the wood posts that run your electrical lines.
So Enjoy the fellas on the Power Pole!

The General Cable Company Vehicle

The fellas on the shoreline… looks like they are grating? Im not sure?

And this guy….what are those things?

Great shot of the guys  after what looks like a long day in the sun hard at work

Ive acquired many new photos so please check back here often and visit the other entries, my main emphasis is finding photos with identifying info on them and trying to see who they were and where they came from using genealogy research and internet detective work.


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Day at the Beach with the Colonel – Sepia Saturday

When I check the Sepia Sat post Im always hoping for a theme I can match and do something that relates well. Im fairly new to collecting old photos. Ive always saved my own and family mementos, but nothing else really. My actual new hobby/love of old photos of people I never knew is recent, about a year old.

I found this photo album for sale on a lesser known site, and ended up purchasing it, LOVED IT!

Wrote the seller who had another up for sale and asked if they were related, he said they were and he has one more he was not going to list. Well this tore my heart out. I hate when collections get split up, scattered, photos taken out and put up for individual sale. The story of the past is ripped apart.  Well after some back and forth emails he offered me everything, even some cabinet cards that were related.

What made it even more intriguing was when I asked where these came from? Were they his? He said No, but they belonged to his neighbor, who gave them to him and said to keep them and sell them for lots of money when he died, and that he DID NOT want them going to his kids.

I found that odd, but as I said intriguing. There were no names listed where these were for sale to identify who they once belonged to.

Well when I got them, the name was inserted in the front and I know who this gentleman of these albums was, these are his younger years. I wonder are they pre married life as I have a couple albums that are similar. Their good times albums and women or a love interest of  their youth that perhaps didnt pan out? Maybe his wife or kids never knew and these were hidden away?

Ive not been too sure what I want to do with these yet so they will still remain anonymous, but this is the first preview of photos from the many albums I have. I peeked through the albums tonight hoping to find something to follow the ocean, beach theme, and this fella had exactly what I needed. Thank you Colonel (he was identified in one album as Colonel, so we will call him that). The albums are labeled as Michigan, so these could be on the beach there.

Im still not too good at dating photos so comments are welcome to help out.

This first photo is a young woman/girl in her swimming attire, amazed at how much clothing one wore to the beach back then! I Love the stockings!

Next we have a  gentleman in a suit and hat with a wonderful striped umbrella. Makes you wonder what colors it was, how much different these photos would look in color.

It appears he plunked the umbrella down and the Colonel and his Girl have a shot in front of it.

This group shot is great! Everyone looks so dressed up for sitting on the beach. We all know how beautiful the ocean is, but we also know how sandy it is. And werent they hot? With all those layers? Perhaps the weather was a slight breeze that day and just right? They look ready to camp out there for awhile.

This last photo is sort of the odd man out. Its in the album and contained in the pages with all of the others, but it is a larger photo and just different. Is this some random woman they snapped a photo of? Its a little distant but I believe she is holding a pair of flippers and not sure what else is around her, from a distance looks like a woman draped in seaweed, but I dont think so, she reminds me of a Mermaid?  🙂   But it looks like something is attached around her waist.

I do wonder will our beach photos look strange in the future? Everyone barely clothed? Will styles change that much? I dont think so… but the beach is one of these places I find therapeutic, and gritty, nice to stroll on, but a pain to dust it all off and vacuum out of your car. I cant imagine how much sand these people had tucked in every nook and cranny of their pant legs, shoes, boots and socks!


P.S. I came home today and had left these in my office, well the room smells like a smoker was here. Cigg smoke…. another thing that can endure with the years if photos are cooped up.


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Trains, Depots and Railroad Worker Photos – Sepia Saturday

Im excited to finally have some photos to go along with the Train theme on the Sepia Saturday Blog (see menu on side to visit Sepia Sat website). Click any of the images for a larger close up view.

