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Bride & Unnamed Photos Portraits – Michigan & New York


Photo says in pencil faint on the back “Do Not Eat of the fruit for it is Poison” the word Fruit is cut off , and appears the photo was torn or cut along that edge. Also looks like it has the word or name “Reo Neet” or Reo Weet” or something similar as its very faint and in pencil and I may not be reading it correctly. Measures around 6 x 11″.

All of these photos were found February 2011 in a shop in Lancaster, Ca

Photo Folder

This one is in a beautiful folder and the photographer reads “Cosmo Studios 206 First Avenue, New York”. Looks like a First Communion Photo

Group of 5 Ladies with the photographer “Westminister Studio,  1237 Westminister Ave. Cor Cardoni Ave. Detroit, Michigan”

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Antique Photo Album – C.M. Carter, Crawford, Collins, Perry, Van Ausdal

Blue Victorian Clasp type photo album falling apart. Was purchased online January 2011 from Broken Arrow, Ok.  I was told it came from an Estate Sale.

Has inscription in front of album that reads ” Vichy, Mo  ”

Presented to C.M. Carter by his mother May 28, 1891. Most of the marked photos came from Missouri.

Inscription to C.M. Carter

Photos are Cabinet Cards and Tin Types

There is some writing on a few of the photos that says

1. Mama

2. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford and Dell. Mrs Dell Perry, Mrs. Dell Crawford, Humansville, Missouri

3. Miss Rosie Van Ausdal Collins – Rockford, Wa

Photo studios listed are

1. Murphy- Lewis , Oscelo, MO

2. Briggs – Humansville, MO

3. Pacific Photo Car – Rockford, Wa

4. Morast & Co. Studio in Heckler House, East Side Square, Clinton, MO, Electric Portrait Co.

5. Hubbell – Clinton, Mo

6. W.J. Guild Photographer – Rolla, Mo

One photo is about to fall apart, pieces are just flaking off and I’m afraid to even move it so I don’t think the photo will last so I have made sure to take several photos to at least have it preserved in some form. This is the photo of the man below.

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Tin Types – Rachel Cyrus Dorris

These 3 photos were purchased online in February 2011. They came from Renfrew, Pa and I was told they were from an Estate Sale and the seller didnt think they all went together, that they were randomly placed together, but since I got them all together Ill keep them together just in case they did come from the same family.

The photo of the couple did have a note someone attached to the back that reads “Aunt Rachel Cyrus and Grandpa D” This is a tin type

From Internet research this may be Rachel Cyrus who married Columbus Dorris, but Im not positive,  from looking at a website her features to resemble Lucy Drury Dorris who married Josiah Dorris.  Rachel and Columbus married in Linn, Oregon on Oct. 25, 1864. They came to California.  Rachel lived in Modoc County. There is quite a bit of info on the internet on the Dorris family, so any help to match this photo would be greatly appreciated!

Here are the other two photos. One is of an old car in a mini frame and there are people in the car but its hard to show them as its faint, the other is a man in a suit and a child standing next to him, its a mini photo postcard.

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Random Cabinet Card Photos

These are photos that are random and I did not find in an album. They also have very little information

Magill – Troy, N.Y.

1. Older Gentlemen with Beard – Zeph F. Magill Photographer on back and front. River Street, Troy, N.Y. New York

2. Baby Photo – Same info as above and written in pencil on back “3 1/2 months Emma” and on bottom corner it says “Lena”

Townsend’s Studio – Hastings, Neb

1. Side profile of woman. Backside says “Lena” in pencil. Taken at Townsend’s Studio Cor. Lincoln Ave & 3rd St. Hastings, Nebraska.”

Elite Studio – Iowa City, Iowa

1. Backside says “Lizzie” in pencil. Elite Studio, Ground Floor, No. 11 Dubuque Street, Iowa City, Iowa”

Random Gentleman

1. Backside says “Bro Jim” in pencil

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H.O. Newell Family Yankton, South Dakota Cabinet Card Photos

These photos came out of a Felt Covered Blue Victorian Style Clasp album found in a Lancaster, Ca shop December 2010.

Only one photo has any writing or a name on the back,  H.O. Newell is written in pencil on the backside, it could possibly be a Henry Oscar Newell but from history research records I cant find one in with that name in South Dakota.

It seems these photos are all taken in the South Dakota area as the photography studios are listed on almost all of them.

There is a family group photo and looks like a few single photos of some of those in the family photo.

