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Will Kirk Workers

Lists names on the back

So Will possibly William Kirk looks to be the Boss, Supervisor? in a type of Machine Shop? I am not good at dating photos so if anyone can give a guestimation on a year for this photo chime in. All the workers are pretty young. My only course is to go through census records of each one and see if I can turn any of them up in the same area. Or a William Kirk census that says what he does for a living, which William Kirk is a totally common name, oodles of records pop up so without a location it makes it very difficult.

So far I havent had any luck on this one digging around through census records.



Will Kirk

Chas Meadows

Cliff Carlick / Carlock?

Edgar “Ed” Ends? Ens?

Furn / Furney? Parker

John Fisher

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Meare James Wyer Family Reunion – Excelsior 1908


This was a tough picture to work with, as it did have clues, but not the best ones to work with. It has been sitting for almost a year in my tub of old albums.

Its a large portrait. I found it in an Antique Shop in Phoenix, Az. It was hiding in a back room with some sale items. The shop has since closed and the building remodeled.

On the back it reads(some is cut off on the top which makes the last name tough!) It reads “Taken on Grandpa Myers?(this word has top of it sliced off, so Im not positive that the last name starts with an M, but the rest looks okay) lawn in Excelsior summer of 1908. When I brought all four back to family reunion.  AM. Library Assn met at Excelsior that yr. Papa Leon was left in Nevada so loyal Louise carries his photo”

Just after I typed this out. I tried searching on family search just using the first name Louise in Nevada, with a father named Leon. And right away I pulled up a list of names!!!!!!! Matching several of the kids, Wow, what are the odds without any last names?? The real giveaway to me was a daughter named Vevah in the family, its always nice to work with less common names to help narrow things down. There is writing of first names of the kids on the front of the photo. The names that match with Leon are Louise, Vevah and Gilbert in the 1910 Census in Reno Ward, Nevada!

The family in the census is

Father – Chas Leon Meare

Mother – Ernestene Meare

Daughter – Louise

Son – Gilbert

Daughter – Vevah

As far as the group picture goes. There are no markings on the adults. Just the children. The names are as follows from Left to R. Starting with the little one in the mans lap.


M (cant make out his name, might say Mo?) After doing further research I believe its a letter “W” for William, it might say Will



John Jr.

Leon and Ken are both lap babies



As I dig further, I find…..

Ernestine is daughter of James Ingersol and Allie Wyler. SHe married Charles L. Mears, who was a minister.

Charles Leon Mears, 1924-1930: Mears was a graduate of Olivet College and Chicago Theological Seminary. He became minister to the La Crosse congregation in 1924. He was the first minister of this congregation to have his sermons broadcast on the radio. His preaching style was relaxed and conversational; he was more of a spiritual counselor than a moral arbiter. He and his family were the first to live in the Cass Street parsonage. He left La Crosse in 1930 to accept a call to California where he died in 1946.

The American Library Association, founded in 1876 and chartered in 1879, is the largest professional organization for librarians in the United States. The headquarters of the American Library Association is in Chicago, Illinois.

James Ingersoll Wyer 1910–1911 Also served as secretary, 1902-1909

Now if we go back and look up Ernestines parents, their home is now a Historic Site…… So I am wondering if this is the very home in the picture that still stands today?

Allemarinda and James Wyer House

These 3 links below contain house info and photos

Take a look at the photo on this link below, doesnt it resemble the seated man with the bald head in the family photo?) If you were to ask me Id say that is James.

James Jr Photo

James Ingersoll Wyer Library History

I have saved this blog for well over a year or 2, as I have been sidetracked by life but Im just now making it public, so Im now publishing this one. Im sure new info will turn up soon! Maybe from loved ones who come along and find my blog.

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