I found this batch up for auction. The photos I’m posting go along with full album collections with real names and families connected, so I do have some info about these very photos which helps add a little more to the stories that may go along with them. This first photo above says “1916 A.W. Mueller” . Great shot with the accordion style gate pulled across. It also says “BR” on the sides, not sure what that stands for. And is that a flask the man is holding? Hes ready for the ride drink in hand.

I may not be that old but I do remember as a kid in the 1970’s seeing a red caboose at the back of our local train, when did they phase those out anyways? I also live a short distance to my hometown train station and can hear the rumble of the train in my home or when lying still in my bed. I also live on the east side of the tracks, the bad side as they say, how is it train tracks designated good vs bad when it comes to people in town? Its sorta true here and real estate on the east side is less valuable here then on the west side.

The next set of photos came out of another collection I’m working on also, eventually a blog post will go up about the albums these came out of.

It says on the back “Mom, Dad, Ernie, Reta 1931-1933 Mapleton Train Station Depot, it is now in Florence on Water Front”

Im not sure if it was Ernie himself who updated and put notes on the back of these photos but its wonderful whoever did this, they took time in later years to leave info so information is’nt lost.

Today this is now “Waterfront Depot” Restaurant and Bar in Florence, Oregon

“Built in 1912, this Southern Pacific Railroad Depot served Mapleton, a community 15 miles east of here. With the widening of Highway 126 in 1976, it was saved from demolition by local contractor, Mike Johnson and rebuilt on the present site by Jim Alexander in 1977 under the ownership of Hogesky.”


I love that someone saved this place and it is still being used today.

About the people in the photos

From Internet obituary…

(the young boy) Pete David (Ernie) Kolleas was Born July 30, 1925 in Portland, Oregon. He died Feb 16, 2010 at age 84. He was the son of Pete Theodore and Margaret (Jackson) Kolleas. During WW II he served in the coast guard. His father Pete is from Greece and Mother Margaret (Geri) is from Scotland. So my guess is this is his grandparents or parents in the photo.

Mr. Kolleas worked as a gasoline tank truck driver for Mobil Oil in Portland for 35 years before retiring.

He loved to work with his hands, doing such things as model railroading, string art, making various types of models and wood lawn furniture.

His sister(the little girl in the photo) Henrietta (Rita) KOLLEAS /Wilson.

  • BIRTH: 20 Oct 1926, Woodburn, , Clackamas, Oregon
  • DEATH: 7 Oct 1997

This one reads ” Dad – front of R.R. Bunk House for laborers Lakeside 1936-1941″

This one reads “Siboco Oregon Rail Road Friends – Ernie, Dad, James M. God Father 1926-27. ” See little Ernie in front?

It appears all that time as a little boy running around with rail road grownups and train depots carried into his retirement years as stated in his obituary that he loved model rail roading.

Its the train that created my place of birth here in California, now we have the modern Metro Link gliding across our local tracks, but we also still have the large engines hauling freight coming through here.  Sad thing is our original train depot caught fire long ago. At one time a lone train station with a hotel behind it in the middle of the desert. You can imagine how dusty everyone was around here with the wind and open space. Here is a photo of it below

The Southern Pacific Railroad built a line from San Francisco to Los Angeles which was completed in 1876. Along the line was a water stop located in what is now Lancaster. The Southern Pacific constructed homes for their employees engaged in maintaining the railroad. The Gilwyn Hotel was built near the water stop in the beautiful desert plains area and a small town began to develop.

Generally, the name “Lancaster” is attributed to a Mr. M.L. Wicks, a real estate developer who in 1884 purchased over 38,000 acres of land for a price of about $96,000 from the Southern Pacific Railroad. He then named the area for his former home, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. However, in publications pre-dating Mr. Wicks, a place called ‘Lancaster’ in association with the railroad was mentioned. So the name of the city may probably be most accurately attributed to the Southern Pacific.

taken from

Todays Lancaster Train Station

As we head home in the afternoons and sometimes sit and wait at the light to get home, Now and then my teenage son tells me how many train cars he counted as the guard rails go up, just like I used to do as a kid. 🙂


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