Photograph Studios listed are

1. H. Bruhn, Yankton S.D. – H.O. Newell is taken at this studio

2. Kirby, Yankton, S.D.

3. Canova Sudio, Yankton, S.D.

4. Orths Studio, Scotland, S.D.

5. Janousek Photo Studios, Yankton, S.D. (Janousek and Bruhn Studios  were in the same building or side by side at one time as shown by a photo on the internet I found of a parade down the city street where you could see the photography studio banner in the background)

6. S. Hikell, Beresford, S.D.

7. Hjorth, Yankton, S.D.


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Army – Andy Chavarin Photo Album – Sepia Saturday

This album came out of a shop in Littlerock, Ca – January 2011
(This is a repeat post for Sepia Saturday as Im out of town with my laptop but still wanted something to post, so this one has a automobile theme, can anyone name the cars in the photos?)

This weeks Sepia Saturday post, I am just low on time to prepare something and I have some old race track photos I would have loved to have posted but no time to do so. So I found this blog I wrote earlier appropriate with the soldier posing against an old car to go with this weeks blog theme. See . Almost looks like he has a snow cone or something, great candid shot on the back bumper and the railroad x behind and old Auto sign, his tie flapping in the wind.

I actually found the pages to this album on one visit and I went back a few weeks later and found the Album Cover  I believe that went to it as its military themed and the same size as the pages I found.

I believe the subject of this album is Andy Chavarin. A lot of photos of him in Uniform, is this Army uniform? looks like California in some of the photos. No info, names or dates on the photos. At the end of the album there are newer photos which is where I matched the name Andy Chavarin in later years.  Most of these are Golf Team Photos as it appears he was a member of MAGA Mexican American Golf Association.

I really love this photo, its all perfectly staged looks like a military bunk house pic? , and Deanna Durbin looks to be the actress in the framed photo.

Identifying info taken from photos

1. 8×10 photo of a truck labeled “Chavarin’s Trucking” also advertised on the side of the truck is “Elster’s since 1920 Home Appliances, Commercial Refrigerators”. Photo studio named on the bottom is Graphic Studio Los Angeles, Ca

2. Maga Golf photo (Maga is Mexican American Golf Association. (History on Maga taken from -Mexican Americans, as late as 1962, were not readily accepted in public and private golf organization, nor could they readily obtain access to golf courses for tournament play. Something had to be done to change this condition. From the Riverside, Ca Maga Website – The Association was originally founded by the late Nash Fernandez in Central California. In the early 1960’s, Nick Negrete, in turn carried the message to Orange County, where the nucleus of the Southern section was formed. )

3. Tijuana B. Cal Mexico 1972 Photo of Golfers

4. MAGA Riverside – Orange Counties Tourney Massacre Canyon Inn April 20, 1969. Golf Players named are Emelio Garcia, Ray Garcia, Sonny Rio Gante ?, Andy Chavarin and Joe Villareal

5. Maga LA County Chapter First Golf Tournament


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Boston Photo Album Higgins and French – Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday Post. Since I was away all week in Arizona I wasnt home to access all my photos there, I was in Arizona in that Crazy Huge Dust Storm, never seen anything like that before here in California.

Im not doing anything on the Union Station theme but am putting this one up since it has men in uniform like the men in the Sepia Saturday Post. This is another of my whole photo album finds.

This album was an Online Purchase out of Bernardston, MA. Purchased January 2011

Cover reads “Photographs Souvenir of Boston”

Has a tiny newspaper clipping on first page that reads

“Warren I. Higgins, 22 Lancaster Street, Worcester, manager: Marion J. French, 165 Green Street. Secretary.”

There is no other writing in this album and the photos are glued in tightly so you cant check the backs.

From research on the internet – Warren I. Higgins died at age 95 in 2006. Mr. Higgins of Shrewsbury was a retired executive vice president of a steel company. Longtime member of the Old Car Club and severed several yrs as the 58 yr old club’s president. Mr. Huggins had a love for old cars and a collection that was auctioned off by Skinner Auctions.

His wife Marion F. Higgins died at age 97 on October 11, 2007.  She was born the daughter of Lydia and Wilfred French.

I do not see any mention of any children at all in her obituary, just a sister Hazel S. Fink and nieces and nephews. I am not sure if these albums were a part of the Higgins Family as all I have to go on is the newspaper clipping glued on the front page. Any Identification help would be fantastic!


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Noah Cornelison & Hattie Klier Marriage Certificate 1904

Original 1904 Marriage Certificate found in Littlerock, Ca shop January 2011

Noah L. Cornelison and Hattie R. Klier of Livington, Missouri were united in Holy Matrimony at the home of the bride on April 17, 1904. Signed by Justice of the Peace J. W. Forbes. Witnesses Della Cornelison and initials followed by the name Slock.





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