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Yearbook – Asbury College – Denton M. Gerow

Purchased 3 Yearbooks at an Az antique store. From Asbury College dated 1927, 1929 and 1930

One has the name “Denton M. Gerow” written inside. He is a Senior in the 1930 Yearbook.

Now lets meet Denton in his Senior Photo that says “Wilmore, Kentucky, Denton M. Gerow, A.B. Major – Religious Studies”

Pretty neat little clip found when googling his name, Found in some old newspaper articles

“Reading Eagle, April 5, 1940 – President Roosevelt responded to a question sent to him by Rev. Denton M. Gerow, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.. “What in your opinion is the most fundamental need in the lives of the young people in America Today?” Mr. Roosevelt replied “No greater thing could come to our land today than a revival of the spirit of religion- a revival that would sweep through the homes of the nation and stir the hearts of men and women of all faiths to a reassertion of their belief in God and their dedication to His will for themselves and for their world.”

There was more but the paper fades out after the next paragraph

From link,70947

His wife

Marthella Blevins Mayhall Gerow, 84, died Dec. 8, 2010, in Sun City. She born March 21, 1926, in Harlan, Ky. She moved to Arizona from St. Louis about 40 years ago.


So this may be how his yearbooks were in Az and with her death in 2010 may have ended up in the antique store as part of an estate sale or something.